Be Prepared to Blow a Fuse 

For the week of July 1-7, 2009.

For the last several months, every time I sit down to write this column I am perplexed about what to write. I have the format down: Identify the themes, describe how they play out, and then offer up practical advice about how to handle the news. Or, as a good friend once said, "Ralfee's column: First paragraph — life sucks; second paragraph, life sucks; and so forth until the end, which reads, 'Here's what you can do about it. And be nice.'" Okay ... maybe it's not that simple or succinct. But as I face the astrological picture for the coming weeks and months, I feel the need to break free from that format. Most of us already know that we are living in exceptional times, and the current planetary patterns reflect that intensity. What the stars indicate for now and for the future is a highly charged, transformational time that is going to be deeply uncomfortable. But nothing is a fait accompli. Earth is a free-will planet, and the outcome — or what we would call history — is determined by individual choice. It may not look that way at times, but nevertheless it is so. So ... as the coming weeks and months unfold, as you continue to read this column — or any other astrology column — please keep in mind that astrologers interpret symbols as best they can, but how those symbols transform into life experience is neither uniform nor predictable. We are all (astrologer and reader) actually making "it" up as we go along — and while that's a whole lotta uncertainty, in the end, it is a very good thing. True healing comes from staying on the field of action, no matter how uncomfortable, and allowing the necessary transformation to occur.

And we are definitely standing on a field of action. Uranus goes Retrograde today and stays that way until December 1, and as it "turns around," Uranus sextiles Mars from the 1st to 13th. Uranus represents kinetic energy, Mars symbolizes physical energy, and when they work in unison, they generate sheer physical power. Much of that power will manifest itself as innovation, but also be prepared for sudden twists of fate, personal as well as collective.

We end this week with a Lunar Eclipse on July 7. Even though we understand the science of eclipses, eclipses still signal a reversal of the "normal" order. And given the already Uranian pulse of this week, this eclipse translates into even more upset. As regular routines fall apart, be prepared for nervous systems, yours or others', already on overload, to blow a fuse or snap a circuit breaker.

While I don't think the planets cause events, I do think there is an inexplicable correlation between celestial and terrestrial cycles. I enjoy the mystery of astrology because it invites not just the mind, but also the soul, to participate in the dialogue between heaven and earth — and that's a conversation we can all benefit from.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES It's a matter of balance, and the best way to maintain your equilibrium is to expect the unexpected. Take nothing for granted and you will handle what happens with skill and grace.

TAURUS External uncertainty could trigger internal angst, especially if you're looking for guarantees about your future. Rather than worry, stay present. If you show up in integrity, the future will take care of itself.

GEMINI Try not to let the values of others determine where you stand within yourself. Yes, it's important to consider diverse points of view, but it's better to use those perspectives to develop your own informed opinion.

CANCER New information about significant others could jolt you into impulsive choices. I'm not suggesting your reaction is "wrong," but it would be wise to consider the consequences of your decision before making choices you might later regret.

LEO It's the same old question: When is co-dependence just another word for kindness? There is no standard answer; there is only the one that works for you. Think about how you can be loving without losing your identity.

VIRGO Take advantage of opportunities to repair or mend fences with friends or associates. This isn't so much about reversing your stand as it is about using the solid ground of compromise to work beneficially for everyone.

LIBRA Make "synthesize" your personal mantra, and you'll hold onto a unified perspective. The situation is not as oppositional as it first appears. Work on softening your extremes and you'll find positive solutions.

SCORPIO You can call your current situation a crisis of faith or you can consider it an opportunity to shift out of old mental patterns and into a new mindset. This is a no-brainer: Give up what doesn't work.

SAGITTARIUS The eclipse will reveal new information about how to handle your financial situation. I am not saying you will win the lottery, but you could use this new knowledge to implement a fresh approach to money.

CAPRICORN The Lunar Eclipse in your Sign provides the potential to alter your perspective on several relationships. That doesn't mean the partnership must end. This is about shifting your role, and then allowing a new relationship to emerge.

AQUARIUS What's that saying about "all work and no play?" I'm not suggesting you stop working, especially if you love what you do. But it might be interesting to take a break, if only to refresh your perspective.

PISCES You may be experiencing confusion distinguishing the differences between friends and lovers. Focus on the qualities that bring you joy in either role, and you'll access greater clarity about what matters most to you.


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