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Re: “The Anti Gold Digger

Wanings signs of goldigger: How to tell they are goldiggers:
continued: Please read everything: This can really save your life one day!!

16)Will pretend to be so humble in general,may dress down to make you think they are not goldiggers.They will choose the smallest meals everytime to pretend humbleness,but still let you pay all the time.

17) A very commen one is : They will pretend not to want a big,fancy wedding, so that you will think they are humble,down to earth and dont want a ball and money .
In the meantime though they are secretly planning of taking every single penny that you have worked very hard for after the wedding!!!

18) Be very carefull though you also get people that dress down and are not goldiggers at all. You must look at the whole picture and all the other warnings signs-Especially are you paying most of the time!Your obvious in your face goldigger will go for ridiculously expensive clothing with brand names. However you get many goldiggers as well that dress normaly so look out for all the other signs.

19)You will notice that they are in general very selfish people. For example if they see somebody in need of time or money they will usually not respond with great generousity,even if they have all the means and money to help. Unless of course they are spending their husbands money for people in need.People that spend other peoples earned money and want to put on a show of generousity are obviously being very pretencious.

I mean how easy is it to be generous with money that you have never worked at all for? Beware of the goldigger who is still dating and has not yet married. They can put up a front of being humble and generous -always infront of their date,or making sure the date finds out about it,so that their date thinks they are such a nice and giving person.

20) They will never work for little money for many months or for years. They will always demand to work for a lot of money for doing the minimal. They will always pretend to their partners that they are working so hard for little money ., so that the partner thinks they are so hardworking and not money motivated in any way. You will likely not see anywhere on their CV that they have ever worked long for little pay ,( sorry student days dont count at all-thats everybody)because they place themselves above that and most importantly goldiggers are inherintly just very,very lazy people, who would rather just claim from someone else.

21) They are really super- selfish people and usually very good at acting and manipulating people. My personal experience is people who work in business ,sales are often goldiggers. Possible reason? They are by nature greedy.More importantly though business and marketing dont take so long to study,and it is not as difficult as other fields, and may not require as much work,but can still pay a lot.So in other words the aim is always to do as little as possible and get as much as possible.

Every other profession where you can do as little as possible for lots of money ,or where the studies are not that hard,but you still earn lots - you will also find goldiggers there!Often.Obviously everyone is diffrent so just look at the overall signs. ( The biggest one being: Are you paying for everything? It should be 50 /50 no matter what! If the other person earns less , dont go to a five star restaurant and she/he can then pay their own meal ,or rent a small flat and then he/she can pay their half of the rent)This is the ONLY way to do it with huge earning diffrences.

22)They will often marry the money and the passport to gain citizenship somewhere as well! They will always select a profession where you dont have to do much and get paid stacks of money for it.
(Check how much their profession pays in general for doing what?)

23) Those goldiggers who are housewives will probably watch TV all day ,even when they have kids at home , and they will always tell people how hard they work even when the kids are in kindergarten or at school. Meanwhile it takes the average person one hour a day ,two at most to do the household, even if they have kids. From what I have seen from other people as well. They may just look like they are sooo hardworking when the husband comes home,when in reality they actually really have plenty of time on their hands.

24)Generally are very intolerant of being second best to anything They literally EXPECT the other person to pay up for almost everything as well. Expect to be treated like a king/queen in most situations. For example if the slightest argument breaks out over something seriously petty and their ego was injured , they will usually make a big fuss of it and be very unforgiving for a very long time.In other words always a very snobbish attitude of superiority . Often they will never,ever see that they are wrong , even though they may really hurt people very badly with their behaviour. They are so self-absorbed that they never see it any wrongdoing ever.But they reserve every right to be a bitch themselves .

Another example is if for instance if just on one single night the guy was intitally planning to go out with the girl for example ( ie planning that morning for that evening for a casual event), and then at the spur of the moment he decides to rather have a guys night out, but generally he spends a good amount of time with his girlfriend. The typical goldigger with an inflated sense of importance and real selfishness will kick up a huge fuss. Nobody treats a princess as second best!!!Nobody !! That is just one single example.

25) They may pretend to be jeolous if the partner looks in the other direction , so that the partner thinks they are being made a fuss over and thinks they are really being loved and wanted. Infact though it could just be a game to make you think so.Also if they are genuinely angry at the partner looking at another person it is definalty not because of jealously,but because they are afraid to loose their walking bank accounts that they have invested so much precious time in.

26) Personal experience shows its majority of times either children from rich homes who are not used to working, but also very commonly children whose parents are very arrogent over their own children . Their children can never do anything wrong in their eyes and their grow up being very selfish and more importantly as a result of that never develope any introspection towards other people. They often know they are selfish,but they really dont care about anyone else.

27) At work they might often fake being sick, or make exuses not to work ,and not do the dirty work-because laziness is their nature.

Biggest sign however: They are far to good to do any hard work,long hours for little money for a long period of time, even if circumstances force them to.Even though they may work for a company that pays them stacks for their qualification and has many benefits , and gives very good leave days ,and treats their staff well- ie a really lucky and rare company-they will still kick up a fuss over not having gotten off for an engagement party and be genuinely upset that somebody doesnt see their worth in the company- when really they can be replaced by anybody , PLUS anybody would work for all that!!
( not at all as if they are working hard or long hours for little money, and nobody else would do it)

Once again the selfinflated sense of importance. They dont even have one bit of a clue how hard other people have to work for their money, and how disgustingly some people are treated . They would never put up with that for even one day - that is also a sign. They have never been an underdog in their life, and would never stick it out for a longer period at all.

Big sign is also with what selfishness they treat their staff ,since they have never had hardships and dont know what that really feels like. They as employers will expect staff to work hard for little money ,or be unreasonable in judgeing their staffs work! ( When often they have no clue how something is done themselves)They will often be very unforgiving because of the smallest thing a staff member does, even if that staff member travels far to get to work, puts up with so much, earns so little and works so hard. Even if the staff member earns okay they often have unreasonable demands and will fire for the smallest thing without caring one bit what they do to that person, and without seeing for one second what huge sacrifices a staff member had to make.

Some will pretend to care about their staff so much, infront of their husbands or infront of their dates , to make them think they have eaten humble pie and know hard work. In truth the staff however are very afraid to approach the goldigger boss (or her partner-whos shes digging from if applicable) and are actually very,very unhappy about her selfish and inconsiderate treatment of the staff.

28) They will expect you to buy this and that for them in exchange for sex. If you dont buy for them or pay their bills then you dont get any sex. You will only get sex if you pay their bills or buy them everything.

29) In the beginning of a relationship they will ask about family and friends , and what they do , and who they are to suss out if the money they are after will go to someone else!

30) They will not stick around for long at all if they have to pay even 40 percent of the bills sometimes. They will usually expect the other person to pay perhaps 70 or 80 percent at least . If they have to pay half of everything all the time for ever in the relationship -then they will be out of there very quickly. This is the biggest sign to test them, and dont ever reverse to paying anything for them unless its their birthday.Make every payment throughout your entire relationship a 50-s0 .You pay half and they pay half of everything that needs to be paid.

31) Be very ,very carefull of laws regarding moving in together.Countries differ . In some the one party can claim from the other after one year or even less!!!. As soon as you move in together ,never mind ANY type of marriage , you MUST set up a contract WITH A LAWYER and best even have witnesses too. Be carefull these days they can claim from each other even if you just live together.Before you move in with anyone,no matter how much you think you can trust them-set up a contract! This contract must include pension, that you wont look after their children form the previous marriage, the bond, the house, your car, and many more . be carefull of ANY loopholes.

32) Big sign of a goldigger as well is that if you talk to them about other goldiggers and ask them what they think . They will often side with the goldigger and defend the goldigger!Very good idea to ask them this right in the beginning and dont take vagueness for an answer. Push them and ask them how much do you think the woman deserves and for doing what ? Probe and probe and dont let go. This will seriously put them in a very tight spot and they will want to change the subject very quickly.Say if the woman contributed the food for the house and you paid the bond over 5 years does the woman deserve to get half the house? Is this an equal amount of money ? Is this fair?
See what she has to say !!!Really see what she has to say about very specific examples so that she cant escape with any vague answer.

For example they will say something like any of the following:

-the guy was stupid to not sign a prenup and
-VERY COMMON is he doesnt need all that money anyway ( as if they are entitled to it)
-Or they VERY OFTEN come up with : The woman sacrificed time to look after the children or after the business ( even though they did not put one cent into establishing the business) and therefore the woman deserves half of the entire fortune. ( This is the least obvious and is used the most)

They will say the woman also helped in the business and therefore derserves a fortune.NO matter what they will always come up with every exuse as to why the woman /other party should get the money ,even though they KNOW its totally unfair , and they themselves would NEVER tolerate it if somebody took their entire lifes hard work away. They however reserve the right for themselves to destroy somebody elses life and no,they have no conscience whatsoever for destroying peoples life.

Obviously since they are planning to steal your cash in future , they will defend the goldigger you are talking about,but also not in too much of an obvious way ,or you could think they will steal your cash.They cant say now thats its very unfair and later in life say to you they deserve your money ,so they will say something like the woman also worked and contributed ( nevermind if she only contributed 5 percent) they will say she deserves to get an unreasonable amount.

33) Very important: Dont think because somebody is with you for years in marriage or before marriage that they must love you.
The longer you stay with a person- married or not the more you can claim from them later.Also very important cheaters be aware:
If you cheat, and its proven, the other party is entitled to so much more . Its so not worth it ever!

Posted by Colin on 07/17/2009 at 11:00 AM

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