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Louis Santiago

Satan's Minions

Salamun 'alaykum,

Peace be upon you,

This is the dream of the righteous finally realized. The kingdom of God is arriving very soon. However it starts with a devastating earthquake to hit San Francisco on the 9th of November, 2010.

Jesus prophesied the coming of the kingdom through a messenger by the name of "Ahmad".

I, Ahmad Nishitoba, a 33-year-old half Egyptian half Japanese man, was inspired by God of the details of a prophecy in the final scripture, Quran, a huge earthquake that will hit the hub of transgression, San Francisco, on 119 to usher in the birth of the kingdom of Heaven.

But why America? America is the most important community of our times. Unfortunately, Satan has been using it as a tool to further his plan of world domination and consolidate his rule on Earth. It turns out that 911 and the ensuing wars are nothing but a final step along that scheme.

However God won't leave the sincere around the world without supporting them against Satan's schemes.

The prophecy of the final scripture, Quran, talks about a respite God gave Satan in which Satan tries to prove his point that the creatures (e.g. money, material things, people) can function, harm and benefit on their own. This polytheistic view of the world is what has led to its current miserable state.

Through unjust wars and terror, unprecedented inequality and monopoly on the world's riches and resources, the control of governance by Satan's minions everywhere has ravished the planet.

The respite of Satan as a temporary ruler on Earth will come to an end on November, 9, 2010. This is proven by a hidden numerical code in the final testament, Quran. The code is based on the number 19, which is God's signature on the scripture and on the universe (1 and 9, first and last numbers, proclaim that God is the Alpha and Omega)

The miraculous mathematical structure of Quran is based on this single prime number 19. That miracle was revealed in America in 1974, through a messenger, Rashad Khalifa. He was the messenger of the covenant mentioned in Malachi (3:1-3).

Rashad proclaimed that the miracle of Quran has finally purified it from two false verses, which were added to glorify the prophet Muhammad. The miracle also confirmed the divine authorship of the rest of Quran, letter by letter.

Moreover Rashad Khalifa proclaimed that the Muslims have deviated en masse by idolizing the final prophet Muhammad, and following the fabricated books of Hadith, instead of Quran alone. Some ignorant Muslims later killed him in 1990 for delivering that message which exposed their idol-worship.

The conspiracy of making the followers of a messenger idolize him is nothing new. Millions before have idolized Jesus, who was just a human messenger and prophet sent by God with the Gospel to restore the religion back to "Submission to God alone" instead of following false, man-made teachings other than the scripture of God, the Torah.

So basically, Satan's creed is built upon idolizing people and things, venerating and devoting oneself to them, either through extreme fear or love. Thus Satan wants our focus to shift from God to anything and or anybody else.

Why would a bunch of humans on a boat fight together when they are supposed to have the same destination? It is but the evil powerless Satan who wrecked the boat and is about to destroy it completely along with his followers. However, God has the best plan; the corrupt captain of the boat, Satan, will be toppled and the righteous God-reverencing humans will take over and inherit the rule of the Earth, so that the boat of Humanity can sail again safely and peacefully under the leadership of the one Creator, God.

This is the good news for the believers around the world, the event of 119.2010, will announce the demise of Satan and his followers as rulers of the planet, the temporary respite of Satan will end, and we shall no longer see the corrupt in positions of power, dominating and manipulating the people as they wished. They were only allowed to do so, within limits and for a specific interim, which will be over very soon.

Also this event will serve as a perpetual warning for the wicked until the Day of Judgment, which is coming in 2280 AD (Rashad Khalifa delivered this proven date).


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