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Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

Mr. White- The DA who pressed charges against the Duke lacrosse team has been disbarred, defrocked and humiliated. He will never practice law again. DAs do not press charges without cause; they risk their careers by making false charges, particularly in high profile cases. To address another lame point of yours-- if Sorg is found guilty in a criminal court of law, they victim is entitled to sue her in a civil court, since Sorg would be guilty of ruining the past 15 years of her life. However, it doesn't seem like money is what the victim is after. Maybe you need to give up whatever delusional attachment you have to Kay Sorg and consider the possibility that she made a severe mistake and that the legal system is finally dealing with it. From your website, it seems your are obsessed with some legal wrong against you. Good luck with that. Just know that it has NOTHING to do with this case.

Posted by anonymous on 07/03/2007 at 2:05 PM

Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

Obviously I can't prove this to you, but I am a friend of the victim. I want you to know that she is reading these blogs(against her friends' advice), and is deeply hurt by the venom being directed at her. Although it isn't expected of her, she is also deeply saddened by the humiliation Kay Sorg and her husband have suffered and could have avoided. Albany is not a "seething cauldron of lust"; it is simply the location of very poor decision made by a prominent figure in the community. The victim loved Kay Sorg, and her husband. The victim was inspired academically by Kay Sorg and has always recognized her extensive talent as a teacher. However, the victim was a minor, in a four-year, completely inappropriate relationship with Kay Sorg, the ramifications of which she is still trying to understand. We will never know exactly how the victim processed this relationship over the past 15 years. As a long time friend, I have seen the damage of that relationship eat away at a brilliant young woman trying to move on with her life. I have heard and felt her conflict; between demanding responsibility from a woman who refused to take it, and trying to just let it all go. Know that she thought deeply about the effect this would have on the community she grew up in, the confusion and emotion it would create. The damage of this relationship became unavoidable, and detrimental to aspects of her present life. The victim acted out of self-preservation, as well as the feeling that she did not want to be solely responsible (as the only person aware of Ms. Sorg's lack of judgment) for the safety of other children. Know that the victim did not seek police involvement or publicity, and has no plan to seek monetary damages. Know that she notified the school district in the fall of 2006, and at that time asked for Kay Sorg's quiet resignation. Know that she made it clear that the reason to be given for Sorg's resignation was up to their (the school district's) discretion, and that the true reason could remain private. The police were notified by the school district after Ms. Sorg denied the accusations and refused to resign. Finally, know this: the victim is a sane, highly productive member of society without a criminal or psychological record. She is not litigious, or hungry for fame. She is a (almost to a fault) deeply insightful, wonderful friend who's main concern now is remaining anonymous. She loves Albany; it will always be her home. She grieves for the confusion felt by the children and parents of Albany. Celebrate how Kay Sorg inspired her students academically, but know that the victim did nothing wrong, and possesses strength most of us do not. For the sake of us all, let us hope this does not go to trial, that Ms. Sorg is wise enough to plead out, so that she (and the rest of us) may begin the long process of healing.

Posted by anonymous on 05/21/2007 at 5:13 PM

Re: “Answering Some Reader Questions about the Kay Sorg Arrest

Ms. Simpson- How dare you. The accuser has more guts than all of us combined for being brave enough to come forward, if the allegations are true. To fly in the face of popularity, to destabilize a small, strong community she grew up in, to have to deal with the public's disbelief and anger... I thought Ms. Sorg was a great teacher, as well. But to discourage the reporting of crimes committed by popular figures in the community, and to demand the identity of the accuser is barbaric, simple-minded, and exactly the reason why women (and men) are so hesitant to come forward when thay have been deeply traumatized.

Posted by anonymous on 05/17/2007 at 9:57 AM

Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

are there teachers waving banners around? (sorry, i am not in the area).

Posted by anonymous on 05/15/2007 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

how many 14 year olds do you know who are in relationships with married women in their late 30s? this is not a 16 year old dating a 23 year old, which is questionable in and of itself. we're talking more than twice her age... at FOURTEEN!!!! nobody's gunning for prison time, either. just get that sick fuck out of the classroom with our children.

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Posted by anonymous on 05/15/2007 at 9:48 AM

Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

she may have been a great teacher, but that has NOTHING to do with her choices outside of the classroom.

Posted by anonymous on 05/14/2007 at 7:09 PM

Re: “Albany: A Seething Caldron of Lust?

Five felony charges is still certainly a lot. In fact, one felony is a lot. Hardly a grasp at straws. Sorg was transferred to Santa Rita early on and has still not managed to post bail, which seems bizarre. 150K is a lot, but not so much for a homeowner, especially since it will be returned once she appears in court. Perhaps her husband needs some time alone at home to think about the ramifications of a relationship he may have been suspicious of. Juries are not generally "coerced" into finding leaders of their communities guilty. A female/female abusive relationship is probably less common than male/female, particularly with a married woman. This makes the accusations seem less likely fabricated-- a woman accusing a single, male teacher could expect more compassion from the public.

Posted by anonymous on 05/13/2007 at 1:46 PM

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