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Re: “Daily Roundup: Pot Contests, 2011 Law Changes, Kooky 2012 Iniatives

So Far it is far easier and all too common for people to find fault make a Statement and then look good only to fade away and get nothing much done. It's an American trait that limits actual Democratic Discussion.

Governor Schwarzenegger has suggested we TALK ABOUT THIS!

I am a ordinary Citizen hosting a "Town Meeting" on the State Level.
Come to and be a part of the discussion!
We have news links and plenty of room for as many forums and topics as we need!

California it is time we get to know all the facts and come up with a plan. After all Cannabis is already a well established industry. That will not change now that prop 19 has failed.

Personally I didn't like prop 19 and I figure the answer lies between Jack Harer and Prop 19. Also there is California Cannabis Initiative. It just may well be closer to the right formula I gathered signatures for CCI when no one dared show support in this Red County.

So please spread the URL this is a private Citizen's site and not a corporation so it doesn't get more basic than this. come read, post, and be a part of a Town Meeting with emphasis on Legalizing in 2012 and beyond.

Thank you Ernst Berg Turlock California

Posted by Ernst on 11/08/2010 at 2:38 PM

Re: “Daily Roundup: Did Pot Kill Cooley's A.G. Campaign?

The Central Valley is stuck in a Cannabis is illegal no matter what prop 215 said mode.

I will be opening forum today in hopes of Gathering the pro-cannabis people from all over the State of California in hopes of initiating dialogue for a 2012 Legalization initiative.

One thing that prop 19 did not di was get the people in the loop of crafting their own initiative.
If we are to succeed in 2012 we need the communities involved and not just Canna-business millionaires.

Posted by Ernst on 11/05/2010 at 8:37 AM

Re: “Mega-Church Scares Believers with Prop 19 Lies

I have been watching this site in hope that more conversation will evolve. I don't commend the Molestation post.

We are at a cultural cross roads. Cannabis is not a new thing since it has been a part of Mankind's culture for over 12,000 years that we are aware of. That is longer than some Biblical scholars suggest the Earth is old.

So what is the real story here? Change!

Control of some and the perception that that control will be shifted away from those that have it.
Oh it was a strong comfort that if people want to break the law that Prison awaits! George Bush I went on T.V. and spoke-ith We shall build prisons for you the Drug Offender!

Well phew.. Good thing they found a bigger investment opportunity ( IRAQ ) and have reduced the funding to some degree of Homeland-Prisons for pot smokers.

So where is the Compassion of Jesus over Cannabis? Where are the Teachings of Jesus that suggest that Purity and Obedience to the State is the Path to the Kingdom of God?

Prop 19 isn't what many Cannabis people want. It lacks the fundamental empowerment for the poor that would make it a Democratic Right to grow cannabis.
In fact I am surprised the Conservatives are not embracing Prop 19 since at it''s Heart it places control of the Poor in the hands of Land Owners! That has to say something for the Mind of Richard Lee!

So Good Church people, Where are your comments?

I would love to read public opinions and not just official Church Political Releases.

Where are the People to which this Political Blog supports?

Posted by Ernst on 09/28/2010 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Mega-Church Scares Believers with Prop 19 Lies

Sounds like the "Good Sheppard" of the Church just wants the flock moving towards the Pen and away from the Legal Grass so frightening the herd is the easiest way to get them moving. There doesn't need to be actual danger just some leadership to get them moving and we are seeing it with all the Stoned "School Children Bus Drivers" these religious leaders are worried about. I didn't know they let kids drive the bus. See Religion is good for something.

I know the Clergy has the good will in mind and those being lead well at least they will feel safe once their are all locked up in the protective Church corral.

I for one am Tired of people being sent to the "Pen" over Cannabis.

If Jesus is just another incarnation of the Sun God Mythology then the Church of Jesus is just deception and that is a drug of mind called Faith.

They have a lot to lose if the Drug of choice isn't religion in their flock I'm guessing.

On the effects of Alcohol and on the effects of Cannabis.

In the time of the Bible wine making and indeed stronger "strong" drink was warned against directly.

Ephesians 5:18
"and be not drunk with wine, in which is dissoluteness, but be filled in the Spirit,"

I remind everyone that Cannabis was in common use at the time of this passage being written.
God himself warns against a substance we allow to be sold in stores ( alcohol ) and yet the substance God doesn't warn against ( Cannabis) is a crime.

Remember we did not get thrown out of the Garden of Eden for smoking weed.

Truthfully Cannabis is such a big deal only because of prohibition and Capitalism.
All we are worried about is the "Flood" of change. Once the waters wane I believe we will see a lot less problems than we had before over Cannabis in California.
Now how the rest of the Uptight world reacts now, that will be interesting since Freedom is something people like unless they are Sheeple. Jah Bless!@

Posted by Ernst on 09/25/2010 at 3:38 PM

Re: “Rand Corp. Legal Pot Study Predicts 80 Percent Drop In Price, Cutting Out Cartels

I am a medical person in California.
I have had to grow my own plants due to oppression in Stanislaus county of any public medical cannabis shops.

If Prop. 19 passes we will still have counties where there won't be any cannabis businesses.
Therefore the prices of cannabis will not be a s low as 70 and ounce. You can say that while we have an illegal market system of growers, middlemen and retailers but we do have a market system.
Therefore many counties have cannabis markets that they will protect by not allowing public sales.

Also I believe we have the Federal rules that no one can have more than 99 plants? I think it's a major felony above 99. We had a famous medical grower up north that lost his farm, freedom and left his wife homeless after growing for medical people where the total exceeded 99 plants.

Remember too that prop. 19 limits people to a 25 square foot plot. It is an attempt to limit production or is that commercial competition?

However we are talking production in California rather than production from Mexico.
Requiring certification of the cannabis produce as safe to consume before sales would also help protect our new legal domestic markets.

Posted by Ernst on 07/08/2010 at 8:57 AM

Re: “Clouds at the Ballot Box

Do we want to still send people to prison for Cannabis in 2010 just to keep the money rolling for both Law Enforcement and the Cannabis Industry?

Okasterdam's (Lee) and AB390 still keep the money flowing on both sides; The Cannabis industry as it is today will grow and Law Enforcement. will still be able to collect all the federal monies they enjoy today.
The loser AGAIN is the people. For both AB390 and Oaksterdam's Still think keeping Cannabis illegal in some form is the right thing to do.
Prohibition doesn't work. Mark my words "we will still rise up and over ride a bad law with disobedience".. The thing is billions $$$$ will be made in the mean time while the people will still pay the price with their freedom.

Shame on you Oaksterdam and AB390

We don't have a million bucks We need you to understand before you sign.. Volunteer today please!

Posted by Ernst Berg on 09/17/2009 at 1:46 AM

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