Letters for the week of February 16-22, 2005 

They should go back to Liberia. We should go back to Phil Ochs. We can't go back to the Key System. They can't go back to Hawaii.

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"Iron Men," Music, 1/12

The perfect medium
Because Will Youmans, as a member of Students for Justice for Palestine at UCB, never succeeded in convincing anyone other than his small circlejerk of the propaganda he promulgated in lieu of truth, I'm not surprised that he has recently turned to rap to promote his bilge. Come to think of it, given rap's penchant for reducing women to "bitches" and "ho's," this might be the perfect medium for Youmans to articulate the gender apartheid so manifest in Palestinian society. He could in particular rap about the "honor murder" of daughters who transgress the wishes of their fathers. Can't you just hear Youmans spitting out something like the following:

My sister violated the wishes of the patriarch my father/now my brother has dispatched her with honor murder/and become a venerated martyr.
Dan Spitzer, Kensington

"Supersized," Letters, 1/19

The right to be wrong
Why is it that whenever somebody writes in with criticism for a journalist's attitude, the reply always addresses some wrong fact on the letter-writer's part but remains silent on the essential point? Are journalists constitutionally unable to ever be wrong, like politicians?
Sandy Rothman, Berkeley

"D-Gener-8," Billboard, 1/26

Kudos to Entartete Kunst
We need more coverage of those questioning the role of authority and willing to champion the causes of the underdog and the trampled on. These guys are intelligent, fearless, and thought-provoking. Please push them more.
James Callaghan, Roslindale, Massachusetts

"In a Class of Their Own," Feature, 12/1

Cal is not the place
I had hoped that you would have included the actual curriculum of some or most of the football players at Cal. Are these players on target to obtain a degree? Would it be better for the marginal student to forgo playing -- even practicing -- during the first semester and concentrate on school? It seems to me that here in California, many or most of these players would be better served by attending state universities or JCs. The UC schools would object, but obtaining the degree should be the first goal.
Pat Ryan, Mountain View

"Tinkerer, Gadfly, Soldier, Spy," City of Warts, 1/12

He knows his stuff
I am a former engineering student of Andre Carpiaux and later an associate of his R&D CX Engineers in Oakland. I assisted at two of his seminars and lectures on engine efficiency and electric vehicles. He knows his stuff! His ideas, initiative, and implementation are the keywords for all his innovations and inventions. He does not rely much on anybody to do anything, he does it himself -- and that's how things get done. Some people are just there to thwart your projects; their involvements turn out to be negative, he found out, so you are really on your own! He has been the inspiring force behind my own invention, which has to do with spatial navigations.

In 1995, he came to me to ask to join him in making a vehicle that would be powered by the sun with photovoltaic cells. He had fabricated a crude (prototype) bi-phase AC electric hub-motor with its controller. Later on, he announced that he had founded Solarmotions with a UC graduate and the goal was to beat the world speed record for electric vehicles. The harnessing of solar energy using photovoltaic cells had become his obsession because of the economics of the operation and the sustainability of the concept thus being the only bearable mode of energy transportation of the future, he said. Then it was a project; now it's a reality, thanks to Carpiaux.
Micheal Gurmu, inventor of Navcom Navigation System, Oakland

"Oakland Idol," Billboard, 1/12

A star to reckon with
Thank you so much for a wonderful article. We LUV (La Toya's United Voters) La Toya! Feel free to visit us at LuvLLondon.com. Many of us throughout the US have had the privilege of meeting Ms. London in a one-to-one and each of us is confident she WILL be a star to reckon with.
Grace Calles, Sacramento

"Current Events," Billboard, 12/29

Islam's positive side
I would like to personally thank you all for the article "Current Events," which discussed modern trends in the American Muslim community and the arts. I found it so refreshing to hear something in the news media that highlights the positive side of Muslims; it's something we don't get enough. In times like these, I think it is wonderful that you emphasize the great ways that Islam can fuse with culture and art, rather than portraying it as if it is counterculture.
Alexandra Contos, Denver, Colorado


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