Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Primary Election Results: Progressives Do Well; Corporate Dems, Not So Much

By Robert Gammon
Wed, Jun 4, 2014 at 9:42 AM

Progressive political candidates scored a number of victories in yesterday's primary, outdistancing centrists in several key contests. In the East Bay's 16th Assembly District race, Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti, who was heavily backed by organized labor, defeated corporate Democrat Steve Glazer in the race for the top two spots. Sbranti will face off against Republican Catherine Baker in the November election.

In addition, liberal Democrat Mike Honda trounced centrist Ro Khanna in the 17th Congressional District race, 48.6 Percent to 27.1 percent. The two will square off in November.

And in the race for state Superintendent of schools, liberal Democrat Tom Torlakson easily outdistanced centrist Marshall Tuck, 46.9 percent to 28.6 percent. They also will face each other in November.

Results of the races we've been watching are after the jump:

Brown (D): 54.5%*
Kashkari (R): 19.0*
Donnelley (R): 10.8

Lt. Governor
Newsom (D): 49.9%*
Nehring (R): 23.2%*

Secretary of State
Padilla (D): 30.1%*
Peterson (R): 29.6%*
Schnur (NP): 8.9
Cressman (D): 7.5%

Swearingin (R): 24.4%
Perez (D): 21.7%
Evans (R): 21.6%
Yee (D): 21.5%

Chiang (D): 55.1%*
Conlon (R):38.4%*

Attorney General

Harris (D): 53.1%*
Gold (R): 12.7%***
Wyman (D): 11.5%***

Insurance Commissioner
Jones (D): 53.1%*
Gaines (R): 41.6%*

State Superintendent of Schools
Torlakson (D): 46.9%*
Tuck (D): 28.6%*
Gutierrez: 24.4%

Board of Equalization 2nd District
Ma (D): 68.5%*
Theis (R): 31.5%*

State Senate 10th District
Wieckowski (D): 35.0%*
Kuo (R): 26.2%*
Hayashi (D): 21.0%

15th Assembly District
Echols (D): 31.1%*
Thurmond (D): 23.3%*

16th Assembly District
Baker (R): 36.5%*
Sbranti (D) 29.6%*
Glazer (D): 22.5%

18th Assembly District
Bonta (D): 84.9%*
Erlich (R): 15.1%*

20th Assembly District
Quirk(D): 65.5%*
Patino (R): 23.9%*

Prop 41
Yes: 65.4%**
No: 34.6%

Prop 42
Yes: 61.5%**
No: 38.5%

11th Congressional District
DeSaulnier (D): 59.1%*
Phan (R): 27.8%*

13th Congressional District
Lee (D): 81.5%*
Sundeen (R): 11.0%*

15th Congressional District
Swalwell (D): 49.2%*
Bussell (R): 25.9%***
Corbett (D): 24.9%***

17th Congressional District
Honda (D): 48.6%*
Khanna (D): 27.1%*

Alameda County Superintendent of Schools
Monroe: 34.02%*
Foster: 21.94%***
Bowser: 17.89%***

Hayward City Council***
Peixoto: 22.64%
Lamnin: 21.9%
Fernandez: 18.88%

Measure AA (Alameda County)
Yes: 74.5%**
No: 25.5%

Measure C (Hayward)
Yes: 67.68%**
No; 32.32%

Measure H (Piedmont)

No: 51.41%**
Yes: 48.59%

* = Moves on to November election
** = Winner
*** = Too close to call

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