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Re: “Harvesting the Wind

Here is another story for East Bay Express........"In 2008, the legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens poured money into wind farms as part of his highly touted "Pickens Plan," ...........

In Minnesota where Pickens was defeated, I helped to educate the public and rally them against wind energy. The reason Goodhue County, MN won against Pickens was because they knew that these turbines would definitely slaughter off the local raptor and bat populations. They were unified and had a "take-no-prisoners" attitude about wind farm accountability. They were going to protect their wildlife and they were not going to rely on the industry's rigged studies.

Here is a quote from one of the many emails I sent advising the concerned citizens of Goodhue County............. "For decades the wind industry has enjoyed "voluntary regulations" and because of these voluntary regulations this industry will say anything and they can get away with it. They will use bogus research to lie about the coming impacts and if communities let them in the door, they will then conduct rigged studies and use them to lie about turbine mortality.

Just kill the rigging process and you will kill these wind farms. Any communities that require that wind farm approval be based upon permanent accountability with absolute mortality thresholds will not have to worry about a project being built.

With accountability there will be no rigged population studies, rigged yearly mortality studies, and no rigged cumulative impacts studies.

Most of all demand that turbines be monitored with 24 hour surveillance cameras. This will expose real mortality numbers and stop the culling of carcasses from the industry's rigged studies."

Posted by Jim Wiegand on 07/08/2015 at 2:42 PM

Re: “Harvesting the Wind

Here is more on the business of renewable energy. In fact you folks at East Bay Express should do a story on it................. Burning wood for energy is highly polluting and yet it is labeled as renewable energy. Like the highly destructive wind industry, the Biomass burning energy industry also receives very generous Production Tax Credits.

Power plants burning wood and other forms of biomass emit about 3,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt-hour — an emissions rate that is approximately fifty percent higher than that of a coal-fired power plant. Wood burning power plants also add to climate change because the wood harvested exposes soils directly to sunlight.

In fact just a few days ago fourteen conservation groups urged the White House to eliminate biomass energy — the large-scale burning of wood to create electricity — as a means of compliance under the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan,” which will regulate carbon pollution from power plants.

Posted by Jim Wiegand on 07/08/2015 at 2:18 PM

Re: “Harvesting the Wind

Funny a story like this gets printed when the wind industry as we know it today should not even exist because of the fraud being used to help it prosper.

I suggest Mr Miller and Mr Anschutz watch the video "Cheeseburgers and the wind industry". Then with their vast financial reserves help get the Interior Department to release the exact (verifiable) locations where the 31,000 eagles sent to the Denver Eagle Repository since 1997 were found and shipped from. This has not has never been disclosed even though the USFWS did disclose that wind farms were a primary source of the eagle carcasses sent to the Denver Eagle Repository.

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Posted by Jim Wiegand on 07/08/2015 at 1:55 PM

Re: “East Bay Hills Tree Removal Plan Still Sparking Debate

Here is another question for readers. Does the Sierra Club's input in this matter serve towards satisfying mitigation for their support/participation in any wind energy projects? If so they have a clear bias.

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Posted by Jim Wiegand on 06/25/2015 at 7:14 AM

Re: “East Bay Hills Tree Removal Plan Still Sparking Debate

I have a much better idea. Let's remove every nonnative from the Sierra Club. Far few members would be left leaving our environment much better off.

A case in point is wind energy. Wind energy is an industry that has been producing fraudulent mortality research for 30 years. The Sierra Club (now receiving wind energy related funding) has now been silent about this disastrous wind turbine invasion since 1999.

Here is the last negative wind energy statement (LA Times) I could find relating to the Sierra Club and wind energy........"Ten years ago, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors rejected a proposal to build a wind farm on the same land, siding with a coalition opposing the project that included the Audubon Society, the Sierra Club and Tejon Ranch, the largest contiguous landowner in California with 270,000 acres along Interstate 5 in Los Angeles and Kern counties. The opponents argued that the wind farm would be a visual blight and have a broad impact on the environment, particularly on the condor after it was reintroduced."

The statement above was absolutely true in 1999 but now far truer as more species living in and around wind farms are being annihilated. But you don't hear a word from the Sierra Club about these impacts from these spinning monsters. Now the mass killing propeller style wind turbine is heartily endorsed by the Sierra Club.
The Sierra Club in 2006 even sued the Defense Department in federal court for allegedly halting or crippling construction of wind farms across the United States by failing to complete a study on whether they interfere with military radar.
The public also has to put up with their wind energy nonsense/propaganda about protecting more birds and other species in the future from climate change, while they turn a blind eye to the avian genocide taking place from turbines. I am sure that without any wind energy money they they would be singing a completely different tune.
Mitigation funding and contracts with gag orders attached are helping to keep certain conservation groups and people quiet about turbine impacts.

I have paperwork for an approved repowering wind project at Altamont with mitigation in conjunction with the Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) . It actually states that the more eagles that die from the new turbines, the more that will be donated to the conservation fund. Funny thing is that these eagles and other protected species killed by turbines are not theirs to sell off or profit from and conveniently tearing these worthless turbines down is never an (HCP) option.
Most intelligent people educated in the sciences should be able to understand that turbines can do nothing about climate change because there are so many reasons for the changing micro climates across the globe. This includes the deforestation caused by sprawling wind energy developments from transmission lines and clear-cutting. But even if turbines could impact climate and all the destroyed forest ecosystems of the world were restored, turbines would have to be a primary source of energy for society.

This is not possible because so many so many of these sprawling energy inefficient turbines would have to be built. There is not enough room, enough good wind, nor enough time to build the tens of millions of turbines needed. Then there are the many species lost to extinction that will never come this way again.

This is the message that you should be hearing from a credible conservation group. It is time that the public moved past the green washing mindset from of these conservation groups taking wind money because it is insane, incredibly ignorant or corrupt. Take your pick.

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Posted by Jim Wiegand on 06/24/2015 at 7:21 PM

Re: “Our Local Green Future

The USFWS in reference to Communication towers "The taller the tower, the more likely it will kill birds". But with wind turbines that have far more dangerous 200 mph spinning blade tips, this same fact is being dismissed by Altamont, the wind industry and USFWS.

And for those that think communication towers are more dangerous I will present this fact. Very few raptors (less than 1/10 of a percent have ever been killed in the 75 year history of studying avian mortality around communication towers. Also in my research I have never come across an eagle being reported killed by a communication tower.

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Posted by Jim Wiegand on 06/14/2015 at 1:06 PM

Re: “Our Local Green Future

Airplanes, buildings etc. kill far more birds than wind turbines based upon RIGGED RESEARCH. Keep in mind old age kills billions of birds a year as well and this comparison is just as meaningless as the propaganda put out by the wind industry. Wind turbines also have a mortality foot print of thousands of miles and target specialized species that must live in remote habitats.

Name one eagle or peregrine falcon that has ever been killed by a building or an airplane. This may have occurred a few times but the point is thousands and thousands of these species have been killed by turbines.

Since 1997 approximately 31,000 eagle carcasses have been shipped to the Denver Eagle Repository of which thousands have come from around wind farms. The cause of death and exact locations where these 31,000 eagles were found has never been disclosed by the Interior Department, even though once upon a time the USFWS did disclose that wind farms were a primary sources of eagle carcasses sent to the Denver Eagle Repository.

Our Interior Department along with the FWS have been protecting this industry for decades by endorsing the wind industry's rigged research and providing this industry with voluntary regulations. As a result most of the wind industry's slaughter to protected species is being concealed behind contrived research. The real numbers killed by turbines are in the millions annually.

If that isn't enough, both wind industry and USFWS personnel are conveniently bound by gag orders with severe penalties so dead eagle and endangered species information remains hidden from the public. Because of this any discussions with FWS representatives and people connected to the wind industry are meaningless because they will only reveal "approved" information.

For college students here is a tip, the last honest turbine mortality study. It was conducted 30 years ago in 1985 when it was estimated that 6800 birds were being killed annually by about 200 MW of installed wind turbines. I would provide a link but this study was stripped off the internet years ago. .............."McCrary, M.D., R.L. McKernan, and R.W. Schreiber. 1986. San Gorgonio wind resource area: impacts of commercial wind turbine generators on birds, 1985 data report. Prepared for Southern California Edison Company. 33 pp".

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Posted by Jim Wiegand on 06/14/2015 at 11:26 AM

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