Saturday, February 5, 2011

A's Welcome You to 2011 Sort Of....

By Kibby Kleiman
Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 5:37 PM

Anybody catch the San Francisco Giants Fan Fest today? You might have heard about it. Broadcast live on KNBR for twelve hours in a row, taking up all but one front page sports story in the Chronicle? Promoted as the closest thing to being in the World Series parade for weeks? What you might ask are our local ballers doing to welcome the long-suffering fans to the Coliseum this year?

A tailgate party thing. Kind of. Check out the excitement in this image!. Yep, the Athletics welcome you back in the style you know best. Half-hearted and on the cheap!

Rather than post images of droopy tents being blown by cruel breezes in the Coliseum parking lot which can be seen if you want to lurk on the team website, we'll let you reflect on a couple of other items here. To wit:

*Nothing says excitement more than a Welcome Back held on a Tuesday afternoon.

*Maybe starting the event at 4 p.m. and having it end at 6:30 isn't the ideal time for people who have jobs, who might, y'know, be the very fans you hope will want to buy tickets.

*And then to steal from the Giants, by letting fans pose with World Series trophies (the newest of which is more than twenty years old) seems kind of sad.

Let's not even speak about the limpness of promoting not Mathletics, but just the sign-up booth for the program. I recognize that the hottest ticket in town rightfully belongs to the biggest winner in the Bay, but this feels like getting one of those chilly dollar dogs at the yard. And then finding out that they're out of those too.

Being an A's fan means getting used to making due with very little. This cheerless attempt to say, Welcome to the Season! two days before it begins and then trying to marry it to an exhibition game against the Giants with a marketing angle that looks like somebody said, "Hey were we going to do one of those Fan Fest things too?" means that settling for less with the Oakland A's is once again setting the bar too damn high.

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