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Re: “Don't Tell Mama -- We're for Obama

Let me get this straight: Barak Obama is coming to the East Bay and people are excited about it? Stop the presses! Film at 11! Since we know this area is so representative of the country as a whole, one would probably be called cynical to suggest that the Obama campaign is having public appearances in little enclaves like ours for the purpose of splashing huge turnout numbers onto papers across America. "Thousands turn out for Obama in Oakland and Manhattan." I should certainly hope so. Meanwhile, to truly "make history," perhaps the oh-so-progressive Bay Area may consider electing a woman to the Presidency, instead of yet another Harvard man. And, yes, Hillary didn't apologize for her vote for the war. But there is no noticeable difference between what Obama and Clinton are proposing for how to deal with it going forward. And beware, Obama-heads: if there's one thing we can all agree on, for better or for worse, he's a new face. So, let's hope there's not a sexual harassment situation somewhere in his past, or (additional) financial shenanigans that could derail this prince. Meanwhile, they've been up Hillary's ass for over a decade, exposing everything they can, and she's still the frontrunner and has the most money. Mind you, I'm going to go to see what all the fuss is about.

Posted by jerome peters on 03/14/2007 at 10:49 AM

Re: “You Write Too Long: This Week's Cover Bite-Sized

Cry me a fucking river! Am I really supposed to give two shits about a bunch of would-be doctors who are driven "crazy" because they may not land a job that, in the words of one caption, gives them time to write? I do not have a mitochondrian-sized bit of sympathy for these folks. They will all--every single one--enter a guild-like profession that will land them in the top 1/4th of 1% of Americans by income. Their professional association will then spend millions to defend their privileged positition and perpetuate scarcity of medical services. Hey, how's this?: take care of sick people!! I'd be in favor of a system that assigned doctors to where they're needed, not where they want to go to land the killer high-status residency. For the money we pay--yes, we all pay for the education of these people through our taxes--and the money they're getting paid, they should be happy with anything they get. You want being driven crazy? How about working two jobs and having two kids, not being able to pay your rent? THAT'S a situation far more common, and relevant, to our community than whether our next generation of millionaire elitists are 100% happy with where they end up. Fucking brats. Entitled to the hilt.

Posted by jerome peters on 03/14/2007 at 10:37 AM

Re: “Give it Up, Would-Be Food Co-Op

It still begs the question, Martin, about the West Oakland People's Grocery. Why won't you help them? I think the tone you hear is an increasingly widely-held view that Berkeley and Berkeleyites talk big about green and local, but in the end really only care about themselves and their own convenience. Berkeley, estimated to be the whitest city in the Bay Area by some demographers, is getting just so precious that it's getting on other people's nerves--even if it's partly out of envy (only Berkeley would be in the incredibly fortunate position to actually debate a Trader Joe's with freakin housing on top of it!). West Oakland is really not all that far away, and there's a BART station there, to boot. I think the suggestions a good one.

Posted by jerome peters on 02/27/2007 at 10:59 AM

Re: “"Shouting And Fighting" as De La Fuente Reelected Council President

Firstly, Brooks is no "progressive." She sank the Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance, co-sponsored the recent tenant-displacing COndo COnversion changes and, although regularly critiquing the concentration of affordable housing in the flatlands, has twice supported efforts to derail afforable housing above the 580. She may support medical weed and be tough on the OPOA, but that's not all it takes to be progressive. I am sure, however, Bob, you will continue this narrative parallel to your Perata conspiracy trope. Second, there were also De La Fuente supporters who spoke; probably as many as half the total speakers (of which there were fewer than 20, barely a "stream" of anything). They were organizational supporters--labor and landlords--and individual neighborhood activists. It wasn't a bad mix, actually. Third, for Larry to pretend like he didn't know Ignacio had the votes is disingenuous (particularly for someone so often in the Ignacio bloc). I'm interested to see how much of this "new Larry Reid" has to do with being dissed for the Presidency and how much of it has to do with the ascendency of black political power that comes with Dellums. Reid may be using the Presidency thing to tack his sail into the wind that's blowing. How convenient.

Posted by jerome peters on 01/09/2007 at 9:21 AM

Re: “Anticipated Standoff at Condo Conversion City Council Meeting Ends with a Whimper

Too bad Chris didn't get to report from the trenches of the City Council Chamber, where the paid lobbyists and industry staffers in favor of the measure licked their chops at the delay. "More time to bill for," they smirk.

Posted by jerome peters on 12/07/2006 at 12:28 PM

Re: “Violent Crime in Oakland Up, Arrests Way Down

Chanin can scoff all he wants, but ask him this: how many inspectors are there in homicide and how many in internal affairs? And if he doesn't think more cops reduce crime, how does he explain the decrease in the number of IA-related complaints? We're throwing plenty of cops at THAT problem. Perhaps we should throw some at criminals, too?

Posted by jerome peters on 11/30/2006 at 2:14 PM

Re: “Post-Election Poll Looks at Why Aimee Allison Lost, Kernighan Won

Aimee has not conceded. Cut from the opening page of her website 15 seconds ago: "The numbers are not final, so although you may read that it's over, it's not over until every vote is counted. Please watch for upcoming meetings of our new coalition to take on the issues that will make Oakland a progressive city. We're here to stay. Love you all!" Oh, but it is over. I think it still remains to be seen whether Aimee will have appeal citywide. I'm convinced somewhat that you can't win citywide when you can't win one district, but Aimee does have a citywide base (the anti-war thing) and as long as Henry Chang's the only one in the race, she may be able to give him a run. Of course, she'll have to switch to Dem to get Barbara Lee 's and Dellum's endorsements (I think that's one reason why she didn;t get them), although Lee has endorsed Henry at least two times in the spirit of multi-racial coalition politics. And the Greens will still go with her, as they did with Democrat Dellums, because they'll have no alternative. The clear opportunism won't make a big enough dent on a citywide voting population to make a difference.

Posted by jerome peters on 11/17/2006 at 1:46 PM

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