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Readers sound off on Chevron, KPFA, green tech in Berkeley, and more.

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 James J. Fenton, Oakland

Gammon Uses Propaganda

Robert Gammon's attack on West Berkeley stakeholders and activists not only misrepresents their interests but also the Green Corridor that he advocates. He writes that spinoffs from UC and the LBL would "end up in the suburbs" if Berkeley limited new R&D to protect its existing manufacturing base of 320 companies and 7,500 living-wage jobs.

The Green Corridor consortium includes eight inner East Bay municipalities from San Leandro to Richmond, not suburbs and not just West Berkeley, where all concerned actually welcome product development companies, labs, and other new employers.

The problem is that, unlike neighboring cities, Berkeley is built out except for six large available sites that are appropriate for R&D. Changing the zoning standards in the rest of West Berkeley threatens to displace the current artisans and industries by removing protections put in place by the West Berkeley Plan. The idea is to keep our current jobs while creating more.

The solution is balance, a concept obviously unknown to Robert Gammon, who is a propagandist, not a journalist. The Express can do better.

Toni Mester, Berkeley

Dike the Golden Gate

"West Berkeley under water." When? While the major impact of climate change here is ocean rising, nobody is talking about the obvious solution: dike and lock the Golden Gate. Where is that element in the water bill? It guarantees: steady levels of water and its salinity in the delta, saves the $1.5 trillion of infrastructure threatened and provides an assured water supply to agriculture in the Central Valley, freeing up the clean water for urban use. We in Northern California must face the fact that we are outvoted 3 to 1 by the ever-thirsty denizens of the Southland. They will vote their self-interest at our environment's expense, so why not please them and save the bay and the delta, albeit in pre-Columbian form. If we are to live through droughts like a thousand years ago of up to eleven years duration, we cannot do what the only two million natives did: move to the shore and eat kelp and sealife. We have to engineer our way out of the problem, just as we built dams for freshwater resource development, we must save the infrastructure and resources for the future. A two- to three-meter rise in sea level is probable: Let's get ready.

Linus Hollis, Oakland

"Das Mann of Steel," Feature, 11/11

You Credited the Wrong Person

Joshua Emerson Smith needs to know how to research his subject before writing an article such as "Das Mann of Steel." Why are you giving lip service to the ultimate patriarchal theft, that of Dan Das Mann's sacred image of the creator of the giant steel sculptures and American Steel Arts complex? Anyone who really knows what's going on behind the creative scene knows that Karen Cusolito, mentioned only at the end of the article as Das Mann's business partner, is the nuts-and-bolts creator of these enormous sculptures. By the way, without Karen, American Steel would simply be another platform from which to worship Das Mann, not the vital artery where the arts and trades are brought together under one affordable roof, creating the amazing cooperative complex it is.

Montserrat Wassam, San Francisco

Don't Treat Her Like Trash

Well, if Joshua Emerson Smith was wanting to write an article to massage Dan's narcissism he did a good job, if he actually meant to write about American Steel and the wonderful things that are happening there then he should have concentrated a little more on the real reason that place works and will continue to work — Karen Cusolito.She is so much more than the "business partner" in American Steel — she is the true artist and orchestrator of that place and if your reporter could have just opened his eyes a little away from Dan's gaze then maybe he would have noticed that.Dan is a noteworthy person in this story, but there is so much more to this story that was passed by like trash.

Caroline Miller, San Francisco


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