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Re: “City of Alameda Loses Federal Law Enforcement Grant Due to Sanctuary Status

September 5, 2017



Sarah Henry, Public Information Officer

(510) 747-4714

City of Alameda Refuses to Certify Compliance with Federal Statute Regarding Immigration Status

Earlier this year, Alamedas City Council adopted a resolution affirming the City of Alamedas commitment as a Sanctuary City to the values of dignity, inclusivity, and respect for all individuals, regardless of ethnic or national origin, gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or immigration status. This resolution reaffirmed the stand the City has taken for many years against biased, racist, and unconstitutional acts against undocumented immigrants.

In order for the City of Alameda to apply for the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) from the U.S. Department of Justice (USDOJ), a new procedure was established that requires the City Manager to certify that the City does not restrict sending or receiving information regarding citizenship or immigration status.

Because this new requirement does not meet the intent of the Alameda City Councils Sanctuary City Resolution, neither the City Manager nor the City Attorney, with concurrence from the Police Chief, agreed to sign the document. The City provides public safety for all, regardless of immigration status. Without a signed Certification of Compliance, the Alameda Police Department will not be able to accept an award from the USDOJ.

The City of Alameda was the first City in Alameda County that did not agree to sign the Certification of Compliance from the USDOJ. If pending lawsuits from the State of California and City of San Francisco prove successful, the City of Alameda may be able to receive these grant funds in the future.

The City of Alamedas annual budget for services such as police, fire, parks, roads, and sidewalks is $249 million. Each year, millions of our budget dollars come from grant funding. For the last ten years, one source of the Citys grant funding has been the JAG grant, with awards ranging from $32,139 in 2007 to $12,352 in 2016. This year, Alamedas JAG funding was estimated to be $11,537.


Posted by David Howard on 09/06/2017 at 4:34 PM

Re: “Oakland Police Assist Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents in Early Morning Arrest

Folks on Nixle got this alert:

Today, August 16, 2017, at approximately 6:30 a.m., Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) served a federal criminal search warrant in connection with human sex trafficking of juveniles in our city ( 700 block of 27th Street).
HSI is conducting a criminal investigation, not a civil immigration or deportation action. This branch focuses on Transnational Gangs, Human Trafficking, Human Smuggling, Child Exploitation and Narcotic Enforcement.

Yesterday, HSI headquarters in San Francisco contacted Oakland Police Chief Anne E. Kirkpatrick and requested two police officers to assist with traffic control. Chief Kirkpatrick gave strict instructions to the commander and officers that they may not assist HSI with any enforcement efforts. The officers only role was that of traffic control and neighborhood safety.

Although the Oakland Police Department no longer has a contract (MOU) to actively participate in investigations with HSI, the Department may assist our local, state, and federal agencies when requested as it pertains to traffic control, community safety and officer safety.

Posted by David Howard on 08/16/2017 at 12:54 PM

Re: “Alameda County DA: We Don't Want Oaklanders in Alameda


Of course there is crime in Alameda, committed by Alameda residents. (I can't think of where to find stats that match crimes with residence-of-perpetrator though.)

However, Oakland's crime rate is significantly higher, as is San Francisco's. Alameda's relatively low crime rate, whatever the reason, is one of the things that draws people here and keeps them here. I'll ask again: can an Alameda resident not express concern about Oakland crime spillover without automatically being accused of being a racist?

I really don't care about O'Malley and I'm not interested in defending her. I'm more interested in pointing out the irony/hypocrisy of people who, based on their own subconscious prejudices, add two and two to arrive at five, and then accuse some of being racist. That's problematic for many reasons, one of which it deflects attention from issues that should get covered - the defacto segregation of our schools, the AlCo DA's office prosecution of minorities (as you pointed out), O'Malley's rise to the DA position by acclamation instead of election, DA office opinions as published in their Point of View circular, etc.

7 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by David Howard on 09/12/2013 at 8:33 AM

Re: “Alameda County DA: We Don't Want Oaklanders in Alameda


There's no doubt that genuine racism and classism is present in Alameda. It especially plays out in the school system, witness someone who, defending the defacto segregation of Alameda elementary schools along race and class lines, responding to me to the effect of, "Edison school isn't 79% white it's only 72% white!"

It's also playing out in the current effort by AUSD to gin up support for a school bond to provide maintenance funds for no fewer than 17 (seventeen!) school campuses in Alameda, for fewer than 10,000 students. There are wealthy white folks in Alameda who don't want their kids mixing with the lower-income brown kids, so they work to make everyone pay these taxes, rather than consolidate elementary schools.

But I was making a different point, one which I'm afraid you aren't open to hear.

Nonetheless, I'll re-state it. When someone accuses, "You complain about Oakland crime spillover into Alameda, you must be racist!" It's actually saying a lot more about the accuser, because that sort of statement leaves an implicit "because we all know who's causing the crime in Oakland!" statement hanging in the air.

An accusation such as "You complain about Oakland crime spillover into Alameda, you must be racist!" suggests to me that it's the accuser assuming that it's only minorities responsible for the crime.

No doubt many of these same accusers are against the police making detentions on the basis of racial profiling. Such irony.

The upshot is that one is not free to express concern about Oakland's "nagging crime problems" (Steven T's phrase) without fear of being accused a racist. That's neither fair nor reasonable.

9 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by David Howard on 09/11/2013 at 8:08 PM

Re: “Alameda County DA: We Don't Want Oaklanders in Alameda

Actually, if the EB Express or EB Citizen wants to take shots at the D.A. or her office - an admittedly rich target - intrepid reporters should peruse some back issues of Point of View, the office's take on recently settled case law.

Therein, one will find opinions, particularly on cases lost by prosecutors (not just in AlCo), that would promote an erosion of civil liberties sure to make NSA officials proud.

Apparently, no rationale for upholding the Fourth Amendment's prohibition against unreasonable search and seizure is good enough for Gotham county's DA office.


10 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by David Howard on 09/06/2013 at 12:27 PM

Re: “Alameda County DA: We Don't Want Oaklanders in Alameda

Disclaimer: I'm neither a friend nor foe of O'Malley, and I don't care about the In N Out burger one way or another.

I've always found these sorts of allegations - You complain about Oakland crime, so you must be racist! - to be a peculiar form of race-baiting.

So far as I understand, O'Malley never mentioned race, she talked about crime.

It's the author that introduced race into the discussion, and connected it with Oakland's "nagging crime problems."

Think about that for a second. Does the author intend to suggest that Oakland's nagging crime problems can be attributed solely to non-whites? Because that's one takeaway from the article, a suggestion that "one is racist for complaining about Oakland crime spillover, because crime in Oakland is crime committed by minorities."

I know Steven, and I doubt that was his deliberate intent.

However, I've seen many other people in Alameda follow the same path, and it's worth questioning what unconscious prejudices they may bring to the discussion. See how quick they go from "Crime in Oakland" to "African Americans." It's those people that need to re-evaluate their attitudes.

And ironically, if Wikipedia is accurately citing 2010 US Census data, 'whites' are the leading demographic group in Oakland, at 34.5% with African-Americans coming in second at 28%

When someone says "crime in Oakland," why do YOU automatically assume they're talking about African-Americans, or Hispanics, or any other non-white ethnic group?

And can't someone be concerned about crime in Oakland, irrespective of the race of the perpetrators?

22 likes, 6 dislikes
Posted by David Howard on 09/05/2013 at 7:33 PM

Re: “Montreal-Style Smoke Meat Pops Up in Oakland

Hmm... even Pete calls himself the prince of "smoked meat"...


Posted by David Howard on 08/15/2013 at 7:12 PM

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