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Re: “California Medical Marijuana Regulations — What’s in SB 643?

I hope I'm not alone when I say cannabis supporters must demand that prior convictions around cannabis cultivation should not be reason to deny a cultivation license. That's like saying if you threw tea into Boston Harbor, thus breaking a bad law at the time, once America gained her freedom from England your would be excluded from citizenship here.

I've used cannabis medically for decades, long before it became popularly accepted as a medicine. I have decades of experience growing and breeding this amazing medical plant, and I've won several "Cups" awards along the way. I have taught many people over these years the benefits of its judicious use, and how to grow their own medicine. Every since medical cannabis became legal in California I have strived to be a squeaky-legal cultivator; however, I also have a out-of-state felony conviction for growing cannabis. If SB 643 is enacted as now written I, and many others like me who have worked hard championing cannabis all these years will be excluded from, denied, the fruits of our labors. In effect the public good will be denied hundreds of years, cumulatively, all the experience, and knowledge we have gained; you will be turning over an entire industry to those who only are getting into it for the money they hope to make, leaving out in the cold all of us who have put our hearts and soul, and our focussed intelligence into birthing this paradigm-shift in legal, cultural and moral attitudes.

History is proving it was wrong to make cannabis illegal in the first place. All those who have suffered the wrath of the system during this dark age should be thanked for what we've been doing, and have our cannabis-related criminal record amended, but most importantly not be denied participation!

Posted by Grady Padgett on 09/13/2015 at 8:41 AM

Re: “Updated: War on California Medical Marijuana Will Continue, Justice Department Says

Melinda Haag is the face of evil.

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Posted by Grady Padgett on 04/06/2015 at 10:34 AM

Re: “California's Legalization Quagmire

With optimism and a RSVP invitation I attended this meeting, suffering from "walking pneumonia," still I drove up from Santa Cruz to hear and be heard.

I really felt inspired, activated even, during the first part of Mr. Zimmerman's keynote speech; however, as he went on to champion DPA as the tool and "...there will be winners and losers," I started to feel betrayed. Then when he so slickly spoke about 1/3 California voters are ready to approve legalization, 1/3 always will oppose such, and 1/3 are still riding the fence, a bell started ringing in my head...maybe it was just the pneumonia, but my common sense light was starting to strobe: didn't he earlier say over 50% of Californians polled want to see marijuana/cannabis legalized? Don't all the major polls show similar majority support among Californians! So, if over 50% want to see this marvelous plant made a respectable member of California's medical and recreational culture then why all that 1/3 -1/3 - 1/3 hyperbole?

Then there was Mr. Zimmerman's "...elections are not won by committee." comment. Since when? Yes, having a well known, or intelligent front man works wonders; however, for example, President Obama never utters a word publicly that hasn't been vetted by a team of advisors, a committee. I feel Mr. Zimmerman is the front man for Drug Policy Alliance (DPA). Smoothly he wants the rest of us to more or less sit-back and let the potentates at DPA craft what rules they think best for the rest of us. Seeing all the turmoil in other states where DPS has held sway over the main ballot measure's language, I'm more strongly than ever for final wording input from other cannabis legalization groups, instead of the unilateral approach Mr. Zimmerman so subtlety proposes.

Then there was Mr. Zimmerman's "...going to cost four times more than they do.." comment. As Mr. Zimmerman pointed out we already know what the arguments against legalization are, will be. Fine, craft now, ahead of time, instant response "zingers" that we, too, already know are effective counters to the disinformation our opponents will attempt to infect Californians with. This is the "5 P" rule: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

When presented the opportunity I raised my own personal issue during one of the Q & A periods: the 2016 ballot measure must contain language that places California state law supreme over local county and municipality ordinances. The Brown Act states such, but so far a long list, and growing longer every month of California county board of supervisors, and cities and towns are opting to pass local ordinances that effectively strangle-to-death the ability for cannabis patients and the businesses that supply these patients adequate amounts of medicine. This not only flys in the face of the Brown Act, but effectively says local rule trumps state laws. And, as I see it a number of counties and municipalities are using such obstructive and repressive ordinances as a frame work for even greater restrictions on recreational cannabis, up to and including completely banning such from their county. This isn't being made any easier with California's high court's recent ruling giving the green light to local rule over state law.

Perhaps a better way to demonstrate the absurdity of this is to offer an absurdity: There is a state law making murder illegal; however, it can be argued that "...some people need kill'n," so this or that county could make an ordinance that says " _____ county it is legal to kill some people." This ordinance could claim in its defense the precedent established by California's Supreme Court giving counties, etc., the right to side-step, effectively pay no attention to state law, and ignore the will of the people of California so that a small but vocal and organized percentage of that county's citizens could just go out and kill who ever they think need killing. Absurd isn't it; well, that's how California's high court sees local marijuana ordinances: legally able to trump legislated state law and the will of the majority of California voters.

So as not to be seen as just another voice against this or that, I offer that language in the 2016 ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana in California contain something like: "The rights and privileges now afforded the people of California within this law legalizing recreational use of cannabis can only be challenged at the state level Any and all California counties and or cities or towns who wish to decrease or void such protections must appeal their wishes to the California legislature for an up or down vote on such measures.
Yes, I know the wording in not perfect, still, I'm showing my intent here not to be just another pot-hole in the highway toward full legalization, but willing, if asked to work with those who beyond the hyperbole are willing to work toward crafting a ballot measure that will get that +50% of the California voters who already are in favor of legalization to get off their arse and vote for it.

Otherwise all the grand words in what ever is presented to the voters in 2016 is just so much "Hogwash.", using Dale Sky Jones comment.

No, I do not propose I have all the answers; however, I do not think we should rely on DPA to have all of them either. What's worked in the past for DPA is all well and good, but that's a classic Platonian logic fallacy to think that because it worked in the past it will work now. It might not even be DPA who leads ind developing what will be presented to Californians in 2016, but rather just one of several level-headed members of the team, the committee that congeals the will of the people into a cohesive whole that does protect all of us, that does not leave out any of us.

1 like, 0 dislikes
Posted by Grady Padgett on 01/20/2015 at 1:28 AM

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