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Recent Comments

Re: “California Traffic Tickets Amnesty Program Leaves Many Behind

Thank you for this wise examination. Although I'm commenting two years later, my personal experience is that too much continues to be true!

And, as bad or quite worse, is the Parking Ticket Racket. Not only will the hold your vehicle hostage by blocking registration, they'll "boot" it and then steal it away from you outright. This is how they MAKE people homeless, slapping them down to the streets... for things like parking briefly on a block that they deserve ALL DAY for a street sweeper to eventually come along (they can't schedule any better than that?) - even if the street sweeping took place successfully.

And parking tickets are curiously sacrosanct... NOT included in such programs. Probably for the obvious reason.

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 07/06/2017 at 5:27 PM

Re: “West Oakland Fire Survivors Say City's Response Is Unacceptable and Victim Assistance Is Lacking

There are many causes of "homelessness". This is one among those. But what, exactly, confers a special status upon these people that all the other homeless people in the same area don't enjoy?

The starkly expectant expressions of entitlement may be groundless.

And the race card, counterfeit.

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 04/11/2017 at 9:38 AM

Re: “Berkeley's New Progressive Majority Gets Serious About Homelessness Solutions

@ Erik Kengaard

Well, yes, quite a lot has changed since the 1950's. Not just Berkeley, for that matter.

I didn't come to Berkeley until the end of the 1960's. I was a teenager and only had the contents of what I carried in my backpack, having immediately preferred Berkeley to the mean streets of LA. We didn't even have the term "homeless youth" then, but retroactively that would apparently apply.

However, back then, it was pragmatically possible to meet and mix things up with quite a lot of people, which also led directly to joining households and at a affordable rate even for one in my position then. This same premise also often led directly to various work, gigs, and other pursuits. Same held true in any number of other cities, towns, whatever of the time. Imagine that. And no "case management".

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 03/24/2017 at 9:47 PM

Re: “Berkeley's New Progressive Majority Gets Serious About Homelessness Solutions

A typical stance for those that make their living inserting themselves between people and homes is to "adv ocate" for various "services" [theirs, of course] instead or as concommitant. The demonstrated Housing First successes have manifestly proven otherwise,while the dubious "services" have perpetuated and/or worsened homelessness for quite a long time now.

And just what requires New Constructions to do Housing First? Nothing.

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 03/24/2017 at 9:40 PM

Re: “Berkeley's New Progressive Majority Gets Serious About Homelessness Solutions

Lousy idea - kennel homeless people in sheds?

Other places have been markedly succeeding with the Housing First approach, which provides people real homes like other people have. That can restore then OUT of this kind of underclass that this plan would more permanently condemn them to.

Mayor Tom Bates said Berkeley has been receiving mutli-MILLION$ of dollars EVERY YEAR ostensibly to "help the homeless". But try to find a cogent line-item budget for just HOW all that money's been spent.

There's little to no excuse for why Berkeley has NOT already been using the PROVEN "Housing First" way.…

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 03/22/2017 at 4:50 PM

Re: “Hate Man

I'm one of the faces of the crowd that defied the 'authorities', clashed with police, stood up to the Natal Guard army and helped build that park in 1969. Just a few years later, I moved on and spent decades living elsewhere around the country, with occasional visits to Berkeley. I noted some of the changes in the park, and claims about it variously, like acetate overlays atop the original.

I wasn't aware of Hate until some years into my move returning me to East Bay and, off and on, Berkeley again. I only ventured 'Hate Camp' some time later and for some years, Hate and I maintained something of an arm's length, unspoken acknowledgement of one another with especially brief exchanges of pertinent pragmatic information/advisories once in awhile.

Two winters ago, both the University and City police Dept's launched a relatively strict 'enforcement' program, which was routinely conducted nightly. First UPD officers 'swept' the park (formally "closed" at 10pm) hassling and removing people from the park, either to the surrounding curbs or across the streets. Later, BPD officers showed up to drive them out of the neighborhood entirely. This continued for months - until crews showed up early one morn, setting barriers up with police in the background, and began cutting trees down, then shredding those into a 'sawdust/woodchip' which was strewn around.

Finally, there would be nights when only Hate and would be around there. But I had a vehicle. During that spell, I included his camp in my regular round and e increased our interacting quite a bit. However, I wasn't interested nor amenable to what I regarded as essentially a quirky self-styled 'etiquette' and I avoid or resist demands for social performance.

I, too, have a professional career background n print media, including newspapers (starting with the Berkeley Barb in '69), although my emphasis was the visual design/production. I've also authored magazine articles and was a blogger for a well-known 'social justice' website, etc. Hate and I have never discussed these things.

There is more to the guy than I usually see covered in articles like this. For instance, probably most people (including locals) aren't aware of how much picking up of messes and things caused by others that he's doing again and again. Then there are realms of what I may consider more esoteric or metaphysical, but I'll leave it to him to elucidate if and as he pleases. I can't credit that 'camp' as a 'peace keeping' function, since a probable majority of boisterous (or worse) confrontations take place there.

But, of course, he's become an iconic fixture. Personally, I have found that despite the reported refusal of 'handouts' he eagerly accepts certain proffered gifts, which include cups of black coffee, mayonnaise and baked sweets. And he reciprocates in his own ways.

Posted by Christoverre Kohler on 08/12/2016 at 10:43 AM

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