Aggravation and Aggression 

For the week of August 19-25, 2009.

We are certainly in the thick of it, four weeks away from the third exact contact of the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition, and it feels as if its "gravitational" pull has the power as well as the volatility of the San Andreas fault. Expect earthquakes of all proportion, from the political to the personal, to erupt all over the map of daily life. Some of these quakes are driven by enough volcanic force to drive apart what already feels hopelessly divided. And it's not just the ongoing hostility over health-care reform that isn't really about health-care reform. People are anxious and agitated about what lies ahead, and in the maelstrom of that uncertainty, conspiracy theories are clouding reason and exacerbating the already divisive air. For many, it feels like there is no safe place to wait out the storm. And from an astrological perspective, that may be true — we have several weeks ahead of increasing intensity. But that doesn't make it impossible to establish and hold on to a peaceful position. Continue to refuse to engage in harmful activity of any kind and you'll continue to help neutralize these pernicious astral winds.

The third exact contact and the midpoint of a series of five Saturn/Uranus oppositions occurs on September 15, which means that for the next several weeks, we're in the undertow of this configuration. Oppositions translate into tension. Saturn represents the status quo. Uranus, the inexorable process of change. This entire bundle is about an onslaught of challenges to existing structures and systems of organization, collective and individual. We have been in this Saturn/Uranus crisis since last September, and a contributing factor to the current histrionics is the aggregation of frustration over what's changing, who's in charge, and just how fast the changes are or aren't taking place.

Unfortunately, as the Saturn/Uranus opposition tightens its grip, Mars continues to be at the epicenter of strife, a position that translates into irritation, aggravation, and aggression. Not so much because Mars only wants to fight, but because its interactions with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are fractious — and that's putting it mildly. This week, Mars continues to square Uranus as it simultaneously moves into an opposition with Pluto. A Mars/Uranus square signifies huge amounts of energy that can be applied to a specific purpose, but it will take spiritual skill and consciousness to spend this energy wisely.

The Mars/Pluto opposition encourages despots, feeds the need to seize control at any cost, and justifies ruthlessness as a means to an end. Do your best not to be reactionary. Remember, the means never justify the ends. The means are the ends, which is why violence never really changes anything and the revolutionary ultimately becomes the despot. Mars/Pluto contacts do support superhuman effort. And that's just what's need for the next several weeks: the superhuman effort to stay conscious in thought, word, and deed. And even if it feels impossible, be kind and compassionate toward yourself as well as your fellow travelers.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES At first glance, the situation appears to be a conflict between your professional and personal responsibilities. But a closer look reveals the potential for a positive solution that merges these seemingly disparate obligations.

TAURUS Trust your own good intentions, speak from your heart, and you'll find a way to diffuse confrontations. Not every word will be a magic wand, but that doesn't matter because your authenticity will work wonders.

GEMINI A one-day-at-a-time approach will bolster your sense of accomplishment. So at the risk of offering up a platter of platitudes ... keep it simple, stay positive, be direct, and allow the situation to unfold. You could be pleasantly surprised.

CANCER It won't be easy holding back your opinions, so rather than waste precious energy attempting the impossible, try to filter your responses through a positive perspective. If you're clear about your priorities, others will support your efforts.

LEO Pay attention to your dreams, waking or sleeping, and allow your unconscious to deliver important messages. Listen carefully, and you'll discover new solutions to old, persistent problems that will move you into a dynamic, positive flow.

VIRGO Keep a negative situation from escalating by establishing clear yet reasonable boundaries. You may have to agree to disagree, but even that compromise will yield beneficial results in the long run.

LIBRA Allow your imagination to inspire innovation, especially when it comes to career strategies. Even if some ideas seem silly or unrealistic, the simple willingness to explore their potential will stimulate your process.

SCORPIO The best way to transform the tension is to move away from a rigid, militant position toward a more flexible point of view. I'm not suggesting you capitulate. I'm advising you to find the fertile ground of compromise.

SAGITTARIUS If you accentuate the positive you really will eliminate the negative. And while this may sound simple and trite, it will take a determined, concentrated effort to hold steady to a good attitude.

CAPRICORN Significant others, personal and professional, are the source of the problem as well as the solution. Polarize, and you'll engender competition and confrontation. Synthesize, and you'll generate positive results.

AQUARIUS Whistle while you work, and you'll diffuse internal tension that could lead to external battles. This is not about agreeing to unfair terms or denying your needs. It's about staying centered and allowing that strength to guide your choices.

PISCES You can make it through these waves, especially if you avoid getting swept away by the needs of others and instead stay absolutely clear about your priorities. Be empathetic, but also be kind to yourself first.


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