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Representing the People

My name is Rowan Millar, and I'm an independent write-in candidate for governor of California.

I believe that the platform of my campaign is unique in that I wish to be a strictly representative governor who consults and obeys the people on every issue. This is how many of our Revolutionary forefathers intended politics to work, as simply an extension of the people at large, and fully subject to their oversight and judgment. Our founders were outspokenly opposed to the perpetuation of political parties and factions such as persist today.

I live in San Jose, where I bag groceries for a living, and I'm writing a history book covering much of the American Revolution and the development of democracy. I have researched the roots of democracy, liberty, and human rights, and I find today's politicians to be in many respects unfaithful to that legacy.

One reform I am proposing to the citizenry is the abolition of the state senate and of the governor's office itself, leaving instead a unicameral assembly and a plural executive office lacking veto powers. This reform would remove the British monarchism and aristocracy which wealthy elites imposed on our government by trickery and coercion, and would be cheaper and more transparent than our present system.

In a state as large and populous as ours, it is to the media we must look to keep people informed of their options not only in legislation but in elections. Otherwise we are at the mercy of whoever can afford to purchase publicity.

I am a candidate who does not look down on the people, who instead looks up to them, as the true and rightful governors of California.

Yours for Freedom,

Rowan Campbell Millar, San Jose


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Streets Lined with Leather

Greetings, I'm originally from Brooklyn, N.Y. and have been making the transition of living in Oakland while helping a friend build a business. Forgive me if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but my work ethic in service oriented business' for nearly four decades has been to always keep the customers happy and not only will you get repeat business; but more from word of mouth referrals. I recently visited Ike's shoe repair on Lake Shore Drive (I believe is the name of the Street) in Oakland to have a sheath made for a broken car key, the key still works but it won't hang on a key ring; it has a computer chip built into it and therefore cost a minimum of $85.00 to replace.

A fabric sheath has been working fine but they eventually shred from handling, hence I came up the brainstorm of a shoemakers machine which rounds corners and could fabricate a leather sheath in thirty seconds. There started my rude awakening, when I asked the clerk to make a leather sheath for said key he looked at me as if he didn't understand (he appeared to be of Chinese ethnicity). In frustration I asked if he sold pieces of leather to make repairs, this he understood and brought out a piece the size I could use and sold it to me for $1.00 (one U.S. Dollar) which I should have been happy with. But I know from experience you need special needles to properly stitch leather, it took me nearly an hour to stitch said sheath with conventional needle and thread; and it certainly came out looking good (my scout master would have been proud of me!) , however experience tells me it would have been perfect if stitched by machine and I was disturbed that this fellow would turn away business.

His quote to me was that he didn't want that type of business, therefore I presumed he didn't understand me as I would have gladly paid $10.00 to $20.00 for the job as I wanted which I'm sure would not have taken more than five minutes tops with the right tools. I was compelled to return and show him the finished product and what he could have charged; in the interim while regular customers came in for service I would stand to the side to not interrupt his flow of business and then resume our dialogue which lasted about ten minutes total between customers.

It  was then I realized between customers why he would refuse a paltry $20.00 for five minutes work; customer #1 needed half soles only on ladies shoes $45.00, customer #2 needed a shoulder strap on a ladies bag repaired: price $40.00 final customer needed half soles and heels on ladies high heel shoes (those tiny little heels) price $60.00. It was then this fellow reminded me of an old joke about immigrants coming to the U.S. as the land of prosperity and because the streets were lined with gold; well this one fellow was headed toward the baggage claim area and saw a $100.00 dollar bill on the floor, he began to pick it up stopped; and then proclaimed he would start working tomorrow! I thought right to refusal of service was only for unruly customers, not to pick and choose what is only beneficial to the merchant. If you agree with me perhaps you'll do a story on this prosperous merchant to deflect business to his accommodating competition or maybe even inspire someone to go into that specialty business as the owner of Ike's acknowledged that some of those keys cost up to $300.00; only to confuse me more knowing that he realizes the value but still turns the business away:"GO FIGURE!"; anyway thanks for your time and allowing me to blow off steam. You can have access to my key if you decide to run a story on it! (It's a real beaut!)


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