Letters for August 6 

You want us to let Jesus into our hearts, you don't trust Chevron or Children's Hospital of Oakland, and you're sick of warrantless searches, development in Alameda, diesel trucks, Oakland cops, and UC Berkeley libraries.

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I am grasping for words to express my sadness and disgust for the two female writers who slept around Craigslist and for your deplorable publication in general.

I picked up your newspaper at a "health food" store to find some local movie listings, and after browsing the contents, page after page of perverse and cynical depravity, I was compelled to write this letter.

My intention is not to attack anyone; not the editor, nor the writers, nor the readers who enjoy this pitiful liberalism. I would just like to ask you, quite earnestly, if you've ever considered — seriously considered — how much Jesus loves you, and desires for you to repent; to make a U-turn from this filthy life, and to ask Him for forgiveness. He will heal all broken hearts, restore dashed hopes, bring REAL satisfaction to unfulfilled lives, and replace our anger and pain with a peace that passes all understanding and pure joy that is beyond our imagination. Experiencing actual JOY from the Lord makes the brevity of a sexual orgasm seem like a hiccup. It can be 24/7, if you want it to be. Thank God for our human sexuality, but why must people fall into the trap of trying to soothe their anxieties with such a temporary salve? God has a better way. In Him, there is REST for your soul. He has a better life to give; but only if you ASK for help, with a humble and repentant heart.

I speak from experience, not from merely "reading a Bible" or "going to a church." Dear sinners, the answer is JESUS!! Period. NOT Christianity — nor any such organized man-made religious system. They are all hiding places for darkness and greed.

If you, dear editor, are reluctant to print this letter because you perceive it as "preaching" or "evangelizing," then so be it. I hope you will at least pass it along to those two women (one a MOTHER of CHILDREN!) who are arrogantly unashamed of their selfish, sexual adventures in spite of the potential damage to their kids' very souls, not to mention their own. My heart breaks when I read about the bizarre exploits that humans crave in order to satisfy their flesh, yet we continually neglect that real longing in our souls for God, and for truth, and for REST from our burdens. Neither psychotherapy, nor religion, nor excessive indulgence can ever provide that. It just can't. And it won't.

I pray that we all will relinquish our pride, our sarcasm, and our selfishness and seek genuine peace for our hurting hearts. The doctor is IN. Jesus is available. What are we waiting for?

Bradley Crooker, Danville

Miscellaneous Letters

Inappropriate Density

My neighbors and I recently received a letter from an architectural firm inviting us to review the preliminary plans for the old Island High School site on Eagle and Everett. In attending the meeting the plan presented was to construct a 36-unit apartment complex for very-low- and low-income residents. What also came to light is that the same developer is building a project at the Grand Marina, and to comply with the inclusionary housing initiative requiring they have a certain percentage of low-income units in their new construction, they want to pull all low-income units out of the Grand Marina project and put them all at the Island High School site. This seems to me to go against the intent of requiring a mix of income levels represented at their developments. Also, the plan calling for 36 units (which is excessive in the scale of our neighborhood) is in excess of what is required by the initiative, which makes us believe that they are also wanting to build these low-income units to meet the requirement for other developments on the island which have not yet been disclosed. We have started a petition opposing this project as it has been proposed to us and will have representatives present at the planning board meeting at city hall. I am writing both to make you aware and to ask if you have more information that you think is relevant.

Amy Elizabeth Parker, Alameda

Resident to Towne Centre: Slow Down

How can the city staff conclude that increasing the size of Alameda Towne Centre by 30 percent, from 545,000 to 706,000 square feet, and making it a regional mall with a major discount store would not impact Alameda's environment and streets? From a traffic perspective, nothing has changed since the 2006 target environmental impact report. The target proposal they defend would not cause any problems. And so the final environmental impact report (FEIR) still allows a discount store. This time it could be larger than the target proposal via modifying the Mervyns building with a second story and a multilevel garage. The FEIR states there are no impacts with estimated increase of 9,700 vehicles per weekday or 50 percent traffic increase for the Centre.

Alameda is an island. We must give more careful consideration to the way the island develops. Unfortunately South Shore should have been on the estuary side of the island, and significantly increasing it impacts the quality of life of our neighborhoods.

The citizens of Alameda are not opposed to growth. We implore the planning board to deny the FEIR for the Centre expansion until a reality-based, technically correct assessment of its impacts can be presented and reviewed by the public. We, the people, will settle for no less. Let the shopping center finish its remodel, install the sidewalks, etc. Only then, that is after the remodel, can reality-based evaluations be performed of the impacts associated with an expansion.

Comments can be heard at the August 11 Planning Board Hearing.

Eugenie Thomson, Alameda

End the Warrantless Searches

I realize you may be a bit busy to have time for my rather long letter. It's basically a copy of a letter I've send to assorted federal and state agencies protesting this weird practice of random fishing expeditions against food stamp recipients, even when no fraud is suspected and where the recipient is known to be highly compliant and cooperative in every way. Before, when only "real losers" ended up on social services, nobody cared about these degradations. But now, as I say in my letter, that conservatives and liberals alike are needing social services as the economy spirals downward, even a lot of conservative folk may be shocked to see that being on food stamps causes them to virtually lose their right to be free from warrantless searches without probable cause.

I'll understand if you don't have time for this, but I thought I'd give my little protest a whirl. Copies of the letter below were sent to Feinstein, the White House, the Agriculture Secretary, and local and state officials.

Heck, if I had my druthers, I'd like a cameraperson to film this creepy "home invasion" and put it on YouTube. I think the general disgust over the feel of this would be bipartisan.

I am a citizen of Contra Costa County. I am a model social services recipient. I'm disabled and on Social Security Disability. I'm totally honest, no drugs, no criminal record, accurate and honest in all my reporting. My social services agency here in Contra Costa County, Employment and Human Services, does not suspect me of any dishonesty. In fact they know I'm painstakingly honest and scrupulous. I even report birthday presents and tax returns and practically every dime I get. Everyone knows where I live. Everyone knows I live alone. It's all public and easy to see and my past and everything is totally transparent. And yet they have a policy of demanding their way into innocent people's homes, without cause, by their own admission, even when they suspect nothing. They are allowed to invade our privacy because the food stamp laws are written that way and, unfortunately, since we poor people aren't so important politically, no one comes to our aid when our personal dignity is harmed.


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