Letters for September 3, 2008 

Readers sound off about the Outside Lands Festival, Savage Machiine, immigrant laborers, Rendez-Vous Café Bistro, and our best general practitioner.

"Gregg Perloff Is the New Bill Graham," Feature, 8/13

An inspirational story

I didn't know much about Graham, but I am very inspired with what Perloff is doing. Maybe he isn't the "new" Graham, but he is definitely filling in some pretty big shoes.


Theresa Donahoe, Oakland

"'I' Is for Machismo," Music, 8/13

Great Fun, Plus Tacos

I saw their last Sunday show at the Metro. $12 was really too little to pay for such carnage. Savage Maciine blew a fuse and kept on rolling like professionals, and the Legend has great MC voice. In addition, two big-time wrestling (pro wrestlers) Mike Modest and Ryan Styles showed up; these guys are first-class, professional heels known on the world stage. My friend and I had a blast, and a sponsor sold the greatest tacos in the world.

If we could just get the Oakland Metro to turn on the lights a bit earlier so people could see the merch tables instead of wandering in the dark looking for seats, we'd be in business. Speaking of merch, either an ATM or credit readers for the bar or the merchandise would go a long way toward breaking even and more for the show.

Anthony O'con, South San Francisco

"Best General Practitioner: Dr. Kenneth Gjeltema," Best of the East Bay, 6/25

Best Chemotherapy

In Dec. '06, Jan., Feb., and March '07, I visited Gjeltema with several physical complaints. Each time, after a perfunctory checkup, he said "Your ticker sounds fine."

In April of '07 I got a call from a relative in PA that his 49-year-old daughter died of ovarian cancer and that I needed to take a CA 125 test.

My score on that was way over normal and a subsequent CAT scan showed ovarian cancer stage III B.

If Dr. Gjeltema had checked more than my "ticker," I would not now be doing a second round of chemotherapy, because he'd have found the cancer at stage I, II, or III.

If he is our best general practitioner in the East Bay, can you imagine the worst!!!

Doreen Brand, El Cerrito

"Crimes Against Immigrants Prove Call for More Police," News, 8/20

Say No to Scab Labor

The article somehow misses the two Latinos shot dead in Oakland while going to buy lunch at a taco truck. The resentment is growing deeper in the unemployed US working class who see the illegal inmigrant scabs willing to work for crumbs thus undermining the unions, wages, and safety rules while the government fails to enforce the verification of legal status in hiring employees.

When unemployment is reaching 7 percent in the East Bay, more of these kind of reactions can be expected. These "advocates for Latino inmigrants" better take a clue and abandon their advocacy for scab labor and their twisted logic.

Unfortunately, Latin Americans who are legally in this country will become victims too.

Leo T. West, San Leandro

A Sad Situation

I feel sorry for these hardworking individuals like Reyes who come to a foreign country hoping to provide a decent living for their families and then are robbed of some of what they have gone through so much to earn. It is sad that they do not feel safe to call the police and report these crimes, yet I can well understand why they don't. Getting the police to do anything helpful is hard enough even when you're a native and speak the language, and relying on official assurances that you won't be deported if you turn to the authorities for help is rather dubious given government's long record of broken promises and lies. Saddest of all, I'm sure that with economic times tight and nationalist scapegoating and bigotry on the rise, many people reading this won't give a damn about it, because to them these people are simply "illegal" and therefore less than fully human.

Starchild, San Francisco


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