Friday, July 25, 2008

De la Fuente's Anti-Nepotism Ordinance Stumbling in Committee

By Chris Thompson
Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 5:14 AM

In the wake of Edgerlygate, City Council President Ignacio De la Fuente proposed an anti-nepotism law that would theoretically keep Oakland city officials from hiring their cousins and letting them live on tax dollars while playing World of Warcraft on city computers. But now, says the Oakland Tribune, the ordinance has run into a few roadblocks in committee, as his fellow councilmembers try to clarify certain elements of his proposal. Jane Brunner and Nancy Nadel, in particular, are worried that the new law may be too sweeping in character, and may infringe on the privacy rights of job applicants or disqualify otherwise competent candidates. To which we can only say: good on ya, Jane and Nancy. We know Oakland's nepotism and patronage scandals have made the city a national disgrace, but we've always been a fan of careful legislating, like the nerds we are. Let's get the best law we can, even if that means taking a month or two. Unless you're just trying to sabotage the ordinance on behalf of your more corrupt constituents. Then we'll hunt you down and...well, send a strongly worded letter, probably.

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