Letters for July 23 

Readers sound off on beavers, hipsters, theaters, produce, and more.

"Best Urban Wildlife Display," Best Of, 6/25

Mayor v. Beavers

I am curious who was the "city's beaver expert" you talked to about this. The real story of the night is that the subcommittee issued a thorough report referencing the top beaver research in the world, 6/7 of us recommended that the beavers be allowed to stay, and the mayor, in violation of the Brown Act, invited his own "expert" to rebut our report. Mary Tappel was not on the agenda, and neither the subcommittee nor the public had any opportunity to respond, or question her findings. The quality of her presentation can be easily seen on the video of the meeting, which is on the web page MartinezBeavers.org. Google her name and see the last beaver case she was "involved" in.

Despite the mayor's deceptive efforts, or perhaps because they were so ineffective, the city has declined to vote on the issue. Not in April, May, or June. We have already been told they won't address it in July when the new city manager comes, and in August they'll be on vacation. The real story here is not the beavers: it's the local government struggle to resist civic pressure and the will of the people. Consider doing another story, and get the layer the media has missed.

Heidi Perryman, President, Worth A Dam, member of the beaver subcommittee, and contributing editor to MartinezBeavers.org

Best Of the East Bay, 6/25

Not So Hip

I would like to issue you a challenge. So far I've only read half of your Best Of issue, which is informative and fun. But I would like your writers to try going one week, one tiny issue, WITHOUT using the following words and phrases: hip, hipster, and "old school." Think about all the great, descriptive words in the English language. Use a different one each time!

Beth Baugh, Oakland

Coming Soon to Home Video

I'm quite amused at anyone thinking the Alameda Theatre will be a boon to the city's nightlife. In an age of Netflix, HBO, movies on your PC, and Pay Per View, I certainly don't plan on going to the expense and inconvenience of going to a movie theater to see films that will be available in the privacy of my own home very soon. My last theater experience ("March of the Penguins") was completely ruined by difficult parking, unsupervised children, people using cell phones, inattentive ushers, and high food prices. I'll give this theater about nine months to a year.

Dale Griffin, Alameda

"Best Uncrowded Walk in the Woods," Best Of, 6/25

Yes on Measure AA

Thank you for recognizing Point Pinole Regional Shoreline as the best uncrowded walk in the woods. Those of us who currently enjoy Point Pinole and the rest of the North Richmond Shoreline could not agree more and we encourage our neighbors from the East Bay to join us.

It may seem a minor point, but Point Pinole is a Regional Shoreline, not a State Park. It was our own, local, East Bay Regional Park District that provided the vision and leadership to protect Point Pinole from development all those years ago and maintain it since. Measure AA, passed in 1988, has allowed the Park District to protect, maintain, and enhance Point Pinole. By voting for the Measure AA extension this November, we will ensure new and better parks for the next generation of East Bay park users without a tax rate increase. That's more uncrowded walks for all of us, wherever we live in the East Bay.

Rich Walkling, Berkeley

Editor's Note,

Our error has been corrected.

"Best Produce Stand," Best Of, 6/25

Fans of the Produce Man

Thank you for voting Dan's Fresh Produce Best Produce Stand 2008. I was unaware of the award and was very pleased when a customer of mine brought the paper in to show to us. For the past two years my wonderful staff and I have been working hard to bring the best possible quality local farm-fresh fruit and veggies to our community, and we love doing it!

Dan "the Produce Man" Avakian, Alameda

The Decline of Western Civilization, One-Night Stands, 6/25

No Future for You


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