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Re: “Eviction Protections Could Be Extended to Thousands More Oakland Homes Through Proposed Ballot Measure

I feel sorry for anyone losing their residence, but lets be honest, if you're renting in one of the most expensive areas in the country, what's your exit strategy? Sitting and pretending like you own your apartment is basically accepting the promise that things are not going to bode well for you. This woman had 47 years to figure out a plan.

She could have moved to one of the many affordable cities in California like Antioch or Stockton. If she has family and community ties, then she should have weighed those out.

The idea that someone can run a hotel and some occupants think they should be able to live there indefinitely with no increase in their rates, belies a general ignorance about hotels as a business. Apartments are the same story, they're a business. Granted, they're tied to people's immediate well being and should have some basic safeguards, which they already do.

What the eviction restrictions actually wind up doing, is driving the rents even higher. Like rent control, if there's little turnover in the market, the landlords will go sky high when their apartments do become available. How do you think SF became so expensive?

Posted by Dee Ceeover on 07/01/2018 at 12:52 PM

Re: “The Hella Black Podcast Holds Unfiltered Discussions on Race, Politics, and Oakland

Odd, I read this article and was surprised by nothing. Two black guys with "similar points of view" talking about "socially awkward for black men" topics, but nothing to address the deafening statistics that have the greatest impact on black lives, at least they weren't mentioned in the article.

What's always a bit ironic about these shows is the utter lack of awareness as to the contextual impact of certain-race-this-or-that programs. I mean would you have a show about a non-specific generalized "black culture" being put on the air in Africa?

Imagine Africans tuning in to listen to a show telling them about issues facing their "black culture," with zero acknowledgement that Kenyans aren't Nigerians and Ethiopians aren't Egyptians and so on and so forth. Nope, instead, solely because of skin color, everyone's the same people. Thinking as one brain, one organ of humanity. Every black person agrees absolutely with every black person they meet ... yeah right.

To illustrate this out, consider the context of white people from the same point of view. Not only would most white people run screaming from a "white people" show that espoused to tell them how to be better white people, they'd be personally offended by the notion that any person would speak for them based only on the credentials of being born with the same skin color. It would be like Scandinavians talking about how Italians should live their lives, and vice-versa. These two groups share some values but their entirely different cultures, and more over, unique "individuals" with their own points of view.

MLK's "Judge me not by the color of my skin, but by the content of my character" phrase was spot on. This and returning to the notion of equality (not superiority) is what would make a better world, allow real unfiltered conversations to move forward AND show a proactive result.

Posted by Dee Ceeover on 01/24/2018 at 9:35 AM

Re: “For MLK Holiday, Activists Tear Down Fence and Take Over Oakland's St. Andrew's Plaza in the Name of 'Black Joy'

Reality check: The residences who work and pay rent to live in a crime infested hell hole, invested time and energy in obtaining that fence to drive junkies, thieves, and low lifes away from where their children play.

Now entitled journalist who think more about movember than about hour by hour hardships of impoverished youth move to celebrate this vandalism of hope as some kind of social justice victory.

Is it any wonder that people are disavowing cultural Marxists at every turn?

Posted by Dee Ceeover on 01/16/2017 at 11:16 PM

Re: “Donald Trump Really Sucks at Raising Money in the Bay Area

Another tired regressive rant. Why not just retitle it "Capitalist Contender Having Trouble Raising Funds in Dinosaur-Think Communist Block."

Posted by Dee Ceeover on 09/01/2016 at 11:27 PM

Re: “'Big Soda' Is Suing Oakland Over Beverage Tax Measure

Like all regressive liberal tacts, the eventual result is robbing Peter to pay Paul, and that's where reality meets the asphalt. It happens in the form of lawsuits. Look at Oakland's gun control arrogance. The "council's" ordinances simply put, take guns away from people who legally own guns, leaving only illegal owners in possession, yet they are applauded by the blinkered. ... and then of course when they lose millions on lawsuits, millions that would otherwise be spoon fed into public program mouths, it's as if nothing ever happened. Zero accountability from the dinosaur end of ideologies. Is it any wonder 30% of millennials have no faith in the on-the-take political parties of today? This form of fascism actually, oddly enough, seems to be creating a new movement in this country and it long over due.

Posted by Dee Ceeover on 09/01/2016 at 12:46 PM

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