Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cal Acceptance Complicates TV Love Affair

By Lauren Gard
Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 3:27 PM

After three years on the air, a character in the former cult hit (a.k.a. current ratings disaster) The O.C. finally posed a question last week that we could relate to: "Would you have said you loved me if you'd known I'd gotten into Berkeley?" Okay, scratch that�we didn't understand the query all. (What's not to love about someone being admitted to a school with an acceptance rate of 23.5 percent?) The context surrounding this query is so complex that to truly understand what Taylor, rough-guy Ryan's tiny, pouty girlfriend, is talking about you'd have to labor through the entire hour-long show. (And with drunken mischief maker-cum-clothes hanger Mischa Barton MIA�having been killed off at the end of last season�where's the fun in that?) Or, you can settle for merely catching the general drift via this four-minute clip�though you may prefer simply to hit rewind and listen to Taylor uttering the ridiculous question again and again. (She is THAT good at it! Not that we'd waste our time doing dumb stuff like that.)

With just two episodes left, Cal will clearly figure prominently into the future of these star-crossed lovers. Hedge your bets, then tune in Thursday to see if they make it up north together...or fall victim to a massive earthquake. (No joke.)

Perhaps Boalt Hall's OC Fan club has the inside scoop?

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