Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Did Big Oil Swiftboat Van Jones?

By Robert Gammon
Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 2:55 PM

A group of global-warming deniers funded and run by a big oil interests is taking credit for the resignation of President Obama's green jobs advisor Van Jones. In a column on the Fox News website, Phil Kerpen of Americans for Prosperity, a group that claims that climate change is a hoax, called the downfall of Jones "one of the most significant things I've ever had the honor of being involved in." Americans for Prosperity is reportedly funded by the ultra-conservative oil baron Charles G. Koch, who also is the chairman of the organization. The group's primary mission is to derail Obama's climate-change initiative, also known as "cap-and-trade."

As Kerpen tells it, he prompted Fox News host Glenn Beck to go after Jones after he discovered the East Bay Express' 2005 profile of the Oakland activist/environmentalist. Beck has yet to deny the accuracy of the column written by Kerpen, who is obviously a racist as well. In it, he wrote that he and Beck had come up with a "watermelon hypothesis" - that the cap-and-trade bill was "green on the outside but Communist red to the core," and that the Express article proved it. In the article, Jones said that for a time following the Rodney King verdicts in the early 1990s, he considered himself "a communist."

Although the main goal of Kerpen and Americans for Prosperity is to kill any climate-change bill, the group also helped launch the "Astroturf" campaign that resulted in the disruption of Democratic town halls last month and spurred the "death panel" lie and other lies about Obama's health-care reform initiatives. Astroturf refers to a campaign that is meant to look like it's grassroots generated when it is not. Americans for Prosperity apparently thinks that doing whatever it can to stop Obama, on any issue, is the best way to block the president's efforts to transition the nation to a green-tech economy.

In his Fox News column, Kerpen describes the "radical" green economy that Jones, Obama, and other Democrats envision. Kerpen wrote that in addition to cap-and-trade, Jones' bestselling book, The Green Collar Economy, included such evils as: "renewable electricity mandates - including Al Gore's outlandish and impossible goal of eliminating fossil fuel use by 2018, large taxpayer-funded green jobs programs, a so-called smart grid for electricity, more mass-transit subsidies, higher fuel efficiency standards for automobiles, federal funding for organic farms, a ban on new coal plants, expanded ethanol mandates, and even a spirited, multiple page pitch for a cash-for-clunkers program--he called it 'Hoopties for Hybrids.'"

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