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Ann Nomura

Can you distinguish any differences between vaping cannabis oil, cannabis extract "shatter" and cannabis plant matter? There are many different kinds of vapes on the market.


California Pot Researchers' Hands Tied By Feds, Chronic Town, Aug. 7

Shouldn't Research Have Preceded Legalization?

It really is insight/reminder into how dysfunctional marijuana research is. It could be a valuable plant with important medicinal qualities and obviously with this dysfunction scientific researchers are reluctant to start projects. Also, though it is almost if not criminal and irresponsible to put a product out in dispensaries and now for retail sale that is so potent and not researched. What are we thinking?

Jeff Dive

Champion of Richmond Education, The People Issue, Aug. 14

Thanks for the Education

I remember Mr. Peritz from the tenth grade; he was an innovator who taught with excitement. He knew how to keep the classroom bourgeoning with energy that kept us wanting to put out more, to learn more. As a matter of fact, his class was the most energetic (that's not meant negatively) because he knew how to captivate his audience into learning. He was the one who introduced us to Shakespeare, Oedipus Rex, Don Quixote, Hamlet. One thing we knew for sure, his desire was for each of his students to grasp the art of learning. Thanks Mr. Peritz for the education; you were a great educator.

Jennifer Cable

Clearing Out the File Cabinets, But Not Necessarily the Air, News, Aug. 14

Whistleblowers are Heroes

Michael Bachmann and Sarah Steele are Bay Area heroes. BAAQMD Air Pollution Control Officer Jack Broadbent and Chief Counsel Brian Bunger ought to be terminated forthwith by the Board of Directors. Unfortunately, the Board members believe all of the B.S coming from their staff. Ask Eric Stevenson how he feels about this case and the record-keeping process of BAAQMD, or its records of notice of violations and all of the less than $10K fines, thus unreported in public meetings? Very cozy, Jack and Brian.

Andrés Soto, Communities for a Better Environment

Sometimes being a good citizen means not being able to have food or having threatened shelter for a while, or few Christmas gifts. It can be hard on your children, and it must sting day after day when everyone tells you to "back down, it's not worth it." You might drive Uber despite having several degrees. I look forward to that moment when Michael can feel that he has made a difference that will change the relationship between regulators and polluters forever. People have to know the whistleblower laws are real ... not just for movies. And we are protected as employees to do and say the right thing to protect the wellbeing of the people the organization serves (i.e., fellow soldiers, taxpayers, patients, people who breathe).

ing wit

State's Deadliest Big Jail System Last Year Was Contra Costa County's, News, Aug. 21

We Do Our Best to Eliminate Jail Suicides

I would like to add a few points that were not in the article. In 2017, there were no in-custody deaths in Contra Costa County detention facilities; in 2016, there were two. The article mentioned the high rate of in-custody deaths. Yet, it is not clear what that is, how the rate was derived and how it compares to other counties. The reality is the number of in-custody deaths fluctuate year to year. The causes of death are health-related, drug overdose and suicide. We will always strive for zero, but that is a challenge given the environment and population; many of those who enter jail often have significant health issues and mental health conditions. Contra Costa Health Services provides all medical care to inmates. We are taking steps to try to eliminate suicides. For example, we have introduced ligature-proof bedding in the behavioral health module at the Martinez Detention Facility.

Jimmy Lee, Public Information Officer, Contra Costa Sheriffs Office

Alameda Considers New Post to Protect Tenants' Rights and Prosecute Property Crimes, News, Aug. 28

I'm Tired of Alameda's Front-Porch Thefts

As someone who had Christmas presents stolen off of our porch and more, I am down with being able to at least get back the money from everything that's been stolen off of our porch. It should get way better than this, but for now I'll deal with this bullshit.

Betty Cooper

Kaplan Calls for Audit of Schaaf's Education Initiative, Seven Days, Sep. 4

The Politics of Bitterness

Kaplan really seems like she's still bitter about losing the mayoral election and is trying to sabotage her rival however she can. Reminds me a bit of the way Trump is blindly trying to undo everything Obama did!

Max Chanowitz

Kaplan is more about helping herself than helping Oakland. She reminds me of another ego-driven councilman, De La Fuente, whos incompetence left Oakland with lots of debt with nothing to show for it.



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