Astro-Drama Requires Breaks 

For the week of June 3-9, 2009.

A nonstop marathon of planetary activity turns this week, and the next several weeks, into a powerful astro-drama that's sure to challenge all of us, even those astral athletes who thrive on prolonged periods of intensity. Every member of the astrological pantheon has a part to play, and as their roles run the range of probable manifestations from negative to positive (and just about everything in between), one thing is guaranteed: You won't be bored. The best way to navigate this planetary pace is to find a comfortable stride, preferably one that allows you to take breaks when necessary. Keep in mind, just because daily life is intense, it doesn't have to be extreme.

Several factors contribute to the quickening. First, the ongoing Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction in Aquarius continues to inspire altruistic goals. But I've been looking closely at how this energy seems to be manifesting, and I've decided that Chiron's presence is skewing this conjunction toward the deeper wounds of what keeps us from concretizing those ideals. But those wounds are hard to see because the causal level of greed and fear is so deep and because too many of us still believe that greed is good. This is why I think the effect of the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction feels more like "hope-iness" than like actual hope. (I didn't come up with the idea of "hope-iness" although I wish I had. My cousin's friend recently suggested that Stephen Colbert should make it a new word of the day.) We want change — yes, we do — and when we see or hear President Obama speak, we think we are changing. But actually, some things are staying the same or getting worse. Certain detainees will never be tried. And now, along with resuscitating the banks with our tax dollars, we have legislation that gives the banks permission to charge as much interest as they want and gives us permission to carry handguns in state parks. This is not hope; this is hope-iness.

Second, Mercury, now Direct and gathering forward momentum, squares the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron conjunction. This interaction could provide the necessary friction to ask real questions about how to make real change. So don't be afraid to ask what it will take to truly transform and insist that our president do the same. It would be a huge disappointment to so many if Obama became the next symbol of the status quo. Fortunately, a Mercury/Uranus sextile is also operating, which means innovation is possible, if not probable. Aim this energy at problem solving, and you could surprise yourself with positive, inventive solutions capable of tangible transformation.

Good intentions are a good start, but unless those intentions turn into action, all the words in the world won't make a difference. Which is why it's important once again to remember that each of us is a powerful agent of change, and that true and lasting change happens one person, one mind, and one heart at a time.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The ideal inner marriage is the union of insight and action, a partnership that can be achieved by allowing intuition to inform action. Recommit to walking your talk and you'll be pleased with the results.

TAURUS The best way to transform a defeat into a victory is to learn from your mistakes. Apply logic to your process and objectivity, and you'll start to see where and how you can improve your methods.

GEMINI A strong external stance is important, especially if it is informed from the inside out. Devote yourself to creating and maintaining inner fortitude, and you'll transform your external situation.

CANCER Be a friend to those in need, but don't violate your integrity by ignoring boundaries or creating co-dependence you might later regret. Yes, generosity is a must, but sometimes saying "no" is also beneficial.

LEO On one hand you're emotionally supercharged, while on the other you're working with great clarity. Synthesize these two currents, and you'll transform your emotional intensity into creative passion.

VIRGO It's all a matter of perspective, and while you may think I'm being superficial about the gravity of your circumstances, I'm not. Realistically assess where you've been, and you'll find the strength and clarity to move forward.

LIBRA Despite the external activity, you feel a need to "hermitize." Indulge that impulse for quiet time, and you'll not only soothe your soul, but you will also reinvigorate and renew certain important relationships.

SCORPIO Conversations with significant others, personal or professional, are spiritually gratifying, especially as you and those you care about speak from the heart. No matter what's said, stay open to authenticity.

SAGITTARIUS The focus is on work and money — a great partnership — and how you can transform your financial situation by working well with others. Even if you work alone, figure out how you can network with people of like mind.

CAPRICORN Make peace not war, and all your efforts will be well met. An aggressive posture will only antagonize others. A gentler stand will encourage spontaneity and generosity.

AQUARIUS Contemplate what would bring you the greatest joy, and then concentrate your efforts on creating that vision. I'm not suggesting you will magically acquire all you desire; I'm simply advising you to be clear about what really matters.

PISCES Be clear and direct about what you want and need, and you'll be amazed at how quickly the energy shifts. Even situations you thought would never change can be catalyzed by a clear and real assessment combined with the courage to make the necessary changes.


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