Friday, March 21, 2008

Cal Frat Boy Web Site More Interesting Than Expected

By Chris Thompson
Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 8:38 AM

Fresh from outing the UC system's new president, Chron reporter Tanya Schevitz writes about a national web site that seems to exist solely so frat boys, broken down by campus, can write juvenile crap about the sorority tail they've hit. And the web site,, does have plenty of bon mots; when one female Berkeley student objected to the nastier comments, another poster replied that the site was "intended for telling greasy roast beef curtain sloots like yourself to open your mouth so we can drop a nice sweaty tea bag inside!" But if you shop around a bit (and okay, we did), you'll find that the juicycampus posters also like to hate on ... the downtown Marine recruiting station! Sample posts after the break...

Here's a sweet one: "Do Marines sublimate queer sex with violence Your a smart group...what do you think...any anthropologist or psyche majors out there?"

Or try this one on: "fuck the Marines. This country was built on hard work and immigrant labor. the Marines are just a blood cult and have no business in Berkeley. Semper pie motherfucker."

But the award for the most surreal post goes to the anonymous Marine who begged sorority girls on the site to come down and support his recruiting station during the demos. In return, he promised to hunt down all the frat boys who had been posting nasty remarks on juicycampus and put a hurtin' on 'em. "we will hunt the maggot down and make him pee on himself," the Marine promised. "there is no charge for this service as we truly enjoy terrorizing maggots."

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