Letters for September 23 

Readers sound off on racial bias, Van Jones, NUMMI, and our letters section.

"Pancake Ride for Dick's," Restaurants and Cafes Critic's Pick, 8/26

Gratitude for Flack

I just wanted to thank you for finding and adding our bicycle ride as an event Pick of the week. Although I am a habitual reader of the EB Express, I didn't pick up last week's edition since it was such a busy week. I found out that we made it into the paper from a guy who showed up at the start line after seeing it listed in the Express. It was a great surprise! The pancake feast and bike ride was a great success, despite the heat. Everyone had a great time and we are definitely planning the next one already. As the main organizer I know I did a terrible job of publicizing this event, so good detective work finding it! And thanks again for putting us in print! One question, I'm curious about the decision to truncate the name of our event by removing the words "Memorial Karin Herrick."

Jesse Cortez, Alameda

Editor's Note

The omission was an error.

"Enter the Economic Sociologists," Raising the Bar, 8/26

More, Please

Fascinating article about the sociologists contemplating finance. More! This is rich.

Carol Denney, Berkeley

"Racial Bias Exists. Can We Train Cops to Deal With It?," 9/2

Let's Learn

Thanks for publishing Micky Duxbury's thoughtful piece on the fact that BART police are not trained to avoid racial bias during critical incidents. I wish there was more of this kind of insightful reporting, so that something useful could be learned from the tragic death of Oscar Grant.

Emily Stoper, Oakland

"Van Jones and the Right-Wing Attack Machine," 9/9

Who's Racist?

Yes, Van Jones is a racist; the name of the organization he more than "helped launch" and conveniently left to join the Obama's campaign, Color of Change, gives a hint. It's the same racist garbage like the term "people of color," which obviously implies that there are people of "no color"; these people are just racist of color. There's also a clip that's circulated where Van Jones declared something like "You'll never have a Columbine by a black guy"; another piece of racist garbage. Everyone knows that there are more people killed in the United States by black criminals in one day than all the people killed at Columbine; including mass killings like the one by a black guy in California who killed his entire family, 7 or 9, or a racist black, I think it was in New York, who killed a bunch of white people; there are a lot more cases.

Van Jones' firing has nothing to do with signing a petition; petitions in this area circulate like condoms in a gay parade. Van Jones has always been an opportunist: He played the "marxist" angle in the '90s at UC Berkeley, working very close with the Communist Party USA, which supported the Democratic Party for the last seventy years; Van Jones later adopted the "environmental" angle, Al Gore, the Democratic Party and Obama's presidential campaign. Had Obama known his full background, Van Jones wouldn't have gotten in; Obama dropped his pastor of twenty years, Van Jones is nobody. Van Jones didn't resign, he was dropped like an used condom.

The former "marxist" Van Jones should have paid attention to that Marx's sentence = "The petty-bourgeoisie is the scum of the society."

Leo T. West, San Leandro

Investigate Bush

Robert Gammon writes that Van Jones made a "serious mistake" by signing a petition calling for an investigation into whether the Bush administration had allowed the 9/11 terrorist attacks to happen. 

Why was that a mistake? Don't the American People have the right to know?There is certainly ample reason and probable cause to suspect the Bush administration of such malfeasance on 9/11. Numerous high-level Bush administration officials, prior to the 2000 election, had signed a manifesto as members of the Project for a New American Century.  In that manifesto, they expressed their desire for a 9/11-type catastrophe to occur in order to further their goals of world domination. Bush and his administration ignored warnings from several intelligence agencies, and even President Putin, that the attacks were going to take place. High-level FBI officials put a stop to FBI agents' investigations into certain terrorist activities; such investigations may have prevented the attacks. In the days prior to the attacks, John Ashcroft suddenly quit flying on commercial aircraft. Willie Brown, who was about to fly to a mayors' conference on 9/11, got a call, reportedly from Condoleeza Rice, warning him not to fly on that day. On 9/11, the Air Force and NORAD, contrary to standard operating procedure, failed to respond to multiple airline hijackings. Researcher John Judge reports that one Air Force pilot who happened to be flying toward one of the hijacked planes was ordered to turn around and go back to the base! Why?

On 9/11 Cheney was caught in the basement of the White House repeatedly confirming to a young Air Force officer that the orders still stood not to intercept the plane that was rapidly approaching the Pentagon. Minutes later, the Pentagon was hit.In spite of all this, Gammon seems to think either that the Bush administration is far too sweet and virtuous to ever dream of allowing the 9/11 attacks to occur; or maybe he thinks they should be allowed to get away with it. Either way, it's disgraceful to have Gammon spreading his ignorance on your pages. There should indeed be a full investigation into Bush officials' complicity in the 9/11 attacks.

Dave Lebowitz, San Leandro

"A Tribute to NUMMI Workers," 9/9

Championing Scabs

The first thing to analyze about this article is the author, David Bacon. David Bacon is an advocate for illegal Mexican scabs; he spends 80 percent of the time of his segment on KPFA, the illegal scabs' radio station, advocating for the illegal Mexican scabs.

David Bacon has also written a book in defense of the illegal scabs so let's take this piece of news from whom it comes.

The ranks of the United Auto Workers Union have been decimated when, in the last 20 years, Ford, GM, and Chrysler eliminated entire sections of the parts machining units, outsourcing the work to hundreds of machine shops around the country, which employed mostly illegal scabs, for a mostly automated operation, at a third of the UAW's wages, at double the rate of production and with no adherence to safety rules. The UAW workers' job is being done by David Bacon's illegal scabs.


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