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The new era of righteousness will begin with a terrible disaster of biblical proportions, just like in the days of Lot, when the city was destroyed before they could start over again on new righteous foundations based on reality, and not on illusion like the world we have experienced so far under Satan's rule, but of course God was, is and will always be the ultimate Ruler.

This disaster that will hit America on the morning of 11.9.2010, will be a marker for the start of a new global kingdom of righteousness called "United Submitters Nation". The Submitters are those who submit and devote themselves absolutely to God alone. I hope you are one of them.

You can find the details of the prophecy and its proof on the following link usn2161.net , or for a summary of the prophecy check this pdf file:


Ahmad Nishitoba, Paris


Wake Up People

This economic Depression is entirely GOVERNMENT PLANNED AND CAUSED, (JBS.org), and can be corrected by cutting government size 80%, at all levels, back to Constitutional limits, and we'll have wall to wall freedom for prosperity, jobs, and ' Happy days will be here again ' --- sing it out people and—DO IT !!  --- DUMP THE INCUMBENTS, FAT CAT BUREAUCRATS AND THEIR GESTAPO BUREAUS  ---- BEFORE THEY PICK OUR BONES CLEAN, - AS THEY ARE NOW DOING. --- TELL 'EM THAT WHEN WE DO BUSINESS - WE DON'T GOT TO SHOW THEM NO STINKING BADGES, LICENCES, OR PERMITS !!  -- WE ARE FREE PEOPLE IN A FREE COUNTRY AND THEY ARE THE CRIMINALS ! -----------WAKE UP, PEOPLE - AND ACT LIKE AMERICANS,  AND IF ANYONE TRIES TO UNLAWFULLY TAKE YOUR FREEDOM AWAY --- STEP ON THEIR NECKS. --------WE MUST TURN THIS ECONOMY AND COUNTRY AROUND.   Get organized :- It's them or us, and the choice should not be difficult. Call Ed Nemechek at: 760-246-8059 for information, or: (Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.). --------------

Ed Nemechek, Landers, CA

Word from Jesus

1915 - 1.8 Billion people,

2010 - 6.8 Billion people,

Past 95 years - 5 Billion people,

Next 300 years - 22 Billion people,

Problems - Poverty, starvation, global warming, hole in the ozone layer, crime, pollution and land destruction, Solution to world's problems - "STOP CREATING BABIES"!!!

Jesus Christ, Havre de Grace, MD

None Will Argue My Points

Ending SSA Bullshit and taking a bite out of Mexican Cartels...one "Dum-MF" at a time)

...have SSA Case in front of 08-3789 in front of Magistrate Laurel Beeler as Oral hearing set for 7/1/10 per US Attry. as I'm in Pro Se......The reason I'm in Pro Se after "5+ years", of this, ("had' Disability Attorney per Physical Disability claim but all bail at this point ), is that no SSA Attorney's have the legal chops to take it as far as I have nor will argue the points I have brought up...(as I will fax to you right after this at 879-3794)....the gist of my arguments is having seen "1st hand" in Oakland for about a year, is that "plausibility" of "50?" souls in S.F./Oakland/Berkeley proper, (well, "conservatively"), on SSI that go off on a binge of one kind or another as drug of choice in "Urban areas" is, "Crack", then California with "500?" souls, U.S. with "5000?", (conservatively...), at est. "$800? a pop", per person/check/month...DO THE MATH backwards 15 years on waste already & then forward ahead 15 years...as Mexican Cartels thugs do the same math knowing the US helps underwrite the very activity the US & Mexican governments are trying to "crack" down on as one of the most, "insidious transfers of wealth" comprehended as let US Attorney's Office made aware a "YEAR AGO" but by doing nothing, is either complicit or negligent but they rather "triage?" my case through SSA labyrinth hell for years instead......on 4/22, Joseph Russonniello was on TV talking with Governor about "cracking down?" on Mexican Cartels as told Court, "a Joke!" besides local resources from EMS, (Oakland   had 45,000 EMS/ambulatory calls one year but don't chart or track if they are on receiving end on SSI as well to report), Police disturbance calls, etcs.,& since "unimpeded" as those souls go through their checks like "shit through a goose"......"Shelter Hoppers" have been created as they know the system better then most especially the part that the Shelter, (or Transitional House), doesn't have to report their there & while there they are protected...as I have asked the Court to Order Oakland responders & caretakers after the fact to "Start" recording these encounters with the intent to transfer the wealth back to "Adult Orphanges" so that by sex/race/age, & per "combined maladies" of Mental "and or" Substance Abuse, "and or" Criminal backgrounds these areas can be addressed "directly" saving the tax payer money, (wonder what the "bread-basket" of America, the "majority" that have payed into system think about this scenario going on for "Years?"), & helping these souls at same time....also what came out of this was a need for a, "Homeless Bill of Rights" from emergency responses like Katrina to the "daily need" to keep folks from hurting themselves therefore society & the neighborhoods of which they live...    ...while rural areas have "Meth" to do with, Urban resources mentioned above taken the hit as with Oakland PD looking at lay-offs, (that wouldn't have to happen to same scale if my ideas implemented), & recent news of killings just south of our border in a 24 hour period as in News, (so crack users/addicts/dealers responsible for these deaths? can we link?..."YES!"...but also US Attorney's Offices by doing "NOTHING!"...)....we have better tracking in this Country for Cattle & Toilet paper but with Judge Beeler having spent 14 years in US Attry's Office then another question:will she eat her own?...(maybe didn't help that I said I would go after US Attry's Offices "throughout" US like, "shit through a Goose?"...)....8/19/07 I was featured in a Sunday Front Page Oakland Tribune, "Will Work for Self" as to the tribulations of dealing with the Dept. of Rehabilitation, (DOR), but, "nothing?" came out of that...no indignation letters to the Editor...(even though "8-Million Californians" with some form of Disability & growing as "Largest Voting Block" & can effect "any election" if ever organized...but DOR only serves "4%?" of this population in California)......Will, (and would love to expand on all above), need your help to expose, (SFChronicle "weak" & see above on Tribune...),  as hoping this will begin a huge, "behavior modification" of Courts, Congress, & individuals...and a wake up call to Cong. Lee & Mayor Dellum's & the like as I guess since "constituents?" then can't say "no or stop" as votes lost...so they can keep up doing a magnificent job...


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