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Re: “The Trouble with Kaiser's Technology

The comments by Odette Bolano, Senior VP & Area manager, are written by someone who just arrived at the Oakland Kaiser Facility in the past several weeks. It is her job to refute what the RN's in the trenches tell you what is happening at the bedside. Kaiser is just following the National Model of Health Care they say. Well we say that is not good enough for the nation & it is not good enough for our patients here in Oakland. We, the RN's at the bedside took an oath to provide safe care that does not endanger the patient in any aspect of care received along the continuum. When we see it is not safe we will speak up as we have done in our ADO's & when necessary to alert the public of these safety issues. We know the Emperor has no clothes, you cannot fool us or the public by trying to cover up the facts by sugar coating the reality at the bedside that is unsafe. Thank you for the great article calling attention to the safe care our community deserves when they are most vulnerable. I would rather have an RN at my bedside calling attention to my unsafe care & providing me with that safety net . . . than an administrator telling me that everything is ok when it is not! Do the right thing Kaiser, you have the finances to do better!

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Posted by Carol R Thomas on 09/09/2014 at 10:35 PM

Re: “Nurses Say Kaiser Oakland Is Shortchanging Patients

Mr. Jones stated there are over 400 RNs each week at Bay Area Kaiser hospitals that are involved in ZERO patient care. Mr Jones, you are either Kaiser management or you are married to the Kaiser propaganda! Mr. Jones the wages you quote are not the average salary of an RN, to earn those wages there are a lot of over time hours or returning to work without sufficient rest which warrants premium pay! RNs are exposed to things you would not want your mother, your wife or your daughter to be vulnerable to bring home to you without thise benefis! In fact RN's should have health care for life, we don't. A needle stick or exposure to something that has far reaching effects may not be covered because RN's unlike management don't retire after fewer than 10 years with full health coverage! Kaiser created the illusion of shortages themselves & then cry about they are over staffed due to their own self created illusion. RN shortages are right here in Oakland we don't need to go any where else! Extra shifts are available every day along with overtime! RN's phones are ringing with text messages to come to work while still on shift! We don't need retraining we need sufficient staff to fill the many shifts that are short staffed. The early full retirement package was not all that it was purported to be or trust that if it was RN's would be retiring yesterday. Many of the management team took advantage of the lucrative retirement package offered to them because it was to their advantage & they could see nursing as it was known during their career was changed forever! The RNs have not refused to be reassigned or "retrained" because we will not admit there is a shortage when there is not one! We intend to stay right where we are & advocate for our patients, and even for you Mr. Jones if you become one of our patients. The only rooms full of RNs doing nothing was again created by Kaiser when units needed those RN's at the bedside helping to provide safe patient care to short staffed units. RN's were coraled into a remote library room so they could not see how their fellow RN sisters & brothers were struggling to provide that safe patient care short staffed! RN's in the library were given busy work to complete education modules when those hours could have been put to better use at some ones bedside! Were you there; my colleagues & I did not see you while we were forced to leave our units short staffed? CNA does not create propaganda, they are a professional union supporting safe patient care issues in Califonia & across this great country! USA, the land of the free & home of the brave where the free do not know they are being denied access to care & the brave are the RN's advocating for that right & the freedom to have safe health care for all! I will give you cudos for your one enligtened comment "While the staffing situation is gravely concerning" but that is about all I can say you got right. You stated that you believe that what this is all about is regarding the collective bargaining agreement expiration this year instead of the real issue, the safety of our patients, our community & our nursing practice in which we have an obligation to advocate for our patients per Title 22! Now lets talk serious money talk since you brought it up. The Chairman & CEO of Kaiser was paid in 2013: $77.00 per minute or $4620.00 per hour or $184,800 per week or $9,609,600 per year! President Bush met with the Kaiser Chairman & CEO & then so did President Obama, I'm quite sure he didn't meet with them to talk about his salary or his compensation plan! It was more like taking the Kaiser model across this nation as "the model of care" to provide for our sick, dying & vulnerable population in a time when safe health care is needed! I sure hope President Obama has his finger on the pulse of what is happening to health care because some one besides an RN needs to be there to help us advocate for our patients! God Bless you Mr. Jones with good health!

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Posted by Carol R Thomas on 01/17/2014 at 12:42 AM

Re: “Nurses Say Kaiser Oakland Is Shortchanging Patients

I am a Kaiser OMC RN & I can attest to the truth of the comments made by the RN's in the article "RN's say Kaiser Oakland is short changing their patients". Management changed the criteria for admission as well as length of stay. This means it appears that the hospital has less patients so less RN's & less support staff are needed. Management manipulated the numbers drastically & when the RN calls their attention to it, well, they accuse the RN's for misrepresenting patient safety needs. RN's have the responsibility to advocate for their patients safety by calling attention to the lack of safe staffing, the lack of support staff including house keeping & systems issues that are unsafe. Thus over 1000 ADO's were written in 2013! Don't believe all the hype in the ad campaign it is just to distract you, the community, from the real issue which is you really can't get into the system for needed care. Emails, phone consults, really, what about a face to face assessment so you can access real health care when you need it?

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Posted by Carol R Thomas on 01/15/2014 at 10:24 AM

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