Letters for December 22 

Readers sound off on solar energy development, the A's ballpark, and Jean Quan's tweets.

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If I wanted ideas like a new mall instead of a quiet neighborhood, I would have voted for Don Perata. Of course, Signature and Waverly properties, primary owners in the area, are pleased. They've been trying to bulldoze the area for over fifteen years. Let's not give them our tax money to help them do it.

Ivar Diehl, Oakland

980 Park Is Better

Contrary to statements made by Oakland city officials, 980 Park, a baseball park, envisioned on the air-rights of the I-980 freeway between 14th and 18th streets, is capable of meeting the same time schedule as Victory Court.

Victory Court and 980 Park are both subject to environmental studies to be reviewed by Caltrans. In the case of Victory Court, it is dependent on freeway improvements that can be studied as part of the I-880/Broadway/Jackson Improvement Project. Currently, Victory Court, and for that matter all of Jack London Square and Chinatown, are served by one pair of I-880 freeway ramps at Oak/Jackson. These ramps already perform poorly, and will clearly be overwhelmed by Victory Court and its 2,500-car garage at its current ramp terminals, not to mention future backups on mainline freeway.

The I-880 study envisions improving the performance of the freeway, especially the access and egress from the Posey tube to Alameda. The I-880 study, initiated in 2006, is already gravely ill because it hasn't received approval from the Oakland Chinatown community due to the overwhelming traffic impacts from all the new proposals since. Hence, the EIR that is scheduled to require 24 months has not yet even been started.

980 Park would also require Caltrans approval to build a ballpark on its air-rights: Think about connecting the three bridges over the freeway where the freeway is already depressed). Caltrans has stated that this process could be completed in 24 months! Therefore, what is needed ASAP is for city officials to negotiate a cooperative agreement to study 980 Park.

Why do this? Because the 980 Park alternative would require an investment of $25 million versus $200 million for the Victory Court proposal. Projected property tax and land rent is estimated at $100 million over the life to the facility. Our profligate Oakland city officials want to provide a $100 million subsidy for Victory Court, when they could reap a $75 million profit if they promoted 980 Park.

Bryan Grunwald, Oakland

"Jean Quan and Twitter Spam," News, 12/1

Tweets Are Awesome

I really don't see why anyone is taking issue here? The WHOLE POINT of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of the social-media networks is that they link us together in ways we've never been linked before. A single tweet is a drop in the bucket, so the more tweets a politician has, the more chances there are someone will hear the message they want to hear. It's not Jean's fault if you only use Twitter once a month and have less than ten followers. Sorry, don't follow Jean then, if you don't want 90 percent of your wall to be Twitter posts from her. Twitter is awesome! The more tweets the better! Just be sure to keep them relevant AND as an avid follower of www.twitter.com/jeanquan, I LOVE every one :-D

Kevin Mann, Oakland

"Once-Classic Cocktails Are Making a Comeback," Bars, Clubs, & Coffeehouses, 10/27

Transphobic Cocktail

Please be aware of your language. Stating that "Rosemary Collins — a transgendered Tom Collins" is a transphobic statement, shows a lack of knowledge and respect for the the transgendered communities, and is unnecessary. Having statements such as this in newspapers makes it appear acceptable to the general public and is not okay.

Dean Khambatta, Oakland

"The GOP Is Toxic in California," Seven Days, 12/1

Oakland Should Be Punished

The cards might help the poor and homeless and others who might fall prey to check cashing shops, or being robbed of their cash. However, if you are illegal in this country then you are what it means: illegal and should not be given any special privileges. Entering the country the correct way takes time and money. For example, my wife entering as a fiancée was not allowed a California ID until her status was approved six months after legal entry by homeland security.A city like Oakland that harbors and coddles illegals should be slapped by the federal government. Withholding money is surely yet to come.

Jim Zigenis, Oakland

The Posies, CD Reviews, 12/1

Worth the Buy

Blood/Candy is a wonderful album. Great lyrical twists and turns and lots of unusual moments for a band stuck with the "power pop" tag for so long. I love the album and have it in heavy rotation in my car. "So Caroline" is a divine creation; absolute pop perfection. That track ALONE is worth the price of the album.

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