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For the week of July 2-July 8, 2008.

This week and the next couple of weeks, planetary complexity creates a complex system of parallel universes, and while it's not quite the Twilight Zone, each dimension does have its own peculiar brand of intensity. In one world, minds are busy with anything but trivial pursuits, as imagination feeds artistic and intellectual visions, and ideas pour forth with unbelievable ease. In another reality, a grueling need for precision stimulates an equally intense need to blow off steam through confrontation, warranted or not. On still another plane of existence, an irrepressible desire for personal freedom collides with a current of exaggeration, and the combination tilts human behavior toward extreme actions and reactions. As these different dimensions coalesce, daily life could turn a little odd, so don't be surprised if you find yourself humming "do-do-do-do."

For the next ten days, a Mercury/Uranus square, as well as a Mercury/Neptune trine makes minds busy. Mercury symbolizes all intellectual processes. Uranus represents eccentricity. And when Mercury and Uranus combine, eclectic choices become the only choices. So be prepared to paint the walls orange one day, and the ceiling purple the next. Add Neptune, which signifies the imaginal as well as the spiritual realms, and you just might find yourself inspired to go on a meditation retreat, attend a Landmark workshop, or create your own "Fantasy Island" episode.

Unfortunately, utter escapism isn't likely. From the 1st to the 20th, exact and separating on July 10, a difficult Mars/Saturn conjunction creates a "challenging" environment. Mars is the Warrior who thrives on action. Saturn is the Critical Eye who thrives on seeing what needs to be made more perfect. Mars wants to move. Saturn sets limits. And they share the same space: Saturn inhibits Mars, Mars resists Saturn's authority, and frustration, irritation, and aggravation are the result. On the negative side of the spectrum, this conjunction symbolizes a potentially destructive energy that focuses on finding the flaw in an often harsh and brutal manner. On the positive side, a Mars/Saturn conjunction can give birth to a persevering determination to get the job done no matter how difficult the actual doing of it may be. Some of us will experience this conjunction as a test of strength. Others will use it to concentrate on a specific goal. But most of us are likely to feel as if we are vacillating between depression and excellence — a polarity that could be more than a little disturbing, and because this conjunction leans toward angry, you may find yourself lashing out at others as a way of coping with the tension.

The good news is a Sun/Jupiter opposition, from the 2nd to the 17th, fosters humor as a coping mechanism. This opposition also turns appetites of every variety excessive. Don't be surprised if you encounter several hungry ghosts. Also be aware, humor at another's expense often causes more harm that it's worth, so as you move through the week, please be kind to your fellow travelers.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

Aries March 21-April l9

A light touch will work better than a heavy hand in all circumstances. So rather than push, figure out how to gently encourage, and you'll make steady, consistent progress toward your goals.

Taurus April 20-May 20

Spontaneous conversations with friends stimulate a fresh approach to stagnant situations. But to make the solution work, you have to surrender your attachment to the old and authentically welcome the new.

Gemini May 21-June 21

What you need is a nice long rest, so rather than stay pitched at recent levels of intensity, give yourself permission to take a break. If you replenish your reserves, you'll improve your health as well as your attitude.

Cancer June 22-July 22

There is no avoiding the spotlight, so instead of spending your energy attempting the impossible, allow yourself to shine. If you share your gifts and talents graciously, you'll inspire others to do the same.

Leo July 23-August 22

Your intention is to align financial and creative goals, and while that unity is possible, it will take both confidence and humility to channel your ambitions. Be determined to strike the right balance and you will.

Virgo August 23-September 22

You're being asked to blend logic and intuition, and while this may seem paradoxical, the mind and the heart can actually work well together. Synthesize both approaches and you'll establish greater equilibrium, inside and out.

Libra September 23-October 22

The workload isn't impossible — it's overwhelming. And more is on the way. Stay flexible and you'll deal with unanticipated developments with skill and grace.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

Rather than resist increase and expansion because you're afraid it will be too much, allow this growth process. You'll know when the time is right to discard what's unnecessary or superfluous.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

A deep desire for change stirs impulsive behavior, and before you have a chance to stop, you're off and running after the next adventure. As you set sail for foreign shores, just remember to keep in touch with those you love.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

Passionate conversations with partners, personal and professional, startle you into new ways of thinking about persistent difficult patterns. Allow this process to unfold and you'll gain good insight into all your relationships.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

It's all about intention, so be clear about what you want, stay focused, and do whatever it takes to actualize your ambition. It will take hard work, but the results will be worth it.

Pisces February 19-March 20

You're not making it up — it's all about partnership. The solution to the intensity is not about withdrawal. It's about staying on the field, allowing things to unfold, and participating with integrity and compassion.


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