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Re: “A Stone Rollin' Saadiq Embraces Rock

Somebody needs to tell you it's not working out. You left Tony Toni Tone for what? This? You canceled Lucy Pearl why---to ultimately wind up playing backup for Mick Jagger? We're from tha Town Ray, and you need to get your SOUL back. Instant Vintage was a cutting edge classic, and everything since then has been flat and watered down. You need some real friends on your team to tell you this retro thing is not poppin. You used to be not only relevant, but ahead of the curve. You used to rep Oakland, and now you've lost that POWER that propelled you. If we want Motown, we can still buy Motown. It's too easy to copy what's already been done. Snap out of it, and stop eating other people's leftovers.


A REAL fan.

Posted by DEEP EAST on 04/24/2011 at 7:23 PM

Re: “Cee Lo Green

...and to think he used to make relevant, meaningful music with Goodie MOb. I guess it all started when he wore that wedding dress. We really need Dungeon Family in times like these.

Posted by DEEP EAST on 01/07/2011 at 8:00 AM

Re: “Gang Wars on a Shoestring

I can tell by the repeated use of your words "hater" and "hate," that your scope and intelligence is limited. Having lived through the Felix Mitchell era, the Mickey Moore era, Rudolph Henferson, Li'l D, The Riders (police), and many other scars and blemishes on my Town, you're not speaking to some young punk from the suburbs who still finds fascination in your buffoonish "blaxploitative" efforts. Some of us work to uplift the Spirits of Black People, and remove the negative imagery that circulates about Black People in this town. Others work to keep negative perception prominent, so that many of us are "jacked" by law enforcement for even being "perceived" as criminals in our appearances. I understand since you have a direct interest in your MINSTREL SHOW being successful, that you are drunk on the stupidity of thinking that only black gutter violence "sells." God forbid that you all could think outside of the box that ignorance has crafted for you. No, I don't support another "n*gga flick,," it's old, stale, and demeaning. Try thinking of Black People's image and integrity next time, before you sell out. If you're really from The Town, you should be conscious of how bad an image some of our li'l Brothers have, even in wearing their pants low. Certain young Sisters can't even walk down the street for being perceived as prostitutes. Don't add fuel to this fire, and expect because your "face" may be black, that we should all be down with this coon-ism. If you want to keep this "debate" going, then bring it. Otherwise, let it go, because you can't win. It's not illegal to read today, so many of our youngsters are well above this nonsense. It's you that was caught slippin', thinking that you could serve bullshit to Kings and Queens. Come back, Brother.

........and for your information,
yes, I do have to pay for permits in my work. I'm a licensed general contractor, and we can't just construct anything at will. Our work is inspected and checked thoroughly, and our revenue is added to the city's coffers, helping to at least purchase pencils, if not textbooks, in the schools. I understand your disdain for not wanting to do your part, and pay your own way in life. There are many who drop trash here, and expect others to pick it up.

Grow up bruh, pay your warrants, and stop runnin' from police. More of our young People are killed by EACH OTHER than police, so stop swirling the stereotypes. You feed right into the problem, and your li'l flick is NOT a part of the solution.

I'm sorry you thought we were still asleep.

Posted by Carl Chambers on 10/02/2009 at 7:40 AM

Re: “Gang Wars on a Shoestring

Shame on you, Rachel!
You hype this "film" as if it's exactly what we need right about now. In a city that already has problems with certain of our youth "going dumb," you throw gas on flames by promoting this? Thugs and hooligans, disguised as "actors" playing, uh.....themselves? Then you fawn over someone who skirts proper procedure (and law) to skip around paying fees and obtaining permits? And even go as far as to PUBLISH this theft of city revenue? Did I mention the part where you say he "persuaded" otherwise decent, professional women to play prostitutes in this film because they would be "good at it???" He had to "instruct" alleged street thugs (with REAL arrest warrants), in the "art" of sounding "real" in using "slangy" street language? THAT must've really been a stretch. I hope you don't encourage bright, young, and LAW ABIDING filmmakers to shoot without permits with the hopes that police can tell REAL weapons from FAKE weapons from a distance. Police already have enough stress and overtime without being tried and tested by non-payers of city revenue. (permit fees). I guess all this film needed was an ambushed and killed journalist, and it would be an excellent representation of Oakland, huh?

Posted by Carl Chambers on 09/30/2009 at 11:11 AM

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