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Re: “Party 2 Nite. R U Going?

A thing or two about interracial politics. Perhaps the connection between a nice p.c. Berkeley school and the thug culture on the streets is the support in the school for "Hating Whitey" (name borrowed from book by David Horowitz) and blaming Whitey for every bad thing any black person does. Which certainly legitimates the assaults and various and sundry crimes by blacks upon those of other races, particularly whiteys.
Have public schools become places where people of all races promote the idea that black people aren't really responsible for their own behavior, but rather, white people are responsible for everything that black people do or don't do, including black people turning to a life of crime?
Let's look at some sane voices in the midst of such insanity.
Shelby Steele, black intellectual, Hoover Institution fellow, author of The Content of Our Character. "Whites must guarantee a free and fair society. But blacks must be responsible for actualizing their own lives." "Our leadership continues to stress our victimization (as blacks)....they have demanded concessions from government, industry, and society at large while demanding very little from blacks themselves by way of living up to the opportunities that have already been won." "The most dangerous threat to the black identity is not the racism of white society (this actually confirms the black identity) but the black person who insists on his or her own individuality." (Hence we have Al Sharpton et al who make a living out of deciding which black people are really black...BIll Cosby has been told he isn't black...) "Black identity is an identity of accusation that offers its subscribers a way to recompose their vulnerability into their victimization. Nowhere in the current black identity is there a strong theme of responsibility for our own fate." "Since it was our victimization...that identified and unifed us, it followed logically that the purest black was the poor black. ...all other blacks were in effect required to identify with him in order to confirm their own blackness." In his book White Guilt, Steele recalls how powerful he felt when as a young man he rode the wave of Hating Whitey power "I was filled with empowering feeling of license...the feeling that being black released me from the usual obligation to common decency and decorum...I was licensed to live in a spirit of disregard toward my own country" "White guilt began to make white racism into an opportunity for occaision for 'demands'". "Black militancy came into existence solely to exploit white guilt...effectively, black militancy and white guilt are two sides of the same coin. Together and separately their goal is always to redistribute responsiblility for black uplift from blacks themselves to American institutions." "Black militancy...assumes the continuing inferiority of the black people it tries to speak for."
John McWhorter, black Berkeley linguistics professor, singer, wrote Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America . There he says, "Adopting victimhood as an aspect of identity rather than addressing it as a problem has become an accepted form of black American expression." "Victimology is a disease...that feels like a religion. It is just as prevalent among educated people with ample opportunities." "Reports of the strong tendency for young African Americans to discourage one another from doing well in school are numbingly think that the mere whispers of racism that black children in this town experience are enough to forever extinguish their intellectual ability is an infantilization of black people." "We are underestimating black people. Frankly it insults me. Jews can survive centuries of persecution and the Holocaust and have their children be expected to reach any bar, Chinese in San Francisco in the early 1900's can be tortured on the streets and barred from employment anywhere but laundries, sweatshops and restaurants and have their children be expected to reach for any bar. But pull a well-fed suburban black kid over for a drug check one afternoon and subject him to a couple teachers who don't call on him as often as others, and he's forever subject to lower expectations."

Let's quit tracing everything back to the fact that blacks were enslaved in America and fixating neurotically on that one point in history. People shouldn't be walking around with rose-colored glasses, but neither should we all be walking around with slavery-colored glasses, seeing everything through one victimology lens and that only. As Thomas Sowell, black Hoover Institution fellow, author, intellectual, points out, the first people in the history of the world who opposed slavery (which was practiced everywhere: in Africa, in Arab countries, in Europe, in Asia) were: whites of European descent. American whites of European descent were the first people in the history of the world to find slavery disturbing and to speak out against it en masse, as a social force which brought about significant social change in this nation. Meanwhile, black people in Africa are still enslaving other blacks. Many peoples were enslaved over history: indeed the very word "Slave" comes from "Slav" because of the enormous number of people of Slavic ethnicity who were enslaved. Jews were enslaved for 400 years in Egypt: are we still blaming Egyptians for all our failures? No, we walked out of Egypt with Moses and, fresh out of slavery, founded one of the great monotheistic religions of the world.

Memorable phrases & quotes:

Shelby Steele: "The bigotry of low expectations."
Shelby Steele: "When our leaders put a spotlight on our own victimization as blacks...they inadvertently turn themselves into enemies of truth."

"Blaming Whitey for everything" is a lame, politically correct, comfy-cozy liberalite, Berkeleyite position that has destructive consequences all around. To continue to blame black misbehavior, crime, hatred, thug culture, poor performance in schools, etc on whites may make both black victimologists and white guilt saturated liberals feel comfy cozy, but it does nothing to solve the increasing problems of black failure and black crime. People have got to return to sanity, and the concept that black people really can think, decide, make choices, and take responsbility for themselves just like the rest of us. The whole Blaming Whitey thing is getting so big and so full of bullshitty scented hot air that it has got to just explode before too long.

Arthur Isaac Levy

Posted by Arthur Isaac Levy on 01/15/2008 at 4:10 PM

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