Letters for August 6 

You want us to let Jesus into our hearts, you don't trust Chevron or Children's Hospital of Oakland, and you're sick of warrantless searches, development in Alameda, diesel trucks, Oakland cops, and UC Berkeley libraries.

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> Irritability.

> Headaches.

> Disruption of digestion and elimination processes.

> Sores and boils.

> Increased need to urinate.

> Concentration problems.

> Severe heartburn.

> Rashes and severe itching.

> Possible increase in hair loss.

> Nails become harder and brittle.

> Smell and taste decreased.

> Cold and hot flashes.

Martin M. Haffner, Alameda

A Different Theory

Public policy in many urban cities is driven by the building trades union, the police officers union, and the chamber of commerce. All of these interests originate with people who use cities, but who do not live in them or send their children to their public schools.

In the city of Oakland, the mayor and the city council are now being pushed to ask the citizens of Oakland for more tax dollars for more police. There is no evidence that more police will reduce the crime rate of Oakland. There is little evidence that more police reduce the crime rate in any city. Yet, the premise of this campaign is more police mean less crime.

I do not know if this premise is true. I have seen no evidence that there is an inverse relationship between the crime rate and the number of police. What I do know is that this proposed tax only pays for a fraction of the cost of more cops. This new tax measure does mean more debt for the city of Oakland. I do know that this tax means more unfunded liability for the pension fund, for the public safety budget of the city of Oakland. I do know that this additional tax burden on the taxpayers of Oakland does not address the key issue that creates the criminal class on the streets of Oakland.

I theorize that the criminal class is created and grows from our inability to educate a very large number of black males. I do know that 66 percent of all black males who enter the Oakland public school system drop out before graduation. I do know that these young men who drop out before graduation have no skills and no education, thus no ability to make a living. I do know that these dropouts generate families without fathers in the homes, without means to support those families. I do know the likelihood of these dropouts engaging in criminal activity is very high.

We are being sold a crime theory without basis in fact. That theory is more police mean less crime. I propose a different baseless theory. I propose a policy change in the qualifications for a new police hire. I propose that the city of Oakland hire a different quality of police officer. I propose that the city of Oakland hire a police officer who knows the geography of Oakland. I propose that the city of Oakland hire a police officer who knows the people of Oakland. I propose that the city of Oakland hires a police officer who speaks the language of the streets of Oakland.

Since the police officers union has successfully lobbied and enacted a federal law which prevents the city from requiring that an officer be required to live in the jurisdiction that officer polices, the countermeasure is to hire people who are already residences.


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