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Re: “Oakland Police Threaten to Cite Residents for Barbecues by Lake Merritt

responding to Jeff Diver: the lake is a black space because we black people can refer to an ongoing history of living next to it, using it to gather, Oakland BENEFITTING from our use of it, Oakland allowing to to become dilapidated until they hatched a plan to expunge us from the space. When the city, saw the opportunity to change to face of Oakland to a shiny fair white one with more concrete and glass and technology and smug restaurateurs, THEN the cleanliness and value and accessibility of the lake became a concern worthy of police enforcement. The same is true in "Uptown" the same is true in West Oakland, the same is true in Fruitvale. The same was true in SF. Mission, Excelsior, Western Addition, Fillmore, need I say more? Notice I made no mention of Rockridge, Piedmont, or Montclair. I'm talking about BLACK spaces. Just because some glib parties have been able to forget their existence, or invited to move here in the aftermath, doesn't mean that these places never existed. Nor does it mean that the effort to finish the job is in some isolated, compartmentalized past. We're talking about our present in the interest of our future as a community. If your's was threatened (it's not) you might feel the same way. +Kevin Skipper Jr.

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Posted by Kevin Skipper Jr. on 05/21/2015 at 10:08 AM

Re: “Oakland Police Threaten to Cite Residents for Barbecues by Lake Merritt

First and foremost, big ups to Brian Drayton for providing some much needed context to this discourse. The man has been here a long time and he's paying attention. I encourage interested parties to connect with him and see if there's something we can do to bring awareness to this type of thing. Noticing the outrage from some who feel it's ridiculous to see this as a racial issue. "It's just a space issue! It's just about charcoal! White communities are dismantled to demand space for incoming black people every day!!!" Stop trying to understand black people's feelings about constant discrimination. You can't! If EBX made it a point to discuss black issues on a regular basis, (they used to), you would see that we aren't just talking about isolated squabbles over grill smoke. The ever-present, "The lake is for ALL COLORS, we all grill, grown people need to be responsible for their trash! why does it matter who's a newcomer or native?" These are all questions of DENIAL! This denial is a privilege connected to race AND class. You aren't forced to see your own race every day so when you're reminded of it, you instantly deny that it means anything. Some of us have the experience to know better.
Police are trained to respond to what they are told to see, race. That's racism and NO white folks, you dont suffer from it. Even if you moved to West Oakland and got mugged and called a honky and feel like its all equal now. You don't know and you need to accept that. All colors of people don't suffer the same treatment. If you think that, you are likely the type of culturally relativistic computer-fed caucasian for which these spaces are proving to be reserved. That's not an insult. It's a fact. And besides, do we not have a public works agency and the largest trash company on the planet here in Oakland? Waste Management BEGGED to retain their contract, despite there being a local company that could serve the town. Did we fail to notify them that the lake is part of the town?

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Posted by Kevin Skipper Jr. on 05/21/2015 at 9:55 AM

Re: “Oakland Police Threaten to Cite Residents for Barbecues by Lake Merritt

WHITE FEAR LEVEL: 2.785, peach-pinky-peach indicating "less than comfortable" :^I . Standby for deployment of passive-aggressive tactics...

I love when the Express decides to focus on a "black issue." First requisite, Oakland Police Department, second requisite, Barbeque. Mix those together with some traditional divisive rhetoric, spice with a hint of Inevitable Gentrification, and voila, Souffle a la Indigance!!!
Playing the devil's advocate, ;-) Maybe "Blacks" should take their BBQ's and 40 ounce malt liquor bottles and baby mama drama over to the Fairyland sign. Seeing as that spot already represents Oakland's commitment to "diversity" it should be a natural fit! HA!
If there were 100 black women 200 if they are decked out in fedoras, jeans and dyed dreads), barbequeing by the lake, there would be no problem. White folks would politely avoid them but there would be no problem. Take 25 black men, cars shined-up, hair cut neat, Sunday threads crispy, sitting with their buddies or even a lady friend, then people start to get nervous. Start getting sensitive about trash and smoke and car break-ins. Laws get pointed out (BBQ is a crime against GEESE!). That leads to the whole, "who was here first" cycle as if Oakland was just a lost desert of crime and Negritude until the city hustled up the money to break up the black communities, sanction one of the biggest red light districts on the west coast (E. 14th street) and bring in white couples to look innocently shocked by it all.
My Black Brothers, we must organize. Beyond our jobs, beyond our hustles, and most of all, beyond our churches. We must organize our around our communities. If it takes permits, we'll get permits. Stop looking for fearful white folks to accept us as people. It's never ever going to actually happen. Not in this system. Lets find something other than a damn taco truck to identify us and our contribution to this community made vital and diverse by OUR struggle!. Holler at me on Facebook or google+ Kevin Skipper Jr.

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Posted by Kevin Skipper Jr. on 05/20/2015 at 12:52 PM

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