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Re: “Hipster Invasion

To Grahamhp,

A spoken word artist of sorts once said the following:

"The reprisals of the weak against the strong do not really come within nature. They do from the moral point of view, but not the physical, since to take these reprisals the weak man must employ forces he has not received from nature. He must adopt a character that he has not been given. He must, in a way, constrain nature. But what does really come from the laws of this wise mother is the harm unto the weak by the strong, since, to bring this process to pass, the strong man makes use only the gift which he has received from nature. He does not, like the weak, take on a character different from his own. He merely utilizes the sole effects of that which nature has endowed him. Therefore, everything resulting from that is natural; his acts of oppression, violence, cruelty, tyranny, injustice: all these diverse expressions of a character engraved in him by the hand of the power which placed him in the world are therefore quite as simple and as pure as the hand which guided him. And when he uses all of his rights to oppress the weak, to plunder the weak, he is therefore doing the most natural thing in the world. If our common mother had desired this equality that the weak strive so hard to establish, if she had really wanted the equitable division of property, why should she have created two classes, one weak, the other strong? Has she not, with this distinction, given sufficient proof that her intention was that it should apply to possessions as well as bodily faculties? Does she not prove that her plan is for everything to be on one side, and nothing on the other? And that precisely in order to arrive at the equilibrium that is the sole basis of all our laws, for in order that this equilibrium may exist in nature, it is not necessary that it be made to establish it. Their equilibrium upsets that nature. What, in our eyes, seems to us to go against it, is exactly that which, in hers, establishes it. And for this reason, it is from this lack of balance, as we call it, that are produced the crimes by which she establishes her order. The strong seize everything; that is the lack of balance, from man's point of view. The weak defend themselves and rob the strong; there you have the crimes which establish the equilibrium necessary to nature Let us therefore not have any scruples about what we can filch from the weak, for it is not we who are committing a crime. It is the act of defense, or vengeance, performed by he which has that character. By robbing the poor, dispossessing the orphan, usurping the widow's inheritance, man is only making use of the rights he has received from nature. The crime that consists in our profit from them, the penniless wretch that nature offers unto our blows is the prey she offers the vulture. If the strong appear to disturb her order by robbing those beneath them, the weak reestablish it by robbing their superiors, and both are serving nature."

I tend to disagree. Apparently, you do not.

The problem isn't the color of your skin. That is no less of a red herring now than it was 500 years ago when European settlers first started displacing the natives of this continent. The problem is that in buying/paying into a situation which will inevitably raise housing costs, rent rates you are actively purchasing their displacement. Whether you would like to remain ignorant of what you are doing or not, the facts still remain that there is a finite supply of space and your youth and earning potential allows you to very easily crowd much older people, either less in demand within workforce (which, mind you, is in no rush to seek new entrants, let alone returning members) as well as elderly retirees living on a fixed income which might raise with the cost of living, but certainly cannot compete with the rate of growth in and subsequent hikes of price in the housing rental market. You may not feel bad about this, but neither will the larger businesses which will inevitably price you out of the neighborhood. Nor will the the thief, drug dealer or mugger who are just trying to survive you. Nor will the rapist or murderer who will target you out of the bad blood created by what you've ignorantly destroyed.

Your lifestyle does not have to contribute to gentrification. to quote Ho Chi Minh:

"Literature and arts belong to the same front, on which you are fighters.

Like other fighters, you, in the artistic field, have your own responsibilities — to serve the Resistance, the Fatherland and the people, first and foremost the workers, peasants and soldiers.

To fulfil your tasks, you must have a firm class stand and a sound ideology; in short you must place the interests of the Resistance, of the Fatherland and of the people above all.

With regard to your creative work, it is necessary that you understand, get in touch with and go deeply into, the people's life. Only by so doing, will you be able to convey the heroism and determination of our soldiers and people as a whole and to contribute to the development and improvement of these qualities. Our Resistance has made great progress; our soldiers and people have made big strides forward, so will you, in the artistic field, by means of criticism and self-criticism."

Until you learn to plant yourselves firmly within the community and to tap into the fears and assumptions of the people who have been living in your neighborhood for decades rather than entering as an enemy occupiers. Your actions in this community will merely be acts of class warfare manifested in the economic violence which you inflict upon the people of this community. As such, those acts of warfare inflicted against you in self defense will only be just. It doesn't have to be this way, the choice is yours.

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Posted by Daev on 11/17/2009 at 11:37 AM

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