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Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

$260,000---Pocket change...for alleged violations that included peeling paint, a hole in the ceiling, some screws that needed tightening, sawdust on a window ledge, some fences that needed mending--all fixed at the time of citation. Of course it's the biggest. Who else has 3 trains over a mile long and a 200 acre conservation center (oh, so you do admit it's real then, since it was mentioned in the inspections). And all of them inspected within an inch of their lives in transit and at set ups. These inspections took place over 5 years and Feld was busy being pecked to death by ducks during a 12 year frivolous law suit. So it was probably a back room deal. USDA got to pound their chests and the media and show the country what a great job they were doing and somebody got a pat on the head from the boss. Everyone probably went out for drinks after making that deal. But you prove a point. With USDA looking over them so well, ensuring nobody gets away with mistreating any animals, there should be no objection what so ever. Don't you feel better now? Nothing to worry about. USDA is on their tail and isn't going to let them get away with anything. Problem solved. So...oh, and then there's this....

ASPCA to pay nearly $10 million in lawsuit settlement

The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) on Friday announced that Feld Entertainment, owner of the Ringling Bros. Circus, has reached a $9.3 million settlement with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in connection with a federal lawsuit filed by Feld under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) Act.

Feld’s litigation will continue against other animal rights defendants, including the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and two of its attorneys, Jonathan Lovvorn and Kimberly Ockene, who could be liable for tens of millions of dollars due to criminal activity.

Feld’s lawsuit alleges that ASPCA, HSUS, Lovvorn, Ockene, and others took part in an illegal scheme to pursue fraudulent litigation against Feld that dragged through the court for years. Federal judge Emmet Sullivan dismissed this previous animal-rights lawsuit in late 2009 after finding that the key witness for the animal-rights plaintiffs was “essentially a paid plaintiff and fact witness who is not credible.”

In his dismissal, Sullivan exposed a system by which animal-rights plaintiffs funneled at least $190,000 to this witness. Feld alleges that the HSUS sent six payments earmarked to pay this witness through a nonprofit front group controlled by plaintiffs’ counsel. Evidence from court documents show some of the money was paid to the nonprofit group with an HSUS check signed by CEO Wayne Pacelle.

The $9.3 million settlement by the ASPCA indicates that HSUS and other defendants could face tens of millions in damages if they are found to have acted illegally, according to CCF. Feld has stated that it spent $20 million dollars defending against the failed animal-rights litigation, and the RICO Act allows for triple damages.

“While HSUS has spent this holiday season raising money with tear-jerking ads featuring pet rescues, the group really ought to be asking for money to pay their for their defense attorneys and shady dealings,” said CCF Executive Director Richard Berman.

According to public polling, 71 percent of Americans mistakenly believe that HSUS is a pet shelter umbrella group, and 68 percent wrongly think that HSUS spends most of its money on grants to pet shelters.

More information about the RICO lawsuit is available online.

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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/07/2013 at 5:50 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

Yes, we know...it's ok...try to stay calm and maybe take some deep breaths. Here's and article about Mr. Kenneth Feld. It might be good to start working on some Terrorism Management Therapy. Perhaps we could start by just establishing that Mr. Feld at least looks like a regular person and is unlikely to be a terrorist. He's not going to bomb anyone's house. See? Just a regular person like one of your neighbors, and those elephants are like his pets. He loves and wants to protect them. He invests $65,000 a year on each of them to ensure their ultimate health and welfare. Their handling is designed to keep them and everyone involved safe, secure, confident, trusting and happy. See how the elephants trust him? If they were mistreated elephants they wouldn't allow him near them, or they'd try to harm him to protect themselves. And it's not just for a picture. I was there last month at CEC. I saw the babies with their mothers and they came up to be petted. One of the young ones put his head right into my hands and let me kiss his face...totally unafraid, and his mother was standing right there, calm and accepting carrots from all the other people who saw it all, too. None of us are terrorists, either. It might be hard for you to accept but maybe if you try real hard. Now as for 3 day trips, well their 3 trains travel to 120 cities in the US each year from January to November, and each follows a route with lots of stops along the way. So it's not that far from one venue to another. If it would help we could look at the schedule for each train and find out how long is the longest ride and how often that happens. Often stops are only hours apart and then when they get there, the animals get a nice walk from the train station to their accommodations, so that's nice exercise for them. Even the tricks they do are good exercise for them. Balancing on things, standing on their hind legs, standing up against each other, holding each others tails; even standing on their heads. They are all things they would do on their own naturally because it's fun and feels good. Elephants can be very playful and they like learning. They can exercise their minds and bodies instead of having to look for food and water and be worried about saving their babies from predators and themselves from poachers. And that's an important thing for you to think about since you're so worried about terrorists and you love the eles so much. Poachers are real terrorists; you should be afraid of them and afraid of what they will do to the elephants. I am afraid for them and afraid of their diseases. Diseases are like terrorists, too. Being afraid of those things would be much better for you; then you could put your fears to good use supporting programs to stop terrorist poachers and terrorist diseases. Can you work on that? You'll feel better.

Inside Feld Entertainment’s Center for Elephant Conservation

"At his Center for Elephant Conservation, Sarasota circus magnate Kenneth Feld gives a rare glimpse into his passion for his mighty pachyderms."


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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/07/2013 at 4:22 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

On the outside chance the is person targeting me as the object of their dark, violent urges towards garden variety citizens of established society and casting me as the protagonist of their animal abuse porn fantasy du jour is somehow retrievable and educable, I'll put the frantic, maniacal hate mongering temper tantrums aside. I am unaffected by them except to acknowledge them as manifestations and confirmations of the severe lack of emotional discipline and failure to have developed coping skills that drive those suffering from one or perhaps co-morbid catastrophizing disorders. AR/AL draws them like a magnet as they desperately seek an outlet to relieve the mental discomfort of their overwhelming anxieties and exhibitionistic need for attention. Most importantly, it grants them full permission to act out with complete abandon, at least in some environments such as online, without fear of consequences. Its perverted cult-like dogma provides a default justification and sense of entitlement to unleash, often with a characteristic show of some deep sadistic pleasure, explosions of spine-quaking vengeance and G-d like mortal wrath on hapless strangers. Victims sought and cited for annihilation as ultimate punishment for their indefensible fetal failure and execrable, fatal crime of being a member of the mainstream.

Those who feel pressure to find opportunities to express their extremely distorted emotions do so in an attempt to find relief by transferring their debilitating anxieties and inner struggles onto others. However, the relief it brings is only temporary as it does nothing to change the dysfunctional mental patterns and chemical imbalances that cause it. They are not to be thought of without pity as the compulsions they reveal are often caused by their own suffering, of which many are not in control.

There appears a strong possibility identification with the AR/AL movement is inextricably related to a symptom called "terrorism catastrophizing", which tends to plague those afflicted with mental health disorders and which is defined and examined in this study. It is easy to make the bridge from acts of terrorism and real or imagined acts of mistreatment of animals. Exposure to even the suggestion of such incidents could likewise cause someone who fixates due to a pre-existing mental disorder to project themselves into the position of animals. By assigning the role of terrorist to every human involved in working with them they then can interpret every one of their interactions and motivations as related to current or future acts of mistreatment they equate to terrorism. Low self esteem and a world view that is incompatible with their culture prevents them from being able to cope with the idea that any acts of mistreatment exist in this world. Therefore they feel an uncontrollable drive to try to eliminate every possibility of it occurring. No amount of proof of any situation whatsoever where it is not occurring can be accepted. This apparently relates to the inability to control fear of one's own mortality. What's most interesting is..this is measurable through the Terrorism Catastrophizing Scale (TCS) discussed in this study.

This brings to mind how much control groups like PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, ADI, ADL, etc, can have on this vulnerable segment of the population by knowing well how to cause them to associate mistreatment of animals with acts of terror. Exploiting those with low self esteem and dysfunctional world views could be very lucrative indeed. This needs exploring and deep consideration by anyone who can recognize the connection. It seems to be blaring.


Terrorism catastrophizing as related to self-esteem and cultural worldview in a sample of outpatient adults with pre-existing mental health disorders

"The DSM-IV-TR (2000) characterizes mental health disorders by the subjective experience of significant distress and impairment in important domains of daily functioning that is ***not the expected or culturally appropriate response to a life stressor. This distress and impairment in daily functioning can be debilitating and life threatening.***

"Catastrophizing is a combination of the constructs of rumination, magnification, and helplessness as originally studied by Sullivan, Bishop, and Pivik (1995) and their work with those experiencing chronic stress and pain. Sinclair and LoCicero (2007) characterized catastrophizing as thinking the worst will occur ***despite indications to the contrary."***

"Terrorism catastrophizing is defined as a fear of future terrorism (Sinclair & LoCicero, 2007). It is a concept only recently developed and studied in response to the suggestion that people continue to fear future terrorism in spite of an across the board reduction in the rates of psychopathology to normal levels since 9-11 (Galea et al., 2003; Sinclair & LoCicero, 2006).

"Considering the pervasive and global nature of terrorism it is important to study how terrorism catastrophizing may affect different groups of people such as those possibly more vulnerable to catastrophizing than those in the general population. Sinclair and LoCicero (2007) found evidence that many Americans in the general population are affected to some degree by terrorism catastrophizing.*** The Sinclair and LoCicero study suggested that people affected by terrorism who then employ catastrophic thinking associated with fears of future terrorism are at increased risk of experiencing overall mental distress."***

****Important to this study, and a recommendation for future research by Sinclair and LoCicero, is the examination of individuals who may be more vulnerable to terrorism catastrophizing including those with pre-existing diagnosed mental health disorders. Ellick and Paradis (2004) and Freedy and Simpson (2007) found that those with pre-existing mental health disorders were at increased risk for future mental health difficulties and identified these individuals as part of a vulnerable population to future disasters including acts of terrorism. Heldring (2008) discussed psychiatric symptoms triggered by terrorism and reported that those with pre-existing psychiatric disorders were at increased risk for symptoms exacerbation associated with future terrorist attacks.****

"TMT posits that when people are reminded of their inevitable death they have their self- esteem and cultural worldview as defenses against the potential terror and anxiety induced by such reminders (Bassett, 2005)."

"Sinclair and LoCicero eventually developed, validated, psychometrically tested, and normed the Terrorism Catastrophizing Scale (TCS) to measure terrorism catastrophizing. In their research, Sinclair and LoCicero (2007) used terror management theory (TMT) and cognitive behavioral theory to understand the psychopathology related to terrorism catastrophizing."

"TMT posits that conscious thoughts of impending death, called mortality salience, becomes ever-present as terrorist events continue throughout the world thus increasing fears of death and as such mortality salience (Pyszczynski, Greenberg, & Solomon, 1999). According to Rosenblatt, Greenberg, Solomon, Pyszczynski, and Lyon (1989), two psychological variables have been documented to reduce mortality salience consisting of self-esteem and cultural worldview. Self-esteem and cultural worldview are important components of TMT..."



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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/07/2013 at 1:30 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

Tepa, that would be 30 Million people a year go to see one of Ringling's performances; that doesn't count all of the other circuses that travel and have elephants as well; Cole Bros, Carson & Barnes, Kelly Miller, Shriners...this is family entertainment America loves and it's quite securely entrenched; that's not going to change. But what has been and is being done to harass, torment and very often threaten the lives of circus people, lives of their families, the animals, and routinely even the lives of people who simply support them is a symbol of the horrible problem we have with adult bullying in this country and they're spreading this to the children. These Animal Rights cults openly provoke and encourage his; it's actually an element essential to their survival so they literally mentor it...all of them. The example these people set with their maniacal, unbridled, wildly irrational hatred is astonishing to decent people, and at times not just a little horrifying. Just what is seen here in the comments is an example; people with views like that shouldn't be loose and walking around, there is no telling what they are capable of doing. They openly profess their hatred for at least 99% of the entire population, if 1% even share their belief in abolitionist veganism and total Animal Liberation, which is very doubtful. But what happens when this pressure continues to build in their heads and what happens when they blow...this is something to be very concerned about. People who act out with such venom and vulgarity in public without a shred of self-respect, self-discipline or sense of common decency should be considered a threat to public safely. This behavior needs to be brought to people's attention so they can easily recognize it for what it is and it needs to be summarily rejected. No good comes of it, it's showing itself like a malignancy and beginning to degrade society.

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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/06/2013 at 8:08 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

"All video rights are PETA's. This video is for educational purposes only."

omg, thank you thank you thank you. A joke that delivers its own punchline. :D

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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/06/2013 at 6:09 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

Now there's an interesting suggestion. Go to the zoo. I went to the zoo and son of a gun if PETA wasn't out on the sidewalk waving their vulgar signs in little children's faces and protesting them, too!

I guess if we don't live in a city where the zoo sucks up to PETA by joining them to try to destroy circuses with animals we're all out of luck because PETA will keep trying to close all of them down, too. PETA does not want any animals in human care. You could let them sleep in the bed and eat at the table and it wouldn't make one scintilla of difference. They are violently against the owning of any animals for any reason, or intervening in their lives in anyway. Oh, that would be except when they get hold of homeless pets and mercifully destroy them to save them from suffering the indignity and tortures of any future ownership.

Now let's review. PETA spends their time, energy and money trying to take wanted animals away from their caring owners. And when they do get their hands on homeless and unwanted animals, they kill them. Now anyone who considers someone with the demented belief animals are better dead than fed as an authority on welfare has got a very confused sense of reality and a highly warped set of moral values.

Give it up, you're wiggling and lying, and grasping at the same tired, deranged straws. Ringling is a fabulous, generous, valuable and treasured tradition to this country, and Mexico, too, btw, and their elephants are among the luckiest, best and most compassionately, lovely kept, treated and cared for in the world,

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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/06/2013 at 5:15 PM

Re: “Ringling Bros. Threatens To Pull Circus Out Of Oakland If the City Bans Bullhooks

This is the caliber and mental state of the people who are trying to dictate to your community leaders what you and your neighbors can have for family entertainment. If you allow them, your city's well-being, truth, fairness and freedom, and the concept of them for future generations are in very dire and serious jeopardy. This is nothing close to reality. It is severe fanaticism, which rooted in insanity. That should be apparent to any normal observer; these people are disturbed and toxic.

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Posted by Jacqueline Kensler on 12/06/2013 at 4:48 PM

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