Letters for the week of August 16-22, 2006 

Where were the examples? What is the difference? Who are you kidding? How original is that?

"One Blowhard Down, Plenty More to Go," City of Warts, 7/12

What a stupid article
So this computer program finds Ann Coulter guilty of plagiarism. And the same program finds Hillary Clinton guilty of plagiarism. And the article gloats about "bringing down Ann Coulter." What about Hillary? Or maybe this is just another stupid computer program. Amazing that the article didn't give a single specific example of reputed plagiarism by either Ann Coulter or Hillary Clinton.
Richard Eisenman, Hayward

"Swirling, Whirling Mosh Pits," Press Play, 7/12

Ring around the rosie
Circle moshing's for pussies too scared to slam! That running around in a circle crap, playing "ring around the rosie," sucked ass when it first materialized and still does. What those people in Argentina were doing is more like it; good old-fashioned slam dancing. I used to describe it as a bunch of rabid cue balls bouncing off each other. Nothing can top its frenetic intensity. If you're in it, you're in it, not off on the sideline sucker-punching people as they go by. If you can't take the heat, stay the fuck out of the kitchen, and go run around in a circle.
Chin Gao, Oakland

Only in Oz
Only after getting knocked flat on your back by hurricane winds or mosh-pit collisions do the winds and moshers spin clockwise in the North. In Australia, NASCAR-type oval track races are also raced clockwise, the opposite of US NASCAR.
Jeffrey Ricker, San Francisco

"Dealing in Death," Feature, 7/5

Why blame the retailer?
I found an interesting juxtaposition in your July 5 issue. The author decries the legal sale of guns by the owner of a San Leandro gun shop. If, however, you turn the page of the same issue, you find a full-page advertisement for Camel cigarettes; and another turn of the page reveals a full-page advertisement for alcoholic beverages.

I suspect that far more deaths can be attributed to alcohol and cigarettes than to guns. Your article also reported that the owner of Trader Sports had asserted that it was difficult to determine who was a "straw buyer" and that it was impossible to "read the mind" of someone who came in to buy a gun.

If Trader Sports is in violation of law, then it should be held to account for such. On the other hand, if Trader Sports can show, in court, that they made good faith efforts to follow the rules, then they should not be forced to close their business any more than a newspaper should be closed because it carried advertisements for dangerous substances such as tobacco and alcohol. Should the East Bay Express be closed because someone bought beer after reading an ad in the Express and then became a drunk driver and killed someone else? I think not.

It is amazing that when a person is killed with a firearm, the gun gets the blame. When a drunk driver kills someone, very few people blame the booze; they rather blame the human being who abused the substance. Which is as it should be.
Bob Fink, Berkeley

Kara Platoni responds
My story documented 36 years' worth of government and court documents showing that Trader Sports has repeatedly violated federal law.

"The Moonies and the Sharks," Feature, 7/12

The Moon agenda
I have worked with cult members to overcome mind control and know the damage cults can do. Reverend Sun Myung Moon is nothing but a two-bit cult leader who has been convicted of tax evasion. The "Reverend" is an egomaniac that has destroyed countless families and lives. Cult recruiters prey on young and naive college students, wrecking their lives in the process.

It is a common misperception that Reverend Sun Myung Moon has a conservative agenda. His only agenda is fascism thinly disguised as "conservative values." Reverend Moon would like nothing more than to make humanity into slaves with himself as the living god. Thank goodness most people have the good sense not to get mixed up in dogmatic cults.
Christian Peper, Saint Louis, Missouri

Beach the Ship
This article mentioned "the church's boat." I would hope that the Fish and Game Dept. will confiscate the vessel and equipment and ban "Rev." Kevin Thompson from holding a fishing license. That "Ocean Ministry" needs to be sunk, period.
Barbara Graham, San Diego

"Savage Hate," Feature, 7/19

He's number one
You got it backward. It should have been Savage Love! I love this guy! He tells it like it is, not what the liberal trash would like to hear. Twenty years ago my wife and I loved the city (SF), but when all the scum moved in, we stopped going. The city turns my stomach now.

The Savage haters are jealous of his successes, and hate the truth. You see, the liberal pot-smoking drudges can't stand being wrong, and can't admit they failed. They ruined the city! I love it when he writes a new book, and it goes #1 in New York, time after time! Don't you?
Ray Howard, Concord

This being America, Michael Savage has the right to speak his mind on air as he sees fit and to publish whatever he wants. His many fans have the right to buy his books and listen to his show. I just wonder why reputable media have to help promote him. He says so little that's original, or especially provocative.

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