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Re: “The Aquarium Age

SUBJECT: PRESS RELEASE: AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS NOT FREE - Australia closes last loophole to freedom

(NOTE: Ths is the plain text version!)

Readers of East Bay Express Astrology prediction for the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius please read the letter at the press release site:


and "The Paradigm Shift of the Millennium" at http://SwordofXena.blogspot.com

I read this prediction just now after observing Mars (6th December) having just reached its closest point to the Earth and seeing the Moon and Venus conjunct. Then I downloaded an ephemeris to see where they were conjunct and so then I saw that Jupiter and Pluto are also conjunct; and so I then did a search and discovered this prediction. And this prediction confirms what is happening for me as I am currently sending this Press Release, painstakingly, all over the world at the moment. It is a time of death of the old, of transformation, and on a cosmic scale for all humanity, while, purely physically, Mars is at a peak of intensity in terms of its proximity to our planet, and the male-female energy struggle is in pivotal balance at this moment, in this respect, while we are all experiencing these two conjunctions, Moon conjunct Venus in Libra, and Pluto conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius.

So, it means transmission by lightning of ancient wisdom rediscovered, the female principle returning to favour in a new Age, with the Sword of Xena and her moon, Gabrielle, two new gods for a new age. (Note the synchronistic resemblance to "X"-christ and Gabriel! (And the sword is the symbol of Air, and so, the signs of both Aquarius and Libra.)

But it is the end of patriarchy, both its victory and fall, not its restitution, and the Almighty Yang contains the seed of its opposite at the very point where the male principle is strongest. The moon and Venus conjunct in the sign that the planet of love and beauty rules, Libra as Mars, which is in Cancer peaks and recedes. And I bet also that being in Cancer is not auspicious for the male principle!? Is that the case?

Elizabeth Jane,
6th December 2007



- Australia closes last loophole to freedom'



Australia has long been the only country in the world that has compulsory voting. But the Australian government has recently clamped down on opponents of its 'two-party system' of government by making registration on the Federal electoral roll compulsory. (Note: This is still not compulsory for South Australian state electoral rolls.)
This follows the passing of legislation to outlaw 'informal voting' (or the invalidating by voters of their ballot papers) as a means of dissent.

People who are vision-impaired must use a voting machine, and it is likely that the use of voting machines will be extended in future elections, and technology can then be used to defacto outlaw informal voting by making it impossible for any voter to vote informally. This would be the final brick in the wall.

The 'two party system' of government is not a part of the Australian Constitution.

The two parties are 'The Coalition', the Liberal-National Party Coalition (LNP) on the right and the centre-right Labor Party (ALP).

The 'two parties' vote as blocks in Parliament. It is rare for members of parliament to be allowed to vote independently by their parties and when this is allowed it is called a 'conscience vote', which is used to allow mainly church-going Christians to pass right-wing 'moral' legislation. (e.g. overturning pro-Euthanasia laws passed in the Northern Territory). If this were intended to mean that 'normal' voting is without a conscience, that would be true, since members of Parlianment are not given the freedom to act as free human beings, but only as slaves of the party, which is the loyalty and interest that they have in reality. If this were so in a country with a one-party system, then the existence of a legislative assembly and elections would be a farce, and it would be called an obvious parliamentary dictatorship, but under Australia's two-party system it is called 'freedom and democracy'. Many people do not agree that this is the case, yet they are not allowed to act on their convictions.

Despite an intensive media campaign lasting many months to convince people to register to vote; and laws to prosecute both those people who do not registerto vote and those who are registered but who choose not to vote, millions of people who could have voted did not vote. And many of those people who did vote voted informally.

Despite the Australian Electoral Commission's intense campaign and legal threats, in a country of over 20 million people only 5,090,966 people* voted for the party that now forms the government. And this is in a country with a national media that supports this system. (How much 'worse' would it be if this were not the case?)

Abolishing the 'two party system' (as it is universally known and called in Australia) would require the two parties that are the beneficiaries of this 'system' to agree to abolish the system. This is highly unlikely to happen if there is no ability on the part of opponents of this self-serving arrangement to bring pressure to bear upon the government, and there is no way to do this. A joint parliamentary committee of the two parties concerned would never recommend committing suicide.

What will now happen to the millions of people who broke the law on the same day by refusing to vote?

* LINK TO THE Australian Electoral Commission Website for latest figures!


SEE STORY: [hyperlinks to Press Release]

HTML Version: AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS NOT FREE - Australia closes last loophole to freedom


PDF Version: AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS NOT FREE - Australia closes last loophole to freedom




AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS NOT FREE - Australia closes last loophole to freedom.

AUSTRALIAN ELECTIONS NOT FREE - Australia closes last loophole to freedom.


(Also free to publish ... http://SwordofXena.blogspot.com )

Posted by Elizabeth Jane on 12/05/2007 at 1:23 PM

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