Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daily Roundup: Sacto Pardons Clubs; Afghan Police Under the Influence

By David Downs
Thu, Jul 29, 2010 at 10:46 AM

1. Los Angeles attorney Hanna Liebman Dershowitz, a Proposition 19 legal subcommittee member opines in the Los Angeles Times that federal-state law inconsistency shouldn't stop Californians from legalizing cannabis, because states often lead the way in repealing unjust policy.“The law is the law. If we unquestioningly accepted that maxim, imagine where we would be today. Jim Crow would be alive and well, rivers and skies would be polluted, and women wouldn't be allowed to vote. ... During alcohol prohibition (1920-33), commerce in alcoholic beverages was prohibited not only by federal law (the Volstead Act) but by the laws of most states. In 1923, New York repealed its state prohibition laws, leaving enforcement, for the remaining 10 years, entirely to the feds. California voters overwhelmingly did the same thing in 1932, one year before national prohibition was repealed.” [via DPFA]

2. Sacramento will apparently allow all 39 of its medical cannabis dispensaries to stay open after threatening to close them, Weed Wars reports. “Things were looking awfully good for the cannabis clubs when Council member Sandy Sheedy announced: 'After getting to know the owners and business people...Thirty-nine is not a big number.' Sheedy told dispensary operators in the audience: 'I think we're going to get along just fine and the people who need what you have are going to be able to access it.' Council member and former county sheriff Robbie Waters said he was persuaded to support the dispensaries after extensive consultations with Ryan Landers, a leading local advocate for medical marijuana patients. 'Quite frankly, I had the cop view' before, Waters conceded. About the only sour note came from audience member Caleb Counts. He argued that the city should have imposed a hard cap of five dispensaries, with one designated as a destination for disabled patients. And he suggested that the city's wider acceptance of cannabis outlets was 'a great boon for recreational users and old hippie pot smokers.'

3. The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Richmond City Council has voted to allow three marijuana dispensaries in the city and place a 5 percent marijuana tax on the November ballot. “The decision reversed last week's vote, which would have allowed an unlimited number of dispensaries in commercial districts. The marijuana ordinance is due for a second vote in September, after the council returns from its summer recess, and would go into effect thirty days after that.” Richmond is still trying to shut down its eight existing unlicensed dispensaries.

4. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart capped its WikiLeaks coverage with the Al Jazeera video of Afghan soldiers hitting a bong before patrolling one of the most dangerous countries on earth. “America is fighting an outlandishly well-financed insurgency that's growing more and more deadly ... Apparently they're trying to do it with my friends from high school.”

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