Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coalition for a Drug-Free California: 'End Pot Chaos, Random Drug Test All Kids'

By David Downs
Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 12:23 PM

Under a new medical marijuana law in Arizona, a legal bag of pot will be much, much harder to purchase than a Glock handgun with extended magazines. But that's not enough for one reactionary California group that wants to influence how Arizona enforces its new law.

On November 2, 2010, Arizonans barely approved the state's first medical cannabis program, and in 2011, the Arizona Department of Health Services is getting the state's regulatory system up and running. Health officials have created and released some rough draft rules for medical pot, and asked the public to comment on them. The comments are a howling echo chamber of mostly misinformed cretinism.

Among the most strident: The Coalition for a Drug-Free California, who in a letter published online by the state of Arizona (last pages) offered some "Proposed Steps to Control Arizona's 'Medical Marijuana' Distribution Based on Experience in California." In it, the coalition, which is based out of a post office box in the Sierra foothills and headed by one Roger Morgan suggests Arizona do the following to prevent the "chaos” we have in California:

-Random drug test all middle school and high school age children.

-Random drug test all driver's license applicants.

-Flag medical marijuana patients in state driver's licenses databases.

-Cap potency of pot at two percent, based on 1980s research.

-Limit patients to patronizing one dispensary.

-Prevent pot users from holding jobs.

There's been no empirical study proving medical cannabis in California has created anything resembling “chaos.” There isn't even a dispensary in Lincoln, Calif., the home of the Coalition for a Drug-Free California's headquarters. But clearly, the coalition has the answers Arizona desperately needs.

Reformers: ignore this Reefer Madness-era rhetoric of corrupted children and road and work carnage at your own peril in 2012.

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