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Teed Rockwell, Berkeley

Not-So-Smart Meters

PG&E response to my March 10, 2010 letter was insufficient. PG&E compared its SmartMeter radiation to our microwave. We can read the label within our microwave "complies with DHHS radiation standards 21 cfr - - -". We can see no safety-label on the SmartMeter. Our microwave has "no-leakage" when off. PG&E compared its SmartMeter radiation to our telephone. We have a wired land-line. We have no air-conditioning, we need none in Martinez-by-the-bay.

PG&E SmartMeter signals are causing my after-dark motion-detector to be overworked.  If SmartMeter signals are strong enough to interfere with a motion-detector, the signals may be strong enough to interfere with the electrical-systems of humans and animals. In April, I spent a week in the hospital with a heart-rate over 140, never before.

 In my opinion one-size-does-not fit all when it comes to SmartMeters! It seems that neither PG&E, nor the PUC, cares "where" the SmartMeters are installed. Is bedroom-wall (my case) more dangerous than a dining room wall? Is there more danger if three SmartMeters are within seven feet of a bed (my case)?

I have asked PG&E to remove its SmartMeters from our home, and remove the two SmartMeters from our neighbor's home. He said he approves.

John Bauer, Martinez

Batts: Finish the Job

Dear Editor and Oakland Police Chief Batts,

Why give up and quit after only one short year on the job? Why don't you follow star college quarterback Andrew Luck's example: Stay and finish what you started in Oakland, like Luck stayed in school at Stanford to get his degree, instead of rushing into the NFL and making millions? Why don't you be like Luck, rather than just cutting and running from Oakland to go for the mega bucks in the big leagues of the San Jose PD? If you go and desert the people in Oakland who believed what you said, trusted you, looked up to you, helped make your reputation good enough to be considered a finalist for San Jose chief, then everything you've said over the past year in Oakland was just one big lie told by you on your way up the ladder. Do you have a problem working with a Chinese woman mayor, the first of any major American city? Did you mislead her? How about East Oakland City Council President Larry Reid, whom you told two months ago you had no plans to leave Oakland? Are you afraid of dealing with big-city politicians or politics? The Oakland Police Officers Union? You could hammer out a deal with the union and get a reasonable tax increase measure passed by the Oakland voters easily in the next election, provided you stayed and got your job done, instead of starting to walk out the door in a matter of months. Unfortunately, Oakland looks like it was just a stepping stone for you, so you can burnish your résumé, add it to Long Beach PD on your way to cash in down in Silicon Valley. It's your choice, will you stay or will you go? If you go, you're just like every other climber going after the big bucks, saying anything to, and then stepping on and over, poor urban folks on your way up the ladder to make more money for yourself. You're just like many others who have done this to Oakland. You don't have to take the job in SJ, even if they offer it to you. Oakland is the best place west of the Mississippi: three sports teams, best views, restaurants, nightlife, weather, port, airport, waterfront, and weather. Oakland is The City now; SF is the West Bay, SJ the South Bay. Don't take my word for it, just ask Oakland residents Boxer, Brown, and Barbara Lee. You're planning to quit one-third of the way through the contract that you signed with 400,000 people!

The choice is yours, make a difference by facing the challenge in front of you in Oak Town, or give up quickly, cut, run, and go for the big bucks in the valley. Will you live up to your challenge here, or are you a quitter after barely a year? Best of luck to you in deciding which way you go. To paraphrase JFK a half century ago, "Ask NOT what your City, Oakland, can do for you, but what you can do for your City." For starters, how about fulfilling your contract and keeping your promises?

Joel Freid, Oakland


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