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Re: “The Anti Gold Digger

Brushing up on the other comments:

-Obviously in todays expensive age one cannot work long for little money.So this obviously does not mean that the goldigger will always just go for a big paycheck!! Life really is very expensive and anybody would obviously go for the best they can in the circumstances they are under.Its just that the goldigger likely never has experienced working hard for a long time for little money, and thus they have no
sensitivity towards other peoples finances or towards other peoples hardships.

-Often since goldiggers are lazy they would choose careers that are not that hard to study for, dont take that long to study for , but pay alot of money . What does the average proffesion pay which they do, and what do they have to do for it?Once again it should be logical that this is not a rule of thumb and that every person and individual is very unique. Look at every sign of the goldigger not just one sign or a not just few on their own. Look at the entire picture,especially big clues like are you paying all the time, and what is the goldiggers comment about other goldiggers?Does she/he defend them and say its okay what they are doing?Or does he /she come up with excuses that they contributed a small percent and should be embursed a fortune?What EXATLY do they say . Its a huge clue knowing if this person is a goldigger. They can obviously lie as well and you will get the fright of your life -later in life!

-It doesnt mean either that anybody that gets upset about rejection or being second best is a spoilt goldigger brat.Obviously this depends on the scenario. Ask yourself is this person reasonable most of the time , and forgiving and understanding? Or does this persons ego get affected with every little thing all the time? Ask yourself would other people kick up a fuss every time about the same things that the goldigger kicks up a fuss about? Or is it just the ego inflated ,spoilt brat goldigger who cant put themselves in other peoples shoes, because they have really never suffered and worked hard for no pay?

-Its also not to say that business studies are easy at all, or necessarily shorter or that they have a lot of earning potencial for what it takes to study . This is all relative and how a person sees it .Business may however be so much easier to study than a difficult science or maths related field , and have potencial to be paid well.
However from personal experience I have found many business people to be lazy,selfish and greedy , and fit the goldigger profile quite well .However this is obviously a personal opinion and obviously you should be aware always to look at the big picture with any person.I was also told by two people Russians and people from the middle east are often goldiggers in their experience. I wouldnt know about that , but just a word of caution based on their experience.

-Goldiggers may be generous with money that belongs to their husband ,or lots of money that they earned in a very short period of time. They would then make as if they are extremely generous infront of husband and her/his friends, so they would think she is not greedy, and is a giving person. They will also pretend to not want to go to the fancy restaurant , but go to the down to earth restaurant - because they want people to think they are not status conscious-NOT because of wanting to save money!

Often Goldiggers will also pretend to be the good housewife and pretend that they enjoy making a down to earth home cooked meal , and pretend that they are not afraid of dirty work. They will however only do minimal housework for show infront of the husband, and let the cleaner and the nanny do the huge bulk of the work.

-Its often happens that they tell their husbands they are on the pill when they are not , and deliberatly get pregnant. The reason? They want a child from him because if they divorce child maintainance pays out so much more than the child actually costs.They can of course then use that money on themselves as well. Some goldiggers who are planning to be lazy housewives ALL THEIR LIFE will deliberalty get pregnant when they are in the last year of school. Of course by somebody that is rich and can look after them.The child does not require as much time as they often make out , or they get a nanny , and do nothing themselves.The other thing is : they could also be honest about wanting a child ,but definatly not honest about he reasons why!!!They will tell their husbands they want children and love children , when they really would never want a child from him if he was not stinking rich , and would not be able to pay a life of luxury for woman and child after divorce.

-Last but not least:Goldiggers will be so selfabsorbed and selfish that they think that every person that criticises her relationship , and says she is a goldigger is just jealous of her and her husbands relationship.Why would people be?.They(goldiggers) dont even consider for one second that not everybody thinks as selfishly as they do. Or they use it as an excuse to cover up: Other people are always just jealous. They dont consider that there are many people who are not in the least jealous, but who just feel very strongly about justice.

-People should get a major wake up call if somebody much younger tries to date an older person who is settled, and has gathered many possesions in their life.They just want to wait for the guy to die,take over everything and be settled in life much earlier than they would have, had they married a younger guy!!
What does such a big age diffrence have in commen most of the time anyway?

-People should get another major wake-up call if the children, friends and family dont like this person that you are living with, or planning to marry. Often other people see it much more clearly what other people are up to. Love can be blind. The goldigger will especially feel threatened by family members they may be due to inherit the wealth that she is after. So if for example your children dont like your partner take them seriously on it , and ask them exatly why without condeming their opinions. Especially if MANY friends and family, and other people think this person is not kosher and just after the money. For goodness sake -Listen!! The goldigger will typically always come up with the excuse that everybody is just jealous of the relationship she/he have with the other partner. Ask MANY peoples opinion about a partner, also non-family who are not due to inherit, about their opinion of the partner.
And tell them that you would appreciate honesty and not be offended.

People should especially wake up if MANY people are saying that this person is not kosher. However because they (goldiggers)are such good acters and manipulators its might be difficult to detect their sly intentions for a long period. If your children are very young and know nothing about inheritance and the like, and yet have a feeling that something is not kosher about the other partner- listen to those young children. Children often have a very good intuition.( and obviously they are not fighting for any inheritance ,because they are not yet clued up about inheritance) If your children are older listen to them too, its not to say they are just after your inheritance, often children feel when somethings wrong, and they really do love their parents , and have the best interests at heart for them in majority of cases.

Posted by hkj on 07/18/2009 at 3:57 AM

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