Eclipses Exacerbate Survival Issues 

For the week of July 15-21, 2009.

Expect more questions than answers this week. We're still in a liminal realm, caught between a Lunar and Solar Eclipse, and this "land of in between" continues to produce a strange psychic stress that exacerbates survival issues. Of course, there is nothing new about survival issues. Here, on Planet Earth, most of us wrestle every day with how to survive. But this week, and for the next several weeks, those concerns take on a heightened intensity as they expand to include existential as well as financial concerns. So don't be surprised if you're wrestling with choices about how to live in a world whose old structures seem to be dissolving before new ones can replace them. The good news is that this liminal space, while transitional, is also highly creative; the struggle to make sense of and adjust to our current situation provides plenty of opportunities to break free from what enslaves, whether those chains are physical, psychological, or spiritual. The best way to use this time is to notice your reactions. Are they habitual? Motivated by anxiety? How do you handle the fear? While it may be uncomfortable probing your personal pattern, if you underscore your investigation with an intention to grow, your capacity to transform unconscious reactions into aware responses will increase.

Both the Lunar Eclipse on July 7 and the Solar Eclipse on July 21 occur in the Cardinal Signs of Cancer and Capricorn, two Signs most concerned with the practical and pragmatic aspects of survival. The Lunar Eclipse took place In Capricorn, which represents the societal survival structures that organize collective experience. The Solar Eclipse takes place in Cancer, the Sign that symbolizes personal survival issues, particularly themes of safety and security. The eclipse happens at the last degree of Cancer, a position that intensifies those themes. Eclipses distort time, which means we often experience their effect well before or after the actual event. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon obscures the Sun, and as it does, the unconscious overshadows the conscious mind. So if you suddenly find yourself obsessing on survival issues, don't worry. Just try to be cautious about letting apprehension and unease dictate your mood, attitude, or actions.

Uranus rides the eclipse current all week as it trines the Sun, stirring a profound desire, personal and collective, for reform and revolution. In the I-Ching, Hexagram 49, Ko/Revolution, offers much insight into the idea of revolution. One facet of that wisdom is the reminder that revolution must be founded on inner truth as well as higher truth.

As the next weeks unfold, have the courage to question your view of the world. And if you find there are areas that need to transform, make every effort to ground your revolution — psychological, political, material, or spiritual — in the deepest truth, so that the changes that ensue will be for the greatest good of all sentient beings.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES While the Solar Eclipse aggravates already intensified issues of survival, you have an uncanny ability to attune to the positive solution. Do not accept the standard solution; instead, hold fast to what you know to be true about your success.

TAURUS The Solar Eclipse facilitates a catharsis; so don't be surprised if you find yourself blurting out previously withheld opinions. Because others may be experiencing the same need to "share," you may need to listen as intensely as you speak.

GEMINI This Solar Eclipse could help you to deepen your recognition of just how precious a resource you are to yourself and to others. Use this time to honor your spirit by being grateful for all your gifts and talents.

CANCER The Solar Eclipse stimulates an identity crisis, with a particular emphasis on how you want to be seen by others. Contemplate your persona, notice what you're comfortable with and what makes others comfortable, and then make any necessary adjustments.

LEO Pay close attention, and this Solar Eclipse will reveal unconscious patterns affecting your financial planning. Be willing to explore an entirely new approach, and you could find a solution to a persistent problem.

VIRGO While the Lunar Eclipse revealed vital information about others, the Solar Eclipse helps you gain a greater understanding of yourself. Pay attention: That knowledge translates into an increased ability to utilize your potential.

LIBRA This Solar Eclipse allows you to be seen by your associates in a completely different light. And while you may not entirely agree with their assessment, you will not be displeased with the outcome.

SCORPIO The Solar Eclipse offers opportunities to deepen your devotion to the divine. But this process is not as simple as it sounds; it will require a renewed commitment, as well as diligent discipline.

SAGITTARIUS Use the power of this Solar Eclipse to gain clarity about the role of partners in your life. You may be your greatest resource, but that doesn't mean significant others can't make equally meaningful contributions.

CAPRICORN The Solar Eclipse allows a penetrating glimpse of just how difficult it is not to lose yourself in relationships. Establishing and maintaining equality is never easy, but right now you have an opportunity to hone your skill.

AQUARIUS This Solar Eclipse puts you in touch with just how much your desire to help is grounded in a joyous heart. The potential for healing is far greater when a happy heart guides service to others.

PISCES The Solar Eclipse provides unique opportunities for creative inspiration. Allow yourself to be transported by your imagination, and you'll be surprised at just how fertile your creative field is.


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