Thursday, June 3, 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger Kills Bong Freedom Bill

By David Downs
Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 11:00 AM

California is a very confusing place. Medical cannabis is somewhat legal, but that three-foot skull bong sticking out of your convertible can earn you a trip to the slammer. Existing law makes it a crime to possess, deliver, furnish, or transfer drug paraphernalia, whether it be pipes, bongs, chillums, roach clips, papers — or everything else you can buy on Haight Street, Telegraph Avenue, and elsewhere. Local Assemblyman Tom Ammiano wanted to end the charade and make pipes legal with Assembly Bill 1811, but California reform group NORML reports this week that the Governor's Office has effectively killed the bill.

This week Schwarzenegger's office announced its opposition to drug paraphernalia reform bill AB 1811, meaning that even if it passes, the governor would veto it. California NORML spokesperson Dale Gieringer said Schwarzenegger's opposition effectively kills it this session.

A little backstory: A) Arnold used to love smoking weed with Tommy Chong. So it's obviously not a moral thing. B) Ammiano publicly told the governor to “kiss my gay ass” when the Republican leader crashed a Democratic event last year. Since then, Ammiano's effectiveness as a legislator has encountered significant executive roadblocks, like this incident where the governor stymied Ammiano's legislation and appeared to include an acrostic that read “I FUCK YOU.”

Sounds like both sides need to chill out like Mr. Freeze and hit the reset button on their relationship. Until then, keep those bongs “tobacco water pipes” out of plain sight, folks.

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