Thursday, December 8, 2011

'Go the Fuck to Sleep' Author Re-Releases "It's Just a Plant"

By David Downs
Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 10:16 AM

True story: An elementary school teacher we know instructed her students to research and write about their names. One kid ran into a problem researching her name on school computers, though, because her name is "Sativa". The teacher had no idea what it meant, no idea how to deal with the girl, and really knew very little about cannabis — making both of them a good candidate for "It's Just a Plant."

Hot off his massive 2011 hit "Go the Fuck to Sleep", children's book author/illustrator Ricardo Cortes releases a hardcover edition of his 2005 children's pot book "It's Just a Plant".

No, it doesn't encourage kids to smoke pot, you animal. It's an informative story about the plant in children's book format with awesome art — perfect for curious adults, as well as parents braving that discussion for the first time.

In the story, a kid name Jackie catches her parents smoking the reefer. So, Jackie's parents take her to meet a farmer, a doctor, a cop, and others to gain some perspective on one of mankind's oldest and most widely used medicines.

Weed is not for kids in kids book Its Just a Plant

"Marijuana,” said Dr. Eden, “is used for many reasons. Like many plants, it can be medicinal. It can heal pain, it helps some people relax, and it calms the stomach to help sick people eat better.”

“Will it help me if I use it?” asked Jackie.

“Marijuana is for people who can use it responsibly. It gives some people joy, but like everything, it can be used too much. I don’t recommend it for everyone. It is a strong medicine — not good for you right now.”

When Jackie runs into a cop:

How old were you when someone introduced you to the Drug War?
“Mister, why are you arresting these people?”

“Young lady,” answered the policeman, “These men were smoking what I call grass, and that is against the law.”

“Grass isn’t against the law!” said Jackie.

“Hmm,” he said. “Let me tell you...”

"It's Just a Plant" covers the history of prohibition and drug law reform as well. The author notes that arrests for pot have skyrocketed without a drop in the drug's availability or use. “The current model of prohibition is not working”, he writes.

So dont call the cops on your parents.
  • Magic Propaganda Mill Press
  • So don't call the cops on your parents.
Musician David Crosby even provides a blurb, noting: "I do really wish that I had known about this book, and had given a copy to my son, long before I got busted. CNN is not the best way for your kid to find out... it was very hard on him and on my wife who had to explain it. Fortunately I have a genuine medical use for it and the paperwork to match gave her a place to start but the book would have been better by far."

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