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Readers sound off on the Air Jordan frenzy, Grand Tavern, and Yelp.

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Did I do such extensive research on these musicians? No. I mainly concentrated on learning their music, not so much about their careers.

I forgot to mention that I also opened for the Flaming Lips, and as a headliner, some of my opening acts have included The Mr. T. Experience, Flipper, Penelope Houston, and the 3-D Invisibles.

While it's true that I use a lot of song lists, there were no index cards that I used to remember songs.

While you interviewed me at Disco Volante, I asked you if there were any tunes you'd like to hear me play. In response, you asked me to play anything by Johnny Cash. So I started out with "I Don't Like It, But I Guess Things Happen that Way." When I swiveled around and asked if you recognized that, I was not talking to, nor seeking approval from, the customers; I was talking directly to you, Rachel. I was just wondering if you knew that I had just filled your request, but evidently you had no idea.

No, I did not shrug, and I certainly did not "acknowledge that you can't hold a bar audience captive, even for the duration of one song." On the contrary, at Disco Volante, I've often found at least a couple people, if not a group, captivated by my music for an entire set, or even the whole couple hours, although granted, such was not the case in the few minutes that you were there.

Nevertheless, it was interesting to read your perspective on what I do. I think people will enjoy reading the article, and hopefully come and check me out for themselves. At Disco Volante, all ages are welcome. At the Madrone and 83 Proof, only ages 21 and over are admitted.

Thanks again!

DJ Lebowitz, San Leandro

"Hooves of Glory," Movies, 1/4

Regarding Your Review of Warhorse

I found it harsh, sarcastic, and snotty (I read the review after I saw the film). I realize everything is subjective. All I know is I liked the movie. I'm just glad I no longer read reviews in the Express because of the spoiler/ruin factor — with what you divulged there wouldn't have been any surprise or reason to see it. The only reason I did read the review was because I was curious. Sentimental sure, but that was sort of to be expected, like ET.

Mike Chihutski, Richmond 

"Monterey Market's CHARM," What the Fork, 12/21

The Councilman Needs Correcting

Laurie Capitelli makes the following inaccurate statements mentioned in the story which I am writing to correct:

He claims that Jill Mizono "made a public apology for stealing the petition." This is false. Mizono has not apologized either publicly or privately to Shirley Ng. Exactly to whom Capitelli is referring as the "public" in his claim of a "public apology" by Mizono and when this apology was supposedly made are both mysterious. If he is referring to a meeting with the small merchants on November 17, called by the Marvin Gardens (1575 Hopkins) realtor Ronald Egherman to discuss CHARM's petition, Capitelli is wrong to say that Mizono made an apology to anyone at this meeting for stealing the petition from Country Cheese on November 11.

Capitelli was present at this meeting as were two members of CHARM. Instead, Shirley Ng was targeted by Egherman for participating in the petition campaign and asked by him (in what capacity is unclear; he is a realtor, not a fellow small merchant) to explain her involvement in the campaign. In addition, Egherman advised the small merchants present to apologize to the Monterey Market's owners for their participation in the petition campaign!

Capitelli says that Mizono "sent flowers to Ng." He doesn't say by whom or why she herself did not take the flowers to Ng. He doesn't say why Gloria Fujimoto was sent— or chose to go — with flowers or what reasons Ng gave her for not accepting Fujimoto's flowers.

Capitelli does not mention that on November 14, he called Shirley Ng and asked her not to press charges against Mizono for stealing the petition and that he interrogated her about the petition. "Why the petition?" he asked Ng. She suggested to him that he contact me as a member of CHARM. He never did.

Capitelli claims he has "helped organize numerous community meetings, trying to bridge gaps between merchants, neighbors, and the market." Really? As a longstanding resident of the neighborhood, I am aware of just one meeting he was asked by my neighborhood group to have in relation to the additional Sunday business hours of the market. Beyond that, he visited Country Cheese for a one-to-one meeting with Ng during which he tried to get her to stop participating in the petition campaign.

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