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Re: “Thursday Must Read: Brown Up, Boxer’s Lead Shrinks, Props 19 and 23 Losing


The Liberal Democrats agenda in the first Senate session is sure to be the passage of AMNESTY, containing within the text AgJobs (for Farm guest workers) and the Dream Act. Self- Confessed Senator Harry Reid is determined to confront the 15 million unemployed Americans with this menacing referendum. What Reid and the Democrats haven’t revealed or the Liberal oriented press, the cost of processing this illegal Immigration law anticipated to be 2.6 Trillion dollars. This projection came from the non-profit group called the Heritage Foundation. This incredulous sum of money will be added to the US treasury shortfall of around 13 Trillion dollars and climbing. We are sitting on a financial powder keg and Incumbents Sen. Reid (NV); Boxer (CA); Feingold (WI); Bennett (CO); Inouye (HI)Lincoln (AR)); Mikulski (MD); Gillibrand (NY); Schumer (NY) Wyden (OR) Leahy (VT); Murray (WA) and Majority Speaker Pelosi.

Judging from their voting records on the website--ALL THE ISSUES, other than Gillibrand, who no voting record on Illegal Immigration. The rest of the sitting Senators have voted for funding Sanctuary Cities, Public welfare benefits and allowing illegal aliens to participate in our Social Security. But this is by far not the limit to these treacherous moves by Democrat-Senate, as they all agree on forcing through a Path to Citizenship. Nobody should be rewarded for breaking our laws. Every new candidate for office better beware of the fact, that THE TEA PARTY will be observant of their voting on all issues, including a demand for transparency as nobody is immune from being unseated. The Tea Party will not be corrupted by the special interest lobbyists, the powerful and elites in either party. They will not owe favors to trade unions, or any other business entity, as the Tea Party is the essence of all Americans.

That goes for new Politicians, Governors, Mayors, Police Chiefs and other elected officials in office. .Gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown is pro-Amnesty, so is Gavin Newsom, and have all catered to illegal immigrants by granting them access to welfare and all social services. This is a financial effrontery to all citizens and legal residents and should not be tolerated. The Federal government has been paying an estimated $113 billion dollars in benefits annually and it is still rising. There is another $60 Billion that leaves America in remittances in illegal workers wages and is not taxed. These amounts do not cover the State, county and municipal supplementary cash payments.

As American citizens we need to keep a close eye on all polling stations, and a keen inspection of absentee ballots. California and Nevada especially as these states are well acquainted with illegal voting in prior years and have massive populations of foreigners, who will violate the law. GOOGLE--Voter Fraud, Illegal Immigration, add any additional words and decide your vote. Not the Liberal lies. Me--I am fed up with being "politically correct,"for the extremist fringe groups of Liberal usurpers have tried to suppress our Free Speech. The majority of our politicians have become arrogant, disrespectful to the taxpayer and believe themselves untouchable.

Posted by Casca on 10/21/2010 at 3:06 PM

Re: “Tuesday Must Read: Another Whitman Ex-Nanny Comes Forward; And Both Whitman and Brown Avoid Tough Questioner

Whitman maid controversy is a conspiracy attributed to the Unions and Jerry Brown. Brown has all sorts of questionable commitments to big labor, that includes Unions--who will want a nice pay-off if Jerry wins. Let's face it Gloria Allred doesn't work for peanuts and some entity has to give a bribe to the Nicci, the maid. His smear tactic and trying to pretend he had nothing to do with this matter. First thing to happen should be the arrest of the maid, for using forged documents--specifically the Social Security number. If any administration was serious about stopping the illegal alien invasion, they would make entry without permission a--FELONY.

America cannot afford any Democrats or Republicans who think we can keep on giving amnesty, to just about anybody? This will eventually lead to overpopulation, water shortages, energy disruption and loss of environment. Even now water is in short supply in California and other border states. We are bringing in endlessly a cornucopia of profit for businesses that employ illegal nationals, without any obligation to paying for their health care, children's schooling and welfare. My family doesn't want to contribute tax money to illegal alien medical treatment education for their kids or any of the unaccountable dollars amounts to foreign subjects, including a charge card every month. Illegal immigrants have stolen jobs, lower wages for US citizens and green card holders. While Americans are still writhing from the bank bailouts, with the financially institutions placing rigid restrictions on offering loans or mortgages, the Democrats are underhandedly enacting amnesty laws, instead of enforcing the 1986. We should also make a stunning example of ridding Pro-Amnesty Governors, Mayors, Judges and all levels of officialdom. You still have time to bombard your Senators or Congressman 202-224-3121 before November and warn both parties that you intend to vote-out any pro-amnesty lawmakers.

Posted by Casca on 10/05/2010 at 6:01 PM

Re: “Thursday Must Read: Foreclosures Are Bad for Your Health; Illegal Immigration Plummets

The mêlée over illegal immigration has just begun and the Tea Party members, Conservatives and independents should be mindful of Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of Californians record. Boxer debated candidate Republican challenger Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, for US Senate seat, confronting each other in the first of their debates this election season. Fiorina took the lead in in the political discussion that was informative, even when both contributors were argumentative. Voters must make the best assessment between the two very dissimilar candidates, from opposed ends of their political philosophy. Both opinionated over how to best construct a jobs program; about their records in the environment, business sector, public, foreign policy, the economy and internal government strife and even abortion. This first upfront in the face debate was barbed, in a performance of competing arguments with the candidates in an all-out attack on each other’s records.

The questions were balanced from voters, but discord remained as the smear tactics continued losing sight in some cases of the original questioning. In the offset it came to voter’s questions about immigration, which as now surfaced as a red-hot button issue commencing with the federal lawsuit against the state of Arizona. Even the sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa county is being dragged over the tiles for exerting his state authority to apprehend illegal aliens. Unless I missed it on C-SPAN there was no mention of Immigration Chief John Morton with ICE arresting only criminals and releasing thousands of illegal aliens back on the streets, in a De Facto Amnesty. Although Madam Fiorina supports the "Dream Act” it must be noted she does not agree with any AMNESTY. The Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented students who came to the United States as minors and finished high school.

Boxer on the other hand believed in Comprehensive Immigration Reform, known by most prudent Americans as Amnesty. This would commence with a massive expenditure to taxpayers, through forced taxes to pay for Amnesty, with welfare programs not far behind. Like her counterpart Sen. Harry Reid, her stance on stopping illegal immigration is in one word" Un-American" She is obviously for an open border because her record shows that. Voted--YES--on continuing federal funds for declared "Sanctuary Cities". Bill Table S.Amdt.4309 to S.Con.Res ; on Mar 13, 2008. Voted--YES--on comprehensive Immigration reform Bill S.1639 ; on Jun 28, 2007. Voted--NO--on declaring English as the official language of the US Government Bill. S.Amdt.1151 to S.1348 ; on Jun 6, 2007. Voted--YES--on eliminating the "Y" nonimmigrant guest worker visa Bill S.Amdt.1153 on S.1348 ; on May 22, 2007. Voted--YES--on building a fence along the Mexican border. Bill H R 6061 ; on Sep 29, 2006. The 2006 Secure Fence Bill was a fallacy, as it wasn’t built as originally intended and still remains uncompleted. Voted--YES--on establishing a Guest Worker program. Bill S. 2611 ; on May 25, 2006.

VOTED--YES--ON ALLOWING ILLEGAL ALIENS TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR SOCIAL SECURITY Bill S.Amdt.3985 to S.2611 ; on May 18, 2006. Voted—NO-- on allowing more foreign workers into the US for agricultural work. Bill S.2260 ; on Jul 23, 1998. Voted--YES--on a visa for skilled workers. Bill S. 1723 ; on May 18, 1998. Voted--NO--on limiting welfare for immigrants. Bill S.947 ; on Jun 24, 1997. SPONSORED PROVIDING FUNDING FOR SOCIAL SERVICES FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS. Funding (S.AMDT.4072 to S.2611) 06-SP4072 on May 18, 2006. According to NumbersUSA website Sen. Boxer has a "D" in Immigration enforcement and her stance categorizes her, with an open border mentality. The majority of Democrats have already breeched their oath of Allegiance to the American people, by catering more to the health care, education and other benefits to the illegal alien invasion force, while in many states the underprivileged citizens are either turned away or left to their own devices—when it comes to public assistance.

California is a—SANCTUARY CITY—and state, supported by lawmakers such as Senator Boxer. California has become a harbor for millions of illegal aliens that are benefiting from a damaged federal, state and county entitlement system. In part it has been compromised by hundreds of thousands of instant-citizenship for babies of illegal aliens, tapping into all manner of cash payments and so much more, leaving the state’s welfare system dragging its tail. Overall billions of your tax dollars are being swallowed up by people who shouldn’t be here--nationwide. We have a good chance now to remove all pro-amnesty, pro-illegal immigrant politicians and all elected officials and elect new unblemished legislators. Warn your Senator or Congressman by calling the Washington switchboard 202-224-3121. If you are not in-line with the peoples wishes, you will be out in November.

Making room in the jobless line isn't just about removing incumbents, Anti Liberal, Anti-Democrat or most issues. Even Medical Care reform is not the major issue. Its about the failure of both parties to listen to the American people. One major issue is illegal immigration and taxpayers have the IRS extorting money from them, to pay for every conceivable entitlement that Americans cannot get. The lies about the border fence and not following the design of the 2006 Secure Fence act .It's about incomprehensible billions of dollars that we are spending on corporate welfare--as the pay nothing to illegal workers other then wages; not the education of their children, health care, unemployment benefits or undisclosed social programs. We the taxpayers are the dumb fools who pay for it all? Millions are slipping past the border and it will never, ever stop, until we have politicians who are working for the American people. They are taking low skilled and manual labor jobs and lowering wages to an estimate of $200 billion a year.

Posted by Casca on 09/02/2010 at 4:35 PM

Re: “Oakland Council Okays Municipal ID Plan

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says the flow of remittances to Latin America has doubled in the past four years, to an estimated $55 billion this year--and that's just Latin America? Obviously the US government keeps it undisclosed.

But if you add up the demands of foreign nationals for free health care, education, food stamps, low income housing and so much more, that is guaranteed by forced federal mandates and state give-aways We must demand E-Verify that is permanent and not at the mercy of poisoned political influence. E-Verify should not be just for new employees, but everybody who has been with the company for even ten years or more. Unless the bloggers hadn't commented on the Internet, most communities would have remained in the media's perpetual darkness about E-Verify.

The Obama administration has been instrumental in trying to kill E-Verify, with an assortment of excuses. Most of the majority Democratic liberals have played games with American workers lives, even to weaken it and allowing at least 300 thousand foreign nationals to gain employment from contractors under the Stimulus bill. US Chamber of Commerce, ACLU, La Raza and other anti-American, anti-sovereignty groups have massive nefarious influence on our Washington. The open border free traders legislators who are continually eroding away our constitutional rights. It's disgusting that the free trade cartels are using their political insiders such as Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker of the house Pelosi and many more to allow the free movement of uneducated, uncivilized, poor to infiltrate every community in our lands. It is an unforgivable offense to push for an AMNESTY or as they like to call it Immigration reform, when over ten million Americans are jobless.

The morons who are promised to protect all Americans, are really pandering to minorities and the business executives, who want the cheapest workers they can find--without any extras including health care. A very upgraded E-verify application that any literate computer person can use, can begin the attrition of clearing our nation of illegal foreigners. Since the 1960's they have brought unrestrained criminals, subversives, who have no motive drive by shooting to prove a point. From wherever they have come, they have tried to force on the American people a nasty form of multiculturalism and fundermentalist religions which attributes to increasing violence.

Issuing Drivers licenses, ID cards to lawbreakers, illegal aliens can lead to other legal documents in other states. Showing a drivers license that has been issues by a government authority, and another ID document, will enable an illegal alien to tap into the safety welfare net for Americans. It means less benefits for homeless veterans, single mothers with children and senior citizens. In California it has undermined the State budget, leading to the edge of bankruptcy. As of today Senior citizens have had their benefits cut by up to $50.00 because of inroads by illegal aliens stealing social security numbers and other ID. Those who agree with giving drivers licenses and other handouts to illegal aliens, I do hope State Sen. Gilbert Cedillo SSN gets stolen and find somebody has ruined their credit.

We have been forced by federal law to accommodate them with translators in the court system, voting and other measures, when those who came here legally would have been versed in the English language. Americans citizens have been subjected to growing overpopulation, which our politicians seemingly remain quiet about? The pollution in the cities, traffic blockages is an ever growing chaos. We must understand that illegal immigration is causing massive economic setbacks fo our nations own homeless and impoverished. California being the perfect pawn by their governor and Sacramento officials who must cut services, because of the $47 billion budget shortfall. The worst offenders are the liberal press who do not denounce the causes that can be attributed to illegal immigration. There non-democratic principles have allowed the proliferation of Sanctuary States and cities.

The only way for AMERICANS to get any action is to explode on the Senate and Congressional lawmakers is by phoning their aides direct. A million voices or more will make both the states and Washington politicians to realize, their career jobs are on the line. Their greatest ability is to distract American taxpayers with meaningless issues, that only effects minority groups. Illegal Immigration effects everybody, their jobs, their language, their culture, their moral integrity, their religion. YOU CAN MAKE AN IMMENSE DIFFERENCE? Senate & Representative for your contact at: (202) 224-3121: THESE PEOPLE ARE YOUR PUBLIC SERVANTS AND SWORE AN OATH TO YOU?.

Posted by Dave on 06/03/2009 at 12:00 PM

Re: “California's Call to Convention

The undeniable consequences of unfettered illegal immigration, illustrates the terrible burden placed on Californians with a crushing budget meltdown. A time back city councilor Andronovich stated, " $ 11. billion can be attributed to every illegal alien, who slips across the border." Annually the cost of illegal immigration to Los Angeles County taxpayers exceeds one billion dollars, which includes $220 million for public safety, $400 million for health care, and $500 million in welfare and food stamps allocations. Public Social Services also shows that children of illegal aliens in Los Angeles County collected more than $21 million in welfare and more than $22 million in food stamps in March 2009 -- an increase of $1 million from the previous month, according to a news release from Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich. In addition Twenty-four percent of the county's total allotment of welfare and food stamp benefits goes directly to the children of illegal aliens born in the United States he indicated. But that's just Los Angeles County? That's the awful quagmire of taxes of forced mandates. REMOVE THE STIGMA OF SANCTUARY CITIES & STATES OF WHICH CALIFORNIA HAS IMPLEMENTED AGAINST FEDERAL LAW.

It is estimated 3 to 4 million foreign nationals have illegal settled in this county alone. What about the rest of California? How about the the liberal stronghold of San Francisco, where illegals criminals are sheltered, and where a drained city treasury can still find hundreds of thousands of dollars to issue illegal ID cards. How about the mandatory taxes extracted from every American nationwide? The people will no longer accept higher taxes to support illegal immigrants and their families, who have strained the both federal , county and state funding. The reservoirs of money supposedly to pay for medical care, education and government to benefit citizens and residents in California have been paid out instead to illegal immigrants. The dire cash problems in California shows years of neglect by its legislators, who have genuflected to the business communities.

Analyst Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found high school-dropouts-who headed households pay an average of $9,700 a year in taxes but collect an average of $32,138 a year in benefits. Overpopulation should be a major concern in the state. Only the nocturnal drivers are free over traffic clogs. In a third year of drought, this is the time to enact in California, the illegal alien extraction tool called E-Verify. Only the predatory businesses refuse to identify foreign workers with this excellent successful program. Only the corrupt members of Sacramento's state assembly have not made it a permanent law, that should be used for all American workers. Only Sen.Harry Reid, majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other mostly Democratic Senators have tried to weaken or kill it's power to perform. Learn more at JUDICIALWATCH, NUMBERSUSA & CAPSWEB.

Posted by Dave on 05/20/2009 at 12:08 PM

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