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Re: “Berkeley Farmers Market Canceled Due To Safety Fears Over Pro-Trump, Alt-Right Rally

@ Mark- "Atheist ramblings?" Thanks for making it clear that Trump supporters are just as big a bunch of right wing religious zealots as any Taliban outfit. In fact, your philosophies seem to line up perfectly (anti-GLBT, anti-women, authoritarian, militaristic, pro-religious laws & schools.) Lucky you wear different styles of clothes (sometimes) or we could not tell you authoritarian nuts apart.
Antifa violence? A bit of pushing and shoving? A few punches? Worse stuff happens in the parking lot after the average sporting event. What a bunch of cowards & weenies you are! Real free speech people got the absolute crap beaten out of them by cops for daring to protest wars. They lost their jobs and were blacklisted. Real free speech people were arrested by the bus load for the "crime" of having information tables about racist hiring policies & what was really happening during the Vietnam, Iraq and other wars. People were targeted for speaking out against US violence & intervention in Central America.
Your beef? You have been told that you are not welcome to spew your racist, xenophobic, anti-woman, anti-rights nonsense in the middle of OUR city. You are trying to play victim for not being applauded for your support of a narcissistic nut who inherited his wealth, talks smack about immigrants (but has married two), talks "tough" about China while he, his daughter and both his current & one ex-wife have had their stuff manufactured there for years. If Trump were serious, he would have spent the "first 100 days" breaking ground on a new factory. Jeez, even ex-VP Joe Biden's daughter has a line of clothes manufactured in the US. But the Trump Klan? Nope. But, there is a sucker born every minute, as you well prove Mark. And I frankly do not care what your bible says. As I recall from Sunday school, it also says one can sell one's daughter. Nice to know where your moral compass lies.

Posted by JJ Noire on 04/11/2017 at 5:29 PM

Re: “Berkeley Farmers Market Canceled Due To Safety Fears Over Pro-Trump, Alt-Right Rally

Of course their whole thing is to prove 'the left' is violent. And yet, they support the violence of bombing Syria and getting more civilians killed than causing any real damage to Assad or Putin's gear. The forcing of people off health care & out of homes, Trump's support for less than minimum wage, the ultra-pro military stance, the promise of a renewed 'war on drugs,' and on women & immigrants. The attack on indigenous peoples rights, their land, water. The threat of privatizing everything from schools to water & air. These are all acts of violence & need to be called out. Agree with Trump & you *are* colluding with violence, make no mistake about that. And really, one has to be a special kind of idiot if they think a billionaire is going to bring living wage jobs to Americans; billionaires make their money from taking from the workers' share.

With Trump's recent orgasm over a missile launch (missiles in which he owns stock in the manufacturer, it seems) his freak show must be emboldened. They want a good headline of 'Berkeley shutting out free speech.'
But this is like supporting a rally for pedophiles & rapists in a public park, right across the street from Berkeley High School. "Hey, ladies, hey kids, it's just them exercising their free speech about the violence they would dearly enjoy doing to your body. What's wrong with you? You don't support free speech?" Not surprising that Trump has been accused over & over of sexual assault, Milo Y supports pedophilia ("I wouldn't give such good head if it were not for Father Michael") and this seems to be a thread running through the alt-right itself.

It seems that people forget that the free speech movement grew out of people wanting to stand up and speak out against war, against the draft, against racism & racist hiring practices, against the paranoia about communism, socialism, etc. and for it they were arrested, dragged down stairs, smacked over their heads with batons, hit with fire hoses, etc..
Now you have the surreal experience of supporters of war & racism calling 'free speech' and we have the numbed, the cowed, the ambivalent, the confused, the fearful, the pampered-too-long, the comfortable-niche 'liberal' people saying, "Well, it is free speech, just ignore them." While the fascists grow....

Posted by JJ Noire on 04/11/2017 at 10:38 AM

Re: “Berkeley Farmers Market Canceled Due To Safety Fears Over Pro-Trump, Alt-Right Rally

People who know history know to wear masks. When you are not on the side supporting authoritarian ultimate power (fascists) you know the potential consequences and how authoritarians operate. The groups swearing to provide 'protection' for the Trump fascist supporters are not non-violent groups.

Posted by JJ Noire on 04/11/2017 at 9:42 AM

Re: “Why Is There a Housing Crisis?

"New housing will have to be built, as well. But developers are profit-seekers, so don't expect them to be innocent bearers of what people need."
So we continue to make the wealthier even more wealthy by rolling out the red carpet for them to build what we DON'T NEED (more market rate.)
Greedy people are not trustworthy people.

Posted by JJ Noire on 03/23/2016 at 6:13 PM

Re: “Why Is There a Housing Crisis?

Mr Walker writes: "New housing will have to be built, as well. But developers are profit-seekers, so don't expect them to be innocent bearers of what people need." And why not expect them to be bearers of what people need? How long will our dumb politicians continue to facilitate enriching people who produce what we DO NOT need (unless you are Air BnB.) Housing is a right. Housing is not like building an electronic gadget that people have a choice whether or not to buy. It appears that morality, concern for the country & community is something expected only of poorer people. So there lies the reason why cities must secure land & property in land trusts to insure that there will always be affordable housing. Greedy people are not trustworthy people. And, we need to actually expect something FROM the wealthy. The more wealthy people come here, it seems the more problems they create for the majority.

Posted by JJ Noire on 03/23/2016 at 6:12 PM

Re: “Berkeley Shows How It's Done

What land will be left in Berkeley to build affordable housing?
A "shot in the arm" for Downtown? Sure, if by "shot" you mean with a Howitzer. Shutting down the major steady economic draw to the Downtown (Landmark Shattuck Cinemas) & tearing up downtown for 2-4 years at a major intersection in order to build a level of expensive housing the majority of local downtown workers cannot afford (forcing longer & longer commutes to get to that low wage job--not very green) is not going to give Berkeley any kind of positive boost. Particularly when this is just the lynchpin for similar downtown projects to move forward, Berkeley will be unnavigable and downtown businesses will suffer as a result.

Posted by JJ Noire on 12/17/2015 at 10:41 AM

Re: “Facing the Housing Crisis, Berkeley and Emeryville Lawmakers Are Advancing Numerous Solutions; But Not Oakland

Housing affordable to minimum wage workers needs to be built. Greedy developers & AirBnB bandits are not going to do this willingly. Berkeley under Bates has been screwed, rolling out the red carpet for "luxury" development (oatmeal plain overpriced ordinary) amid nepotism, insider deals and keep-it-from-the-public-as-long-as-possible backroom deals.

Posted by JJ Noire on 10/17/2015 at 2:37 PM

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