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Re: “District Attorney Candidate Accused of Exploitation

If you look at the news clips I have at, you'll see I was involved in my own high profile media frenzy case back in 1984 where I was dubbed the "High Tech Madam". Of course the first thing that was done with me was to have a movie and book contract shoved under my nose along with a check and the promise of more money to come once the movie was sold and the book was published. Little did I know I would seriously regret signing those contracts, nor did I understand why in reality I had those contracts given to me as I did. I later learned when I found myself being "muzzled" from speaking the truth about my case. Like this woman, I was not operating an illegal brothel out of that warehouse, nor was my mother "pimping me" either. The warehouse was next to the police station because it wasn't a brothel - but the first safe house for sex trafficking victims that are over the age of 18 in the USA I later learned. The high tech security and surveillance equipment was because we had a safe house because of not only being in the middle of Iran Contra back in the 1980's in LA, but also because it was LAPD that was threatening our lives ala the Rampart lawsuits if you remember where the truth about either of these events didn't come out until the 1990's. Men like Harvey Weinstein for example, men in Hollywood who wanted to keep my mouth shut were who gave me those contracts so they could not only shut me up from talking - but they could also tell THEIR version of my story to the public and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it because I'd signed a contract. When I wanted to go to the press and tell them the truth about my story, I kept being reminded that I had "signed a contract" giving them the right to tell me who, what, where and where I could say what. After two years of being kept out of the media, I began to realize I was being silenced and muzzled. I checked with a friend of mine who was an experienced producer who confirmed that my contract was not only bogus, the the production company I had signed with was also bogus. He helped me to break the contract after that. Since then, I've spent the last 30 years now watching all of our stories being BUTCHERED by these movie contracts - including a few more mistakes of my own. From 1987 until 1995, I signed on to make a film about my stories five times. Each time, they refused to give me final creative control and each time the film they started to make had no basis in reality. You have to realize in the 1980's it was about GLAMORIZING prostitution - not about telling the WHOLE story and certainly not a word about Iran Contra, or about Chuck Barris, the producer of the Dating Game, being a CIA operative who used the show as a front for sex trafficking. So when I saw these movies were bearing no resemblance to reality - I had to pull out of them entirely and take my name off them. Other madams arrested in 1984 along with me like Alex Adams - she had the film "The Beverly Hills Madam" made - which again was not realistic, nor told the whole story. When I asked Alex why she allowed this - she said she "needed the money" and "who cares about reality?" Well I cared because I was trying to convince this country sex trafficking was real so we could pass the Trafficking Act of 2000 giving us federal recognition for this. Why was that important? Example - did you know prostitutes were never given rape kits when raped prior to the Trafficking Act of 2000? Not American ones anyway. Chinese ones were - but not Americans. You see US people were "prostitutes", therefore "criminals" in the eyes of the law. You can't "rape a prostitute", nor will the state/government pay to prosecute your rapist because in their eyes you were committing a crime to begin with. It was only after were gained "victim" status for Americans that a prostitute is given now a rape kit, and can receive rape services through the Office of Victim and the Trafficking in Persons office. Things changed however with Jeane Palfrey's case in 2009. I warned her how I'd seen the media lie for years with our stories, so when ABC wanted to validate her "Black Book", she was careful not to give them originals and to provide backups to sites like the Smoking Gun. Sure enough, ABC completely lied and claimed there was "no names of significance" in her book. Thankfully because of the backups the Smoking Gun went "not so fast" and part of the truthful names was released. We knew her real full true story would NEVER be released by a production company, so she had planned on taking the million Larry Flynt was going to award her for proof of corruption in high places, and we were going to set up a production company to make her story ourselves to get the whole truth out about what her case, and her black book, was really her wanting to say. Then she was murdered in my opinion with the media crying "suicide" before her body was cold, let alone any toxicology report or autopsy done. Her mother admitted she lied and said it was suicide because she was worried the murderers would come back to finish her if she said what she truly felt - so while her mom was alive I kept quiet about her real feelings. Today I'm seeing something else darker happening - women like Celeste are given these contracts which also gives the producers the right to their name, likeness, etc., and in return these women are being basically "catfished" online. I know because I've talked to some of these women online after they've signed these contracts, and I'm not talking to the same person. When I have gone to the real person saying "why did you say that on TV?" I'm told "that wasn't me talking to you that's why" as an answer. What's even more horrifying is that these "impersonators" are also silencing the real stories these women want to tell. And believe me - there's a lot of "catfishing" going on right now in the sex industry including how law enforcement has taken over sites like The Erotic Review, and even SWOP since Robin Few, their founder, died - and these sites and groups are being used to gather information on sex workers who think they're not talking to law enforcement while in reality they are. If you've ever looked up the cases of Chris Butler, Kemp Shiffer, Joohon David Lee, then you'll see that the "traffickers" today are law enforcement just like who was also trafficking Celeste. In Chris/ transcripts its all there how he bought legal massage parlors, shut down his competition - and tell me - how do you run from someone who is a sheriff, or an IRS Agent, or even Homeland Security like Joohon David Lee? If I'm wrong - where's Jeane Palfrey's movie? Every high level famous madam has had a movie made about them - but yet they haven't touched her story. Why? I'll tell you why - because a lot of people want you to forget about her and her black book and what she was trying to tell us by publishing that book. When her autopsy finally did come out - it revealed her lower legs were covered with bruises - consistent with her fighting being hung. When I tried to get into the news to show her texts and emails to me for years daily before her murder - I had cops all over me so bad I had to literally go into hiding for months until things cooled down as did her ex-attorney Montgomery Sibley who they also got disbarred to try and stop her from having a defense. They also like to get in "their" attorneys they offer you who then don't give you the defense you should have - like they did with Ray Sharpe. During his trials, his attorneys were disbarred, and their paralegals were even drug out of the attorney's office in handcuffs so they didn't even have a support staff. Then he had no defense. That's how they work it. Like with TEofil Branks - he was offered a free attorney who then framed him so the real blackmailers were never mentioned even in court and he wound up going to prison. If you are EVER in a situation like this - please call where people who have been in your shoes can talk to you and help you to see the pitfalls and traps coming your way!

Posted by Jody Williams on 10/29/2018 at 5:00 AM

Re: “Cases Against Police Officers Who Sexually Exploited Underage Girl Known as Celeste Guap Fall Apart

I'm seeing more outrage over Al Franken's "gesture" towards a woman's boobs - than is being exhibited over what happened to this woman. THIS IS THE OUTRAGE! The fact we seem to have a double standard about who we are getting "offended" over the way they're being treated! NINE WOMEN WERE RAPED BY JAMES DEEN - AND I DON'T SEE ANYONE TALKING ABOUT "RETRAINING" THE PORN INDUSTRY!!! #METOO

Posted by Jody Williams on 11/16/2017 at 6:24 PM

Re: “Oakland City Council Takes Stand Against Sex Workers

http://traffickingandprostitutionservices.… This is long granted - but u have 2 follow us down the rabbit hole where things r not as they appear 2 be

Posted by Jody Williams on 04/14/2016 at 1:03 PM

Re: “Oakland's Threat to Sex Workers

They are doing this because of the epidemic of underage prostitutes being expoloited by pimps in this town. These are parents and teachers trying to save their kids. I can help - but no one is calling me for help. These days there's more money in having a problem. But if anyone does want help that works - they can reach me at

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Posted by Jody Williams on 11/12/2014 at 8:41 AM

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